Syria – Western Hypocrisy Defending Nuclear Israel Security Ad Nauseam

June 1, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Western hypocrisy surface again this time on the issue of Russian delivery of S-300 air defense system to Syria per contractual agreement in 2007 posing relevant questions on unnecessary western intrusion at Israel’s behest in Syrian sovereign matter.

The Russian S-300 missiles for defensive purpose only ordered and paid long before western illegal invasion of Syria is a late consignment and had this arrived earlier on then perhaps innocent Syrian lives could have been saved from U.S. authorized three Israeli air strikes targeting Jamraya scientific research center near Damascus in January and repeated twice in April this year.

Israel and United States organized and armed terrorists on the ground through regional allies has produced more than 80,000 in death toll and millions of refugees in and outside Syria.

The western tactics in this warfare ranging from terrorizing Syrian children, women and men to use of WMD against them accompanied by Israeli bombardment is expected to be tolerated with hegemony loyalists proposals to continue violence in the embattled state.

Western foreign ministers as the so-called top diplomats committed to flaming the fire rather than diplomacy lifted arms embargo at recent EU meeting authorizing overt arms influx to al-Qaeda and affiliate al-Nusra front terrorists while crying foul on Syria’s inalienable right to self-defense in the onslaught from terrorists representing 29 different countries and air raid by belligerent Israel.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle statements at the press conference that Russian S-300 missiles shipment to Syria could restrain forthcoming peace talks in Geneva and place Israel at risk is extemporaneous defending perpetual offender Israel ad nauseam.

Israel purportedly received fifth Dolphin-class submarine with nuclear capability from Germany.

Apparently the first two were freely donated and the remaining three were substantially discounted by Germany at obviously European taxpayers expense while German Chancellor Angela Merkel austerity on euro zone members crippling economy and driving respective population to suicide.

Berlin also slated to dispatch additional nuclear submarine to Israel – the only nuclear state in the Middle East and an established entity in non-compliance of any international law that exists especially Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and never subjected to IAEA or UN mandated inspection despite an estimated 500 nuclear warheads in Israel’s possession.

Israel persistently derails nuclear disarmament summit with United States support and the two nations along with other western and gulf allies are responsible for genocide and worst crimes against humanity making life impossible for victims world over.

Furthermore, United States charity to Israel exponentially risen lately from $2.4 billion to $3.1 billion annual aid with current administration pledge to continue the trend beyond 2017.

United States military assistance over and above monetary alms to Israel expected to continue with personal guarantee from incumbent President Barack Obama to expedite authorization of separate $600 million for Israel’s Iron Dome maintenance.

Meanwhile, severe cuts in life line services like education, Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security – the last hope of survival for American retirees among many programs are to be marginalized or axed exacerbating people suffering in the United States for Israel’s security.

Western foreign policy centered on Israel’s regional and now global dominance is a dangerous precedence with ramifications experienced by oppressed Palestinian population and people across the region.

Poignantly not even sparing the benefactor U.S. taxpayers and armed forces fallen prey to USS liberty attack in 1967 and 9/11 terror on American soil for Israel’s ideological pursuits.

United States and Germany warning to Russia demanding withdrawal of S-300 missiles shipment to Syria emphasizing Israel’s security and balance of power in the Middle East being affected due to Syria’s sovereign duty to protect nationals and territorial integrity from Israeli and western aggression is an insult to human intelligence.

Not to mention western subservience to Israel’s unreasonable and preposterous conditions diligently put forth regardless of these propositions lacking in merit.

As for Russian stance in this deal or similar arrangement with Iran retreated quoting U.S. pressure reveals insignificance of nuclear status and veto power at UNSC in terms of independent decision-making on bilateral or multilateral trade considering western maneuvering and prodding of Russia to suit own strategy.

National identity is retained upon resistance to foreign intervention endangering lives, security, political stability and economic interest.

Besides, allowing foreign interference with imminent threat to national sovereignty could impact Russia upon Syria collapse extending across the region and world.

Prolonging Syrian conflict in anticipation of western and coalition of the willing delusions is an inevitable disaster for the sources behind three years old crises.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and UAE indulgence in Syria is self-defeating already unfolding in Turkey inevitably spreading to every terror sponsor domain within and outside Middle East sooner than later.

Western powers sincerity and honesty as reliable peace seekers is yet to be demonstrated for international community to respect their word.

The scheduled Geneva 2 convention is an opportunity to profess peaceful resolution and more importantly exemplify in action beginning with complete arms embargo and withdrawal of terror networks from Syria for the war torn nation’s healing and recovery process.

Recognition of Syrian independence and self-determination rights facilitating peace and viable political solutions by Syrian people is the honorable course for international body attending the upcoming event on Syria.

In conclusion exercising sovereign right to defend borders and homeland from predator instincts could no longer be reserved for selective groups who happened to be perpetrators flaunting supremacy status with no accountability.

Syria, Iran or any other nations around the world are at liberty to defend national cause as much as those powers denying these nations legitimacy and natural right to governance.

World peace and security is a collective responsibility and accordingly disturbance anywhere could spread everywhere.

Procrastination or failure to end Syrian warfare is evidently costly in economic and humanitarian standpoint not barring global catastrophe on the horizon.

Wishing Syria fruitful outcome in all endeavors.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant