The Concept of Life – 2015

March 9, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The status quo necessitates clarification on the concept of life.

What is Life?

Life is endless pursuit for the self-proclaimed privileged members in society with enormous pride in respective social and economic background although their deeds speak volume on individual character and representation of self-destructive cause.

Having never understood the self-inflicted misery due to their involvement in creating problems for others based on self-interest deriving sadistic pleasure from victims’ suffering,

Those harboring malice and constant enmity towards anyone impose self-imprisonment.

These characteristics emanate from overwhelming greed, envy, hatred, prejudice and anger in the inability to contain inner corrosion leading to inevitable dissipation.

Life is wasted in the crusade to prolong catastrophe as the means for survival.

In fact terror is regarded the effective mechanism to undermine human rights and subjugate population.

Hegemony incognito authority over seven billion population is enabled through proxy governments and surrogates volunteering in different capacity as the voice for the unscrupulous defining the declining era.

Criminality, corruption, lies, deception and subversion are ubiquitous in the desperate measure to avert imminent collapse of empires and authoritarianism operating under the guise of democracy and republic.

Terrorism is manufactured and deployed for destabilization of nations in the aspirations for dominance.

The invasion for illegal ownership on gold, diamond, gems, minerals, oil and land through territorial annexation and deceitful tactics is the legacy.

Anything acquired illegitimately using violence and threats with nuclear arsenal proved detrimental leading to serious economic downturns showing no sign of actual recovery.

The reason for persistent economic recession or lack luster performance is the disproportionate investments in defense stockpiles not barring nuclear proliferation more appropriately offense strategy prompting other nations to follow suit.

In the absence of transparency, the wealth amassment amongst the powerful and affluent notwithstanding wasteful spending as military aid for oppression and persecution is also costing the economy at the vast majority expense.

The culmination of social, moral and ethical insolvency behind debilitating political and economic infrastructure is evident in crumbling enterprise.

Is there any gain from being responsible for continuous bloodshed, killing innocent people to eliminate civilizations besides denying global youth their future and endangering life and habitat with environment degradation?

Could these actions possibly be rewarding to architects, protagonists and catalysts implementing death and decimation for vested interests only resulting in colossal failures worldwide?

The obsession with breed premised on race, class, gender and other orientation along with appearance in the misconception as beauty in the backdrop of degenerative inner qualities exhibit intelligence deficiency and knowledge deficit about life.

When life cease, the body is discarded confirming the temporary outfit was never meant to be the real identity.

The memory about life is deleted and superficial details disinherited in the process.

Instead individuals’ karma or duties describe personal attributes and determine journey ahead.

Mortality as certainty without exception – all things must be surrendered including the physical body let alone material possessions in life.

That being the case, what are you seeking during transition termed as life?

Your quest for conquest of the world while enslaved to negativities is a paradoxical paradigm.

Not only you are shackled in the delusional predisposition as superior being but also demonstrably struggling to reconcile with internal ramifications reducing self to nothing despite your claim on everything.

One who is not free within become stagnant and wilt before time.

The meaning of freedom is interpreted in terms of mobility and accessibility in life referring to functionality.

Freedom is more than tangible experience. The interior turmoil from sins committed throughout life transform the condition to a prisoner of guilt incapable of dealing with personal shortcomings and contradictions. 

Evasiveness in confronting reality with reliance on propaganda and distortion further exacerbate state of mind contributing to confusion and disarray witnessed in the current false flag events to deflect public attention from relevant issues.

The real freedom is being able to live a guilt free life and leave the world without any burden on the soul.

This is made possible in acknowledgment of wrongdoings accompanied by penance in reaching out to those affected from intentional conduct.

Again apology in all sincerity to concerned person rather than substitutes is the preliminary step towards reform. The indirect approach exemplifies slight and ego – obstacles to self-redemption.

Life is an opportunity to settle debts related to deliberate harm to others with severe repercussions extending to generations and over many lives on sole basis.

Avoiding responsibility on settlement would intensify karmic effects when one should aim to alleviate plight.

The trend in violations with no importance for life except one’s own presence reveals the origin eclipsed in darkness and shuns light.

One cannot flourish by robbing others destiny. The indulgence has blowback on fraudulence at the roots to the helm.

The human nature is a mirror reflecting virtues and vices with choices for appropriate decision. The facilitators of injustice in any format are equal partners in crime and share consequences accordingly.

In rejecting the option to exercise discernment and adherence to flawed policy bring about inherent weaknesses and incentivized servility to prominence.

Contentment with detachment is half way to success in renouncing extravagance and essentially provides guidance on prudence.

The fundamental requirement for salvation is sacrifice with compassion to promote pervasive progress.

Renunciation replacing capitulation to adversarial ventures and associations would be promising for global peace, security and prosperity. 

One may deter accountability with bias system granting immunity, however one cannot defy conscience or attempt to distance from it.

There is no escape from impending judgment upon departure from earth. The perceptions in this context have little or no bearing on soul incessantly forced into various forms of existence depending on account balance.

For the soul to rest in peace or attain nirvana i.e. enlightenment liberating soul to remain in eternal bliss – squaring past and present delinquencies is critical to qualify in the extraordinary feat.

Henceforth commitment in life should be self-purification through atonement of sins and participation in positive, productive and constructive course to uplift human spirit for universal benefit.

Defeating foes posing hindrance in human mind could be immediate priority for clarity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant