Syria – Terror Sponsors Drafted UNGA Resolution Affects UN Eroding Credibility

May 15, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

UNGA resolution on Syrian conflict presented for voting today i.e. May 15, 2013 clarifies UN colossal failure considering the organization’s proclaimed status as an international body to resolve crises confronting humanity.

UN is yet to prove reliability in this regard having missed several opportunities in the past and present to preside over global matter with fairness and objectivity.

As a result of deliberate dysfunctional stature, the organization continues to exacerbate human suffering due to lack of courage and integrity in critical humanitarian affairs.

Perhaps the dissolution of such entity pretending to be world authority but essentially serving the interests of hegemony wreaking havoc on the planet would relieve global victims from excruciating pain and misery inflicted upon them with bias and unscrupulous decision-making process.

UN, UNSC and UNGA controlled and manipulated by those responsible for heinous crimes against humanity could no longer be trusted to deliver effectively on any issues concerning innocent citizens in Syria or worldwide with the organization having become the tool for hegemony systemic abuse of power.

In fact, UN and UNSC erroneous resolutions are responsible for status quo with death and devastation all around endangering lives besides threatening global peace and security.

Hence abandoning the organization that has lost credibility and international purpose is the only viable option allowing alternative credible global consortium emergence committed to peace and harmony in assuming important responsibility in the volatile environment.

Regarding Syrian resolution from terror sponsors viz. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey at western powers behest apparently aimed at flaming the fire ignited by them in March 2011 with malicious intentions to never extinguish the inferno up until now.

Despite western and gulf states terror recruits callousness demonstrated in primitive and inhumane practices like cannibalism obviously reflecting on the backers,

The obstinacy to perpetuate terrorism and mayhem slighting Syrian casualties and decimation of a sovereign country speaks volume of the so-called leaderships presumptuousness and declining supremacy syndrome.

Furthermore Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey together with Israel, United States, Britain and those favoring resolution do not even qualify to initiate any measures against Syria in light of their trajectory on human rights violations with oppression and persecution classified as tyranny in the domestic and international sphere.

Unless global consensus ending Syrian conflict into third year with 80,000 or more in civilian death toll and nearly two million refugees scattered across borders in Turkey and Jordan again subjected to hostility,

Notwithstanding perpetrators brought to justice for war crimes ranging from WMD to illegal Israeli air strikes and other extreme revelations by the hour – the imminent catastrophe would have international impact sparing none reminiscent of twentieth century.

Not only the current situation in Syria is dangerous for the nation and regional stability but also the reckless and violent pursuits overriding rationality and sensibility would unequivocally pulverize the world.

Averting the disastrous outcome is every inhabitant’s duty and directly related to life existence regardless of location.

World citizens must rise to the occasion and unanimously call for immediate termination of warfare in Syria beginning with embargo on lethal and non-lethal support to terrorists and withdrawal of terror operatives not barring class action lawsuits against overt and covert criminal heads insisting on prolonging invasion of the embattled state.

The planet survival entirely lies with those aspiring peaceful co-existence guided by their intelligence to protect common habitat in grave danger upon collapse of civilization in Syria.

Procrastination on this monumental calamity would lead to an apocalypse affecting all.

Wishing Syria and peace loving volunteers around the world resilience to triumph over hegemony violence and injustice.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant