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January 9, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

January 19, 2010 marks the first anniversary for the Presidency of Barack Obama. The columnist from the leading national news organization chided the right and the left political factions in the article, the excerpts listed below.

“In a world of ideological sniping, Obama can’t win.”

By Richard Cohen, Washington Post, January 5, 2010

“Last month, no American soldiers were killed in Iraq. Last month, the unemployment rate dipped a bit, the stock market ended the year up, the financial system did not crater, Detroit’s Big Three began to get a pulse – and yet a consensus started to form that Barack Obama, who is either responsible for or merely presided over all this good stuff, is a failure.

On the left, the president is being pummeled for health care legislation that does not include a public option and has not dispatched insurance executives to Guantanamo. On the right, he is being pummeled for socializing the economy, establishing death panels and allowing maniacal Nigerians to load their Calvins with boom-boom and fly into peaceful Detroit. It’s a cartoon.

Any way you measure the polls, Obama did not have a good year.

In foreign policy, Obama has sorely disappointed his fans on the left for escalating the war in Afghanistan and on the right for not escalating it enough…

He has not brought peace to the Middle East.

Obama could be a great president. He has already achieved much – possibly saving the country from financial ruin, salvaging the auto industry, getting some sort of health care reform. Possibly, possibly.

Yet, his numbers sink as his achievements rise. He is the Johnny Appleseed of cognitive dissonance, so utterly detached that when he wins it seems to be only for himself. Pollsters measure him but poets have described him.

William Butler Yeats got it down years ago: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Perspective: By Padmini Arhant

The author’s hyperbolic characterization of the left position particularly with the dispatching of the insurance executives to Guantanamo and the article concluding with the quotation ‘the worst are full of passionate intensity,’ suggests the print media eternal love fest with any incumbent administration.

As such, democracy is under siege with the legislations merely passed and mostly stalled at the Corporations’ will, aided by their representatives’ inaction in the Senate and the House. It’s further exacerbated with the established print and mainstream media presenting the figures but not the facts thereby joining the elitists against the populists.

Therefore, it’s essential to place things in perspective for a fair analysis.

Iraq war without casualties in the past month is great news. However, the reason behind that is adopting the “left position” to scale down the troop level and make a firm commitment for troop withdrawal, a diametrically opposite decision by the administration on Afghanistan. Despite the reality, the pledge towards peace and non-violence is characterized as “ideological sniping” rather than pragmatic stance.

The dip in the unemployment rate and the rise in stock market are welcome. Nevertheless, the national unemployment and the states’ joblessness is still in double digit with the middle class dropping to the poorer category and the poor driven to being food stamps dependents.

Stock market performance is directly related to the real and projected industry earnings. Since, the health care reform unarguably in favor of the health care industry in the absence of robust competition such as the government insurance program, the health industry stocks skyrocketed at the confirmation of the public option eliminated from the debate.

In other areas, the defense stocks always thrive rain or shine with the U.S perpetual engagement in warfare. The exception to the genuine growth is the technology sector boosting the figures and again with the drastic employment cuts to survive global competition.

It’s indeed a relief that the financial sector did not crater with the infusion of trillion dollars that has surely benefited the Wall Street more than the main street still being defrauded with no aggressive financial regulations in sight including the oversight demanding accountability on the massive taxpayer bailouts.

Detroit’s big three began to get a pulse – yet the State of Michigan ranks the highest in unemployment rate with an average 15.8 percent described as the worst annual rate in “at least 40 years,” and disproportionately greater among the African American as well as other minority groups.

It’s true that the Obama presidency salvaged the financial and auto industry from ruin and currently involved in the health care reform. Although, the salvation of these sectors were carried out to protect jobs, stimulate the economy by unleashing the liquidity in the financial market while reining in on the foreclosures through affordable lending programs, the progress has been either too slow or in many instances absolutely non-existent due to the bailout beneficiaries’ usual business tactics.

Meanwhile, the financial institution such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives are back in action with the same modus operandi i.e. extravagant bonuses for extraordinary failures in the sub-prime mortgage debacle that initiated the free fall of the economy into the ditch.

In the health care reform as cited above, the proof of the pudding relies on the economic impact of the remaining uninsured millions other than the 30 millions predicted to be covered under the exclusively private proposal. Other issues, like raising taxes on health care plan opted by the work force in lieu of employment benefits are a matter that will weigh in on the cost factor determined by the supply and demand free market elements.

“Some things never changes,” regardless of the power in the White House or the Congress is evident in the past year evaluation.

The Wall Street traditions continue with the financial, health care, communications and energy industries dictating terms and conditions in defiance of the free market fundamentals.

Among them are:

Demanding bailouts and refusing to be subject to scrutiny,

Legislations drafted to promote obscene profits at the expense of exhausted taxpayers and exploited consumers eventually driving the economy to the cliff and,

Last but not the least the communications industry, Comcast resisting government intervention in the monopoly of the diverse media, such as the takeover of NBC and sister networks along with the national communications service and AT&T barring competition in the deal with Apple computers in the Smart Phone – iPhone subscription services and more.

With respect to green jobs creation, the notion is ideal and it would invigorate the battered economy, provided the energy giants do not railroad the budding entrepreneurs vital to expand the sector for community access and local job opportunities.

It’s clear that the ideological sniping from the left or the right is ineffective with the administrations in power succumbing to Wall Street pressure on all issues.

There is one thing to expect loyalty from the supporters through lavish praise and flattery that would simply qualify as cronyism in the backdrop of ‘business as usual’ environment. Another aspect where the actual situation in people’s life has not changed in terms of retaining jobs, homes and the health care proposal entirely entrusted under private care responsible for the status quo.

My silence is not necessarily my disappearance into the oblivion. Any suggestions and requests made thus far in both domestic and foreign policies have been slighted even though they are decisively in favor of the struggling populace at home and abroad. Perhaps, that might be the cause for the utter disregard of opinions and ideas offered upon several political figures’ insistence to participate in the legislative process.

For instance, my request towards transparency and accountability promised during the election campaign by the Obama candidacy has deviated to closed chamber discussion with lobbyists and party members notably in the health care legislation, financial regulations and climate bill negotiations.

I’ve been urging that the oversight committee (if it exists!) hold the financial sector accountable for the bailouts and demand they comply with their end of the bargain in facilitating the credit flow and lending practices crucial to energize the stagnant economy, is largely ignored.

Likewise, the stimulus packages passed under both Bush and Obama administrations viz. TARP money $700 billion in 2008 and $787 billion in 2009 respectively has substantial amounts in cash that has not been invested vigorously to protect or create jobs in the manufacturing sector and public projects i.e. infrastructure maintenance, green technology etc.

I’m still awaiting on the logical reasoning behind withholding the vast stimulus funds for purpose other than the economic recovery via housing market revival, job growth and tax credits to small businesses and medium corporations who are forced to minimize overheads through job cuts.

In addition, the Congress passed relief funds for meager $75 billion to deal with the housing market particularly to decelerate foreclosures, is reportedly served with an acute amount of approximately $2.3million and not billion. Further, it’s reported that the treasury secretary Timothy Geithner’s explanation was “the funds held in reserve to rescue financial institutions from the housing market downturns.”

I emphasized on the required urgent action during the Bush administration bailout activities in resurrecting the Glass-Steagall Act and the long overdue aggressive financial regulations to prevent the precipitous decline of the financial assets hurting the average citizens. Not surprisingly, it received no attention.

Now, it appears that the recently passed House bill on the financial reform has incorporated some of the rigorous policies instead of the comprehensive GS Act possibly anticipating the standard revolt from the Senate.

Not all is lost but there are serious grievances among the general public that are justified with the families facing economic difficulties and it’s appropriately revealed during the November 2009, gubernatorial and congressional elections.

Considering the facts, should one remain complicit to the prevalent camaraderie between Wall Street and Washington in spite of the culture corroding the systems and bankrupting small businesses and ordinary individuals in the society?

My specific role is to represent the people i.e. the humanity at the domestic and international fronts. The task is to work for the general mass and common good to restore democracy, peace and harmony, social justice and freedom, the basic right of all living beings.

Unfortunately, the guidance on foreign policy has been deliberately dismissed by selective entities with a cavalier approach to humanitarian crisis affecting millions of innocent lives. There will be in-depth discussion in this context to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding the international crises.

Washington functions on the dogma that “Those who try to please all, pleases none.” The irony in the legislators’ action is the public interest invariably marginalized over the personal and special interests in the appeasement trend.

Hope and Change is yet to be experienced and possible with a paradigm shift that recognizes alleviating people’s plight as the primary goal in public service.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Transparency – Broken Promise

November 12, 2008

A promise is a promise!

I do not wish to make anyone standby for too long on issues that concerns this nation and the people.

The electorate granting power to elected officials have the right to know the truth about the real authority.

We are about to write a new chapter in history.

The new administration is elected on a popular and unique theme “Change.”

Therefore, it is important to identify the “Change” that is about to transpire in the offing.

Our nation made history by electing an able and spectacular candidacy represented by President elect Barack Obama and Vice President elect Joe Biden.

I am absolutely certain that a positive change will occur through this administration provided,

The Power remains with the elected Presidential candidate and not infiltrated by entities with ulterior motives that is detrimental to national interest.

It is hard to prophesize precisely without accommodating risks and dangers in the horizon.

However, one can recount the personal experience and issue forewarnings about similar events in the near future.

If memory serves from our experience with the current administration, individuals with unsavory track record are usually susceptible to abuse of power.

After all, old habits die hard.

My entire experience as a mandatory volunteer right from the beginning, i.e. way back in January 2008 up until now for Obama campaign is historic despite the dramatic developments behind the scenes which is about to unfold in this blog post.

There was a flurry of requests and continuous flow of communication via email and snail mail to get involved in the election campaign from both Democratic and Republican Parties.


The original transcripts of communication held with President-elect Barack Obama during the crucial moment of the election campaign.

Appreciation Note


The original transcript of the letter, I sent to Senator Barack Obama during the Presidential election.


October 1st, 2008.

Senator Barack Obama                  Private and Confidential
Presidential Nominee                  Intended for Addressee Only
Democratic Party

Dear Senator Obama,

Thank you for your letters and kind remarks.

I have been dealing with some emergencies at the home front and therefore could not respond to your requests.  Please accept my apologies.

I am going to be candid and forthright in my communication with you.

I believe in honesty, integrity and sincerity in my commitment to people.

Senator John McCain has been seeking my support since the Presidential elections and more so now.

Several other high profile members of the Republican Party including Mr. Karl Rove follow the requests.

I responded to Senator McCain’s numerous requests to support his campaign.

Senator McCain is persistent and firmly believes that I should join him on board and help him win this highly contested election.

America knows my passion, genuine concern and sincere commitment to see the nation restore economic and social progress, democratic values, free and fair elections, equality, international peace and justice, prosperity and last but not the least environment protection.

I understand that sometimes the conflict between ideologies and pragmatism surges in “Politics”.

Hence, the path of shadow is the choice over light.

It is not a simple decision yet, proven to weaken the fundamental principles of a human being.

It is no secret that the stakes are high not only for the country but also for both political parties.

I share the millions of Americans’ anxiety, frustration and disappointment with the government failure and corporate mismanagement.

Therefore, my decision to represent the choice of candidates is strictly based on the individual and collective policy of each candidate that would benefit the people, business, economy and humanity overall.

I know how important it is to have Washington represented by effective leadership.

If I were to resume my support for your candidacy, I need the following terms and conditions met:

I can no longer work for the campaign as a “volunteer” like I did during the Democratic Primary election.

I need respect, recognition and acknowledgement of my significant contribution not privately,

However, in public with monetary compensation, i.e. salary for my hard work guaranteed to yield results as it did during the Primary election.

I expect nothing less than five star treatment and protection as your representative or surrogate.

I pledge my support to your candidacy  if it will represent the people and not the Special Interests/lobbyists.

As well as forces sworn allegiance to policies that has led this great nation to chaos and catastrophe.

Simply stated, the policies must reflect the true democratic values and principles that I stand for and you deeply believe in as revealed by you in your earlier communication with me.

The movement for change will speak loud and clear with our firm commitment to serve the people of the United States.

I look forward to your favorable response as there is very little time left and we all know that time is of the essence in everything especially during election.


Padmini Arhant


I tried sending six copies of this letter via priority and certified mail with delivery confirmation twice to the President Elect Barack Obama, to maximize receipt by him.

It was successfully intercepted and confiscated by Michelle Obama each time, thereby forcing me to agree to her terms of “My way or High way”, which was no pay, no recognition and in return, donation to the campaign on false pretences.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama persistently demanded via email and regular mail that I get involved in the campaign immediately up until the election day.

The original transcript of Michelle Obama’s demand on election day, Nov 4, 2008.

This was by and large the communication style of Michelle Obama with me.


Vote Today… Tuesday, November 4, 2008 1:00:28 AM

Michelle Obama<>

To: Padmini Arhant

Padmini —

Today is Election Day.

The opportunity to set our country on a new path has never felt more real than it does right now.

The polls are open in most places, and people are already making their voices heard for change.

There’s just one thing left to do — vote and make sure everyone you know votes, too.

You can find or verify your polling location by looking up your most recent registration address at

Go vote today, and make sure you take your friends and family with you.

This is the day when we have to commit to doing everything we can. We can’t afford not to — for our families, our communities, and our future.

Once you vote, you can do more than just wait as the returns come in.

You can help get every last vote for Barack by volunteering in your community or making calls from home. Help put us over the top today:

It’s not too late to knock on doors, make calls, and make sure that every one of our supporters gets to the polls today.

Change is within our reach. We’re counting on you to get us there today.


Reality Check:

As usual, Michelle Obama never bothered to email or mail a “Thank you” note up until now in return for my free labor energizing and inspiring the entire nation to grant Obama/Biden candidacy a landslide victory to create history.

Preferential Treatment:

Contrarily, Patti Solis Doyle who managed Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign successfully negotiated the position as Obama’s Chief of Staff to VP Candidate well before the candidate Senator Barack Obama’s nomination in return for Hispanic votes..

Confirmed by Google Search : Patti Solis Doyle is Obama’s Chief of Staff to VP Candidate. ….. Patti Solis Doyle, who managed Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the first …

Further Abuse of Power:

Source:’s Politics Blog, June 16, 2008, 12.31ET

Original Post: The Fix by Chris Cillizza – Thank you.

Four years removed from running the communications department for John Kerry’s presidential campaign, Stephanie Cutter is joining Barack Obama’s national bid as chief of staff to the candidate’s wife.

Cutter will not only run Michelle Obama’s political world but will also serve as a senior adviser to the campaign.

It’s a critical role given the focus already on Michelle Obama on the campaign.

The potential future first lady drew unwanted attention earlier in the race when she declared that her husband’s candidacy was "the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country."

Focal Point:

This appointment took place in advance — June 2008, prior to the party nomination of the President-elect Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party nomination took place between August 22nd – August 27th 2008.

The million dollar questions are:

1. Since, when is the speculative “First Lady” prior to the candidate’s party nomination is entitled to her own Chief of Staff in the history of White House appointees?

Notwithstanding the fact, the payroll of such unethical appointment was presumptuously bankrolled with the taxpayers funds through donations to the Obama Campaign.

Please visit Presidential Scam – Who is Michelle Obama, on this website for further confirmation of facts.

2. America, Can our nation really sustain yet another dominant abuse of power?

3. When is it democratic to regard the exploitation of a citizen or citizens, the privilege and prerogative of another for their narcissistic goals?

4. Is it the kind of dream Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had for this nation, where the dominance of one individual over others will be accepted graciously by the pioneer of democracy in the world?

We have already witnessed the tragic outcomes on Prop 8 and Disabled voters – Please refer to my article “The Irony of Equal Rights” on this website.

It is only a matter of time, when the majority will soon be subject to the will of the doctrine that dictates… “Empower Oneself  and Enslave the rest."

5. The grave concern is “Does democracy stand a chance under such disguise?”

6. What will happen to the credibility in restoring or establishing democracy elsewhere, when our house is in disarray?

The entire theme of Change was embraced by the American electorate on the premise of Transparency and Accountability.

When there is gross abuse of power by an entity in a manner resembling the conduct of the present administration, prior to being sworn into the White House,

What might ensue upon assuming authority is the legitimate concern in spotlight?

Well, I never received any response for my request to be paid for the workload allocated to me by Michelle Obama.

However, I received a personal request from the President-elect Barack Obama via email and regular mail.

The original transcript is presented below:



Eventually, I got involved with none of the terms agreed to or obliged by Michelle Obama, for the sake of the country’s future and in honor of the above request from the President-elect Barack Obama.

The only problem being, President-elect Barack Obama was never allowed to acknowledge my contribution in public as stated in the blog post Presidential Scam – Who is Michelle Obama? featured under Politics on this website.

As emphasized, all of the statements in the blog post are testaments and not allegations.

Further evidence is provided in the latest blog post – Presidential Communiqué.

Ironically, Michelle Obama firmly believed in "divine intervention" with winning the election.

Hence, relentlessly pursued me to achieve that goal.

Interestingly, she does not validate the "truth" spoken with great conviction by divinity about her misconduct in general and throughout the election campaign for personal gains.

Indeed, even "Almighty God" is a fair game for those seeking power in politics.

Power and Politics is a dangerous cocktail that intoxicates the human mind with an illusion of "Supremacy" leading to defiance and denial of the actual "Supreme force."

Illusion is confusion, confusion is no sense of direction, no sense of direction is ultimate self-destruction.

Thus proving that end justifies the means. Otherwise known as Karma.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant