United States – State of the Union Address 2013

February 12, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings to honorable members representing the House and the Senate of the United States Congress, esteemed judiciary members, distinguished United States Military High Command, fellow Americans and citizens around the world.

United States is confronted with great many challenges in all frontiers predominantly due to erroneous decisions and misled policies evidently detrimental to economic growth, national progress and global security.

The domestic economy revival is faced with lack of responsibility sharing amongst key sectors in Wall Street viz. finance and banking institutions imposed liquidity freeze restricting cash flow to small and medium sized businesses as well as qualified home buyers despite them meeting rigid criteria.

These shortcomings arguably impact jobs, consumer spending and housing market respectively while other industries subdued participation or abstinence with capital flight towards overseas investments benefitting major shareholders and top management at American workers expense contribute to status quo.

Corporations utilizing subsidies and tax incentives are yet to demonstrate commitment on job retention and creation that could resurrect manufacturing industry, research and development in conjunction with economic stimulus through investments that are critical for recovery.

Regarding contentious fiscal crisis, deficit spending and sovereign debt – the solution remains with republic reclaiming rights over money supply and monetary policy via congress contrary to existing system under private entities control i.e. the Federal Reserve management in the absence of oversight and accountability.

Wall Street compliance to regulations made effective with consequences for violation pertinent to avert past and present problems posing impediments to necessary economic surge.

Tax reforms with prudent measures alongside austerity directed at extravagant military expenditure instead of targeting essential programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education, infrastructure repair and environment…could ease current disproportionate burden on mainstream population.

Furthermore, divestments from military expeditions especially drone strikes notwithstanding illegal invasions and occupations being enormous liability in terms of economic costs and casualties imperative in every respect.

United States departure from violence and military aggression in pursuit of peace and diplomacy beginning with ending Syrian conflict, complete troops withdrawal instead of fractional retreat from Afghanistan and worldwide is paramount for credibility as a reliable negotiator and mediator on international matter.

Similarly, United States serious engagement honoring agreements like Geneva Accord on Syria with ceasefire, refraining from sponsoring terrorism and arms supply against a sovereign state, being honest peace broker in Palestinian issue, respecting national sovereignty exemplified in non-interference on foreign internal governance are urgently required for restoring trust and respect in global arena.

Checks and balances in all aspects is the fundamental requirement for functional and meaningful democracy unfortunately undermined with abuse of power, misguidance and external authority.

United States changing course by adopting productive strategies is the only viable option for positive trends in economy.

Besides abandoning destructive goals on global affairs with adaptation to contemporary geopolitical dynamics monumental for survival and world sustenance.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant