Investment Prospects

October 8, 2008

Existing and potential investors should view the current stock market situation as an excellent opportunity for investments in different sectors. They range from blue chips to housing and manufacturing industry. All sectors are bound to get a major boost from innovative technology and major breakthroughs in science this year alone.

With the energy crisis, there is great enthusiasm and capital infusion into manufacturing clean and green energy products. The automotive and energy companies are involved in research and development in deriving energy independent solutions to the global problem.

The recent legislation of the “rescue” plan involving tax credits for solar and wind based manufacturing companies is a window to promote renewable energy products and services. This is one of the best measures by Congress and deserves praise for the action. It must also ensure that the tax credit benefit trickles down to retail consumers as well. More is required in addressing serious environmental issues at both national and global front.

Despite the doom and gloom in the housing sector, all those investors with surplus cash have enormous opportunity to invest in real estate for long-term gains and perhaps contribute to the revival of the housing market. The energy sector is involved in alternative energy programs to combat the global energy crisis. Therefore, there are opportunities in this industry as well.

The technology sector is robust with a wide range of activities throughout the industry. The high tech companies are competing with one another in the innovative technology areas such as high -end microprocessors other hardware and software products challenging the technological pace more than ever.

There is never a dull moment in the biotech industry with major breakthroughs in modern medicine like “sequencing DNA and Human Genome Project”. The stem cell research is another area drawing deserving attention and investments. The pharmaceutical companies’ progress in research and development of new drugs is in synchronization with the biotech advancement.

The finance sector is not going to fall apart as they are the “gateway” to the flourishing of “commercial sectors”. The financial institutions with necessary regulations and stopgap measures are attractive in many ways. It must address the foreclosures effectively and cooperate with the government in expediting the financial liquidity in the housing and commercial sectors.

Investors must get into a buying frenzy and not the other way around, as the prospects are far greater in the near future and an opportunity for people of the United States to own their assets rather than leaving it for foreign venture capital.

The United States as a nation has never failed in its endeavors and will never fail now or in the future. It is important for the people of the United States to restore confidence in their ability to rebuild a great nation that has accepted a great many challenges in the past, emerged successful in all frontiers and shared the progress and prosperity with the rest of the world.

The present time may appear to be tough but this nation has sailed through rough seas and the “Superpower” status is testimony to the resilience and intellectual power of the people.

The United States has every reason to be proud of all its achievements. The future ahead of us is bright, with a remarkable work force prepared to overcome all obstacles in their path to success and glory.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant