Paraguay – Coup d’état against Democratically Elected President Fernando Lugo

July 14, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The democratically elected government under President Fernando Lugo in Paraguay – the South American nation successfully targeted with coup-d’état evidently devised abroad following the western tradition in Latin America.

President Lugo’s policy on wealth redistribution among the poor and disadvantaged along with indigenous majority rights revival apparently found contradictory to western agenda.

The problem appears to have emerged from U.S. biotech agro behemoth Monsanto facilitating pro-U. S.Political opposition Colorado Party resurgence.

According to regional report by Adrian Salbuchi for RT – Thank you.

“Paraguay Agriculture Minister Enzo Cardoso illegal approval of Monsanto cotton seed Bollgard BT containing toxic Bacillus Thurigensis gene known to be dangerous with serious environmental and health hazards,

Besides destroying other cash crops in the ingredient purpose to contain cotton disease triggered the clash between local district police and farming community resulting in 17 casualties – 6 police officers and 11 farmers among the dead.”

The farmers and environmentalists protest against potentially harmful agricultural products from Monsanto for mass plantation is not unique to Paraguay considering the corporation trajectory worldwide acknowledged contentious to farmers and food chain supply.

Former President Lugo administration rejection of Monsanto maneuver effortlessly replaced with leadership Federico Franco – the ex-vice president of pro-U.S. Colorado Party reported as electorally ousted from office after over three decades in power by President Fernando Lugo political alliance for change in 2008.

The political group reinstatement ignoring electorate dissent claiming bloodless transformation via Parliamentary vote in removing legitimate Lugo Presidency is nothing new to Latin America.

Any leadership in defiance of globalists’ detrimental practices largely viewed as adversary with preparation to derail government.

Profiteering at population peril is oligarchical strategy and civilian resistance often dealt with political destabilization aimed at representatives against corporate infiltration endangering society.

The contemporary trend – corporate monopoly of foreign national resources and the governments’ non-cooperation regarded justification for western overt or covert intervention subverting genuine political process to secure economic and strategic gains signifies existential infringement upon sovereignty.

South American nations perception on U.S. assisted Paraguay coup as geodynamic position to deter BRIC partner Brazil influence and access to Brazilian oil reserves off Atlantic coast despite NATO presence is well founded and reflects reality.

The muted response from U.S., EU and England on Paraguay government topple juxtaposed uproar against Syria once again clarifies western double standards and lack of credibility on international affairs perhaps due to personal involvement in respective mayhem.

The complicity among forces within and afar Paraguay attributed to reasons benefitting them not the people nor the nation at large in the dismissal of President Fernando Armindo Lugo Mendez as the head of the state.

The western backed interim President Federico Franco explanation for Lugo government ouster citing tragic deaths from police and farmers confrontation and promotion of police personnel subsequent to the incident could have been investigated pursuing democratic course rather than holding then Lugo leadership responsible for the event.

Moreover, reports per eye witness accounts and Paraguayan political history suggestive of the fact – the officers in Special Operations Group accused of discretionary excess force in the eviction of farmers occupying public land were trained in Colombia – U.S. ally as counterinsurgency unit authorized by former President Alvaro Uribe – a pro-U.S. paramilitary government.

Not to mention the local Attorney General office reported to be USAID (United States Agency for International Development) recipient contributing to the status quo.

The usual western intelligence groups and Washington based organizations specializing in Latin American coup viz. Honduras in 2009 and failed attempt in Ecuador in 2010 continue operation to overthrow governments not in agreement with globalists demand for subjugation.

The liberal Agricultural and Livestock Minister Enzo Cardoso as Monsanto agent and USAID beneficiaries together with members in Parliament participating in foreign sources instigated coup d’état effectively committed treason for vested interests unlike,

Impeachments imperative against leaderships commissioning troops for illegal warfare on other nation’s behalf or war crimes under humanitarian pretext, embezzlements and syphoning national treasury…distinctively isolating one from another regardless of misleading innuendo.

Arguably in light of the Latin American nations experience and western quest for global dominance,

President Fernando Lugo expulsion is undemocratic and unconstitutional in semblance with Honduras, Ecuador and many in the past subjecting people to brutal military regimes and dictatorships of western powers choice across the globe.

Paraguay en masse especially President Lugo political base and loyalists could reverse outcome through peaceful and non-violent referendum voiding transitional government appointment with necessary constitutional amendments barring legislative, executive and judiciary actions undermining national independence accompanied by rigorous public accountability setting future precedence.

Ecuadorians resilience thwarted disaster exemplifying people power formidability against persistent offshore challenges constantly threatening political stability and regional security in Latin America.

In this context Paraguayans and nations confronted with similar dilemma emulating solidarity to protect territorial integrity against perpetrators crucial delivering strong message to violators to abandon polarization tactics for geopolitical or military prospect.

South American neighbors unanimous condemnation on Paraguay political collusion compromising national interest is a step in the right direction further strengthening capability to defeat unsavory intrusion.

Paraguay citizens are encouraged to come forward and rally behind President Fernando Lugo and rescue the nation from unnecessary turmoil on the horizon.

President Lugo governance dedicated towards improving lives across the spectrum and patriotism demonstrated in the face of hostile takeover avoiding bloodshed,

Nonetheless determination to proceed with democratic and non-violent means deserves recognition – granting opportunity to resume service as legitimate caretaker of the people in Paraguay.

With confidence in people power and Paraguay society to restore freedom, equality and progress for all verifiably carried out under President Fernando Lugo leadership,

Wishing victory to Paraguay republic led by committed and reliable governance under President Fernando Lugo declining overseas orchestrated usurpation.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant