Political Strategy: Comedy in Tragedy

February 22, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Hegemony create and breed despotism evident in the past and present events forming the basis for intervention in those nations whether Iraq, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere.

The former heads of the state Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak in Iraq, Libya and Egypt were groomed by hegemony with financial support, supply of chemical and biological weapons and maintained ties promoting human rights violation in the respective nations for permanent dominance over the population in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hegemony latest strategy is producing imposters in the futile attempts to discredit genuine entity and sacred mission.  The tactics deployed in the process continue to backfire stupefying the source and operatives with self-defeating outcome.

The recent political debacle for hegemony prodded ally Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi in the capital New Delhi assembly poll has prompted the conceding leader to seek mass attention resulting in contradictory position.

Politics spare none including religion and charity.  The auction on Prime Minister Narinder Modi’s monogrammed suit apparently sold for Indian Rupees 4.31 crore i.e. 43 million rupees equivalent to approximately US$ 693,048 is the price tag on the owner.

Obviously the bidding was not on the suit instead the bearer of the clothing article.

Politics controlled press and communication media propagating auctioning for charity fail to recognize the facts revealed in such activity.

Having lost miserably in the mid-term New Delhi election preceded by similar setbacks in other Indian states that are conveniently missing in hegemony and domestic media reporting, the desperate measure to elevate proxy government represented by Prime Minister Narinder Modi in New Delhi demonstrates comedy in the tragedy.

Prime Minister Modi has once again proved close relationship with the wealthiest considering the buyer at the auction is a diamond trader.

In politics, dalliance with plutocracy is all about exchanging favors to rescue one another during image diminishing or popularity sinking crisis.

Notwithstanding the opportunity to launder surplus black money and facilitate counterfeit money circulation conforming to the concept that anything goes in politics.  

The projection of Prime Minister Modi as celestial body and associating the individual with divinity and yet the value determined at the auction is indeed the irony.

On the contrary, the real and authentic supernatural force is invaluable and eternally remains the benefactor rather than beneficiary.

Politics overture to bourgeois in society under the pretext of charitable cause confirms the irrevocable marriage between the power in political, economic and entertainment sector.

Perhaps the incumbent in New Delhi crackdown on wealth surrender beginning with self and members in the ruling, opposition and other representation would exemplify sincerity in national assets recovery adequately providing for the entire nation without having to indulge in self-serving performance under the guise of charity.

The government action enforcing transparency and accountability that is slighted with mockery in the prevalent system would mean credibility arguably a rare commodity in politics.

Besides, charitable deeds for political or personal gains has reverse karmic effects due to inherently flawed purpose.

Anything led by the blank and beguiling forces at the helm in the pyramid scheme is destined for decadency.

Political maneuvering for salvation with extemporaneous involvement pronounce insolvency.

Accordingly hegemony imposed status quo is unsustainable.

The acknowledgment of reality i.e. fait accompli and graceful exit is a better option in the otherwise inevitable conclusion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant