Spiritualism – Islam Milad an-Nabi –Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH) Birth Anniversary

January 27, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Happy Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH)! on Friday January 25, 2013 also known as Milad an-Nabi celebrated by followers of Islam around the world.

Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – the holiest and most revered religious figure epitomizes justice, peace and harmony.

With spiritual guidance from Almighty God Allah, the holy religion of Islam spread through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and facilitated by Holy Scripture Quran enlighten mankind on the purpose of life and meaningful existence.

Synonymous to all other religions initiated and established by Supreme divine force,

Islam provides vision, hope and path to salvation i.e. purification from sins in order to live a guilt free life further enabling soul to rest in peace upon discarding physical body that is known as death or demise.

In conjunction with joyous birthday celebration of Islam’s favorite Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), many Muslim nations also observed ‘Muslim Unity’ week considering prevalent discord from western orchestrated violence throughout Muslim world.

Reviewing current situation worldwide with Middle East in particular, Islam is under siege and needs to be liberated from forces misusing the holy religion for regional and geopolitical dominance.

Besides adherence to strong principles demonstrating courage and integrity, there is an urgent requirement among Muslim community to display solidarity transcending sectarianism in recognition of all denomination not only within Islam but also extending to other faiths and non-religious groups in their society.

Strength lies in unity and peaceful means involving dialogue to resolve problems – the effective defense against foreign threats undermining sovereignty at every opportunity.

Human character personified in love, compassion and commitment towards peace as well as non-violence guarantee success leading to fulfillment of genuine aspirations in life.

Islamic countries cooperation promoting trade, financial aid and humanitarian assistance to oppressed, beleaguered and economically disadvantaged nations in Middle East, Africa and Asia would substantially improve living conditions for vast majority in abject poverty.

Non Aligned Movement (NAM) as an international body comprising global memberships assuming the role in passing resolutions with member nations general consensus is the only pragmatic approach for dealing with crises and dispute settlement.

NAM unlike UN has rotating Presidency without hierarchy such as P5+1 and second tier consisting 15 members council invariably undermined with superpower syndrome.

Moreover UN organization has lost credibility due to systemic failure in ending conflict in Syria resulting in enormous loss of lives and infrastructure destruction.

Freezing Israeli settlements expansion in the occupied Palestinian land and,

Subjecting nuclear states U.S. and Israel for international verification and sanctions against them for violation of international law in every respect.

UN Secretary General appointment, responsibility and decision making is in shadow powers control. The ideology driven policies are the reasons for status quo.

Nations are targeted with excruciating sanctions that tantamount to economic warfare in addition to military aggression.

The violators are rewarded while those in compliance of every UN resolution and international rules are consistently isolated with inhumane and arbitrary embargo not even exempting medicines and food supplies to victims of gross injustice.

Case in point – Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Haiti…among other developing nations subjected to crippling sanctions maintaining the tradition of slow and painful killings of respective nationality.

Above all, UNSC is the problem more than a solution to humanity today.

UN also responsible for sponsoring wars across the globe through UNSC primarily abused with veto power on critical matter viz. Palestinian statehood, Western powers illegal invasion and occupation of nations among many important issues contributing to world population plight.

United States, Britain, France and Germany prominently misuse UNSC for agenda under false pretexts threatening global peace and security.

Henceforth, NAM earns the reputation of being the legitimate international authority replacing UN specifically UNSC in enacting peace proposals and implementing recommendations on international affairs.

In conclusion, Islam’s holiness and likewise other religions sanctity cannot be tarnished with ignorance and impropriety.

God’s created religions are sacrosanct and will continue to dispel darkness exemplified in Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH) mission as the shining bright light since time immemorial.

Best Wishers to people of Islamic faith and rest of the global society in pursuit of peace and happiness conforming to different religious teachings convergence on the message of universal empathy and benevolence for collective progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant