United States – Shooting Incident (False Flag) in San Bernardino, California

December 5, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The shooting incident scheduled once a month in the United States claiming innocent lives has a pattern.

The established false flag event with patsies never challenged for conspicuous odds accepting impropriety in the featured crisis.

Despite dragnet surveillance and prevalent espionage activity, the attackers in gun violence somehow always escape the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) watchful eyes and intelligence agencies radar.

The slip reveals the surveillance conducted on law abiding and peaceful citizens constituting harassment and stalking while sheltering members and behind the scenes operatives posing security threats in the country.

The operation unleashing violence and committing mass murder followed by media frenzy creating hysteria, xenophobia and misogyny is the standard practice.

Another consistency in the organized shooting episodes in the United States is the suspects are always killed rather than apprehended denying victims families and the nation access to facts and premise.

State policing shifting from suppression of non-violent dissent and civil rights to forces complicit in harming and endangering lives in society would exemplify tax payers funded indulgence appropriate.

When authorities sponsor terrorism providing financial assistance, arms supply and training to terror networks maintained using different names at every stage and currently referred to as Daesh terror groups,

The nation is no longer free with sovereignty compromised by fallacious interests.

The abuse of power and public trust violation clarify the enemy within necessitating actions to implement checks and balances to restore republic rule.

Prolonging status quo desensitize reactions to repeat occurrence imposing premeditated will.

Security lapse and agencies negligence in intercepting plots and targeted killings contributing to senseless violence and tragic deaths in the shooting rampage.

Besides, the important factor on gun control legislation with requirement for background checks to prevent unsavory elements procurement of assault and deadly weapons is the minimal procedure missing due to little or no concern for others life.

The lack of political drive to protect citizens nationwide proves misplaced priority in governance under special interests control.

National Rifles Association (NRA) representing defense industry and the military industrial complex at large lobbying Congress gaining preference over citizens’ safety explains the state of affairs and the urgent need to revive democracy.

Citizens initiative and activism in the removal of illegitimate incognito power run parallel government is the solution to problems in the deteriorating political, economic and social environment.

I offer my condolence to grieving families and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the latest violence in San Bernardino, California.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant