Islam – The Religion of Peace

September 10, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Islam has been the target of the political, religious and social demagoguery.

Today, Islam – a sacred religion with an approximate 1.5 billion followers is the scapegoat for the ideologues representing the various factions in the world society.

From terrorism, warfare, politics, religion to social domain – Islam is the convenient alibi.

The actions are meant to reflect the so-called “tolerance, acceptance, and social equality.”

The ideology has no limit in seizing the opportunity to promote the individual belief, rights, political clout and image. Such irrationality stems from defiance against one’s own reasoning faculties.

If religion is commercialized by the religious authorities, the political opportunists politicize for their personal agenda.

As for the mainstream media – they do not wish to be left behind in the popularity contest.

So they play a dominant role in sensationalizing the issues and elevate narcissism to evangelism.

United States is confronted with two social issues surrounding Islam.

Burn the “Qur’an” day and the interfaith community center construction in Lower Manhattan, New York.

With respect to the provocative declaration against “The Holy Qur’an,” – The pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida – an unknown entity for obvious reasons until yesterday is now a celebrity in his own rights predominantly due to unnecessary media attention.

Amid speculations on the consequences following the desecration threat, the global condemnation from the highest hierarchies is justified but fails to recognize the real forces behind the inflammatory remarks and actions.

Pastor Terry Jones having assumed the responsibility to preach the gospel teachings of “Lord Jesus Christ,” is preparing to demonstrate his misconceptions about Islam and the religious scripture that personifies peace in every aspect.

The pastor’s intention overrides the virtues exemplified by the founder of Christianity – “Lord Jesus Christ,” – peace, love and compassion icon.

Attempts to insult Islam or any religion without exception are a direct assault on the religion they pretend to represent.

For true believers and the faithful ones would do everything in their power to be inclusive and not exclusive as witnessed in the contentious religious discourse.

As a result ignorance is pervasive in claiming that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are distinctive in one way or another regardless of all religions epitomizing peace and solidarity.

Denying equal respect to all religions is blatant rejection of “Almighty God,” – one supreme spiritual power worshiped by all through different sources.

Notwithstanding the discriminatory practice being disingenuous to the religion upheld as superior against the rest.

In this instance, the pastor’s decision to denigrate Islam suggests “Lord Jesus Christ” repeat crucifixion.

Allowing hatred, malice and presumptuousness to prevail over peace, harmony and humility is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

Islam is revered by Muslims in the same manner as Christianity by Christians, Judaism by Jews, Hinduism by Hindus, Sikhism by Sikhs, Buddhism by Buddhists, Jainism by Jains, Zoroastrianism by Parsis, Baha’ism by Baha’i…and all others whose forgiveness is sought for not being specified.

Any dispute in this regard would be arising from personal disposition against universal acknowledgment.

Pastor Terry Jones needs soul searching and reconciliation with reality.

If the pastor is submitted to Lord Jesus Christ and the lord’s clearly defined morals then he would wisely refrain from negative thoughts, words and deeds with an inevitable harm to fellow human beings whether they are American troops or Muslim friends and neighbors – essentially the humanity at large.

Pastors and priests have a greater obligation to pursue peace and help easing tensions in communities not become the cause for publicity.

Hence for Christ sake and the love of Jesus, abandoning disrespectful and demeaning activities against other religions would lead to discovering peace within and eventually assist in spreading peace around.

Hopefully, the pastor would heed to the concerned citizens plea and devote his attention in bringing people of all faiths together rather than indulging in divisive motives.

Peace to Islam and all other religions around the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Religious Event – Holy Ramaḍān or Ramzan رمضان‎

August 14, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The holy month celebrating Ramaḍān just started for the followers of Islam and it’s observed with fasting and praying that includes a reflective moment on personal deeds towards self and others.

It’s an important religious occasion for the believers in Islamic faith.

The traditions pertaining to this religious festival are followed by many Muslims around the world.

Most people regard this period as an opportunity to renew vows in their moral and ethical conduct according to the Holy Qur’an’s القرآن guidance.

Since Ramadan is related to the revelations on ‘Holy Qur’an’ to Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be upon him), the Holy Scripture has special significance during the month, despite being the profound religious doctrine in daily life.

Wishing peace and happiness on “Holy Ramaḍān or Ramzan رمضان”‎ to all followers of Islam!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Gospel Truth on Religious Harmony and Oneness

August 12, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Religion is the epitome of universal love and peace.

The introduction of religion throughout the evolutionary process since creation was primarily to develop the latent inherent human qualities in elevating self and others.

Apart from diversity, religions essentially resemble the confluence of rivers merging into the ocean, the Almighty God or the Supreme entity in myriad forms such as the light, force and energy,

Thus, providing the link between the Spiritual Science creationism and Natural Science evolutionism based on physics, chemistry and biology in mathematical precision.

From the archaic age, religion is surmised to be anything but a simple philosophy about the life existence and its purpose.

“All are created equal” – Is the religions’ premise and the vital characteristics of all species albeit disproportionately yet significant in real terms contribute to the ecological sustenance, once again legitimizing the correlation of Spiritual facts with Scientific evidence.

The religions emphasize on peace. The message is confined to the peaceful attributes prominently non-violence, empathy, compassion and mutual respect for one another.

Unfortunately, they are not widely practiced by the majority and the religious testimony is misinterpreted to suit personal ideology contrasting the respective religious icons’ sacrifices for the greater good of humanity.

For instance, discriminatory practices against fellow human beings, animals and environmental abuse are the fundamental violation of any religion representing the life creator.

Religions focus on moral and ethical conduct as the guidelines for righteousness.

Violence is prevalent on the main street and an array of mediums influencing impressionable and frustrated segments.

Although, women’s rights is a major struggle in most parts of the world,

Racial and gender discrimination is receiving attention.

Lately, while tolerance is promoted in racial equality, it’s conspicuously demoted with specific references to physical height, weight and orientation confirming the advocates’ disingenuous and hypocritical positions.

Not to mention the shallowness and insensitivity towards the rest of the population in that category.

Inner beauty is hardly a subject of interest in the superficial reality.

Further it proves the obsession with the perishable body over immortal soul.

Human race continues to falter in the pursuit of peace.

Instead warfare, violence, oppression, and repression are adopted by the powerful in the dominance against the powerless with no end in sight for amicable conflict resolutions.

Falsely, religion is the alibi for the groups engaged in mass destruction.

Politically religion is targeted to deflect truth and provoke anti-religion sentiments benefiting the irresponsible sources.

Whether it is related to the 9/11 mosque site or the convoluted op-eds in the nationally and internationally renowned print press suggesting,

“The fact about the growing Muslim population in France and other parts of Western Europe,” as xenophobia and instantaneously assigning the ‘Former Islamic follower,’ status,

In a fragile attempt to masquerade their own xenophobic tendencies towards the secular, passionate and valiant defender of Islam through various articles imploring global attention to address the Muslim people’s plight is an irony.

These political opportunists’ agents never shy away from mischaracterization and distortion typically mirroring the views of those whom they represent on the sensitive issues.

Granting permission for the Lower Manhattan, New York mosque site is an appropriate decision and the German authorities in Hamburg could perhaps follow suit by re-opening the recently shut down mosque to forbid the terror networks from holding the Islamic religion and its followers their hostage.

Simultaneously, the hate crime involving the fatal attack against the two Christian brothers and the death threats on their family in Pakistan,

Then, the aid workers killings in Afghanistan by Taliban and militants are deeply regrettable.

Religion is marketed as a commodity by appreciating one and denigrating the other.

Hatred spread through violence and propaganda for political, religious and other motives affects all including the source.

Religion is also split into many factions emanating from one view disenfranchised by another, regardless of the convergence i.e. the Almighty God.

Another dynamic to the simple factor turned into a complex issue is the divisions in the society with respect to religious, agnostics and atheist.

The solution is basic understanding in freely honoring individual choice and freedom.

Society is confronted with unnecessary social challenges brought upon by political, religious and economic powers through media.

Mankind has made tremendous progress in numerous areas, however lacking in better human relations.

Just like the five natural elements – earth, fire, air, water and sky depicting the galaxy enable life,

The positive and negative human traits – love, empathy, humility, patience and intelligence lead to rationalization juxtaposed to desire becoming greed and lust, reactions – envy, anger, hatred along with ego and pride distract the human mind causing pain all around.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to enhance the positives and maintaining a balance in the interim would vastly deter tensions in relations.

There is clear distinction in happiness and peace. For happiness derived from materialistic pleasures is mistakenly considered as the ultimate goal in life.

It’s not the same as joy found in altruism or varied art of sharing and giving.

The satisfaction in humanitarian service makes life purposeful and peaceful to a large extent.

Peace could be permanent or long-lasting yielding happiness.

On the other hand, mere happiness is a temporary contentment soon transformed into sorrow by the restless mind.

Life in general is the opportunity to explore the path to inner peace. The initial step is the preparedness to obtain knowledge with an open mind through internal and external sources.

Human beings possess higher comprehension skills combined with discerning abilities that is not often used to the maximum potential.

Poignantly, if it’s utilized, it’s more for polarizing than unifying the various schools of thoughts.

Despite the common notion that one must refrain from doing any harm if cannot be of any help.

Journey through life is a learning experience and human relationships will thrive in accepting rather than rejecting the uniqueness among them.

Religious harmony is an acknowledgment of the oneness, the assimilation of many in the symbolic representation known as the Almighty God, who is unity, peace and love on the humanitarian perspective.

Life is the manifestation of energy from where it begins and ends.

Hence no religion is less sacred than the other.

Peace to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Iranian Crisis – Blasphemy of Sacred Islam and The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

June 24, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The categorical defiance by the theocratic ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the puppet nominee Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the clerics, the Guardian Coucil, The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Basij and the entire regimen behind the ruthless authoritarian regime is blasphemous of the sacred religion – Islam, they falsely represent in the Iranian Republic.

Although, the dictatorial regime’s ruthless conduct in the past twenty-four hours involving civilian killings and arrests with a clampdown on the press and media coverage gained momentary leverage over the peaceful dissent, the truth and justice to be delivered by the all powerful Almighty God, Allah will never be conquered by the slaves of treachery and debauchery.

In fact, the autocratic dictators are not challenging the will of the innocent people of Iran, but engaged in cataclysmic battle against the supreme authority, the Almighty God, Allah determined to prevail being the ultimate universal force. The crumbling resolve within the secretive,totalitarian conspirators concealed with excessive violence inflicted upon the non-combative, non-violent truth seekers representing the valiant Almighty God, Allah.

If the present authority resigned to brutality, remain undeterred by the Prophetic warnings of the Almighty God, Allah demanding the conflict to end in the people’s favor through willful surrender of all those implicated in the horrific humanitarian crime led by the clerics’ leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,

The assassins will be subject to the wrath of the creator to justify the means.

Any slightness of the Almighty God, Allah’s message by the corrupt unelected clerics and officials would be a recipe for self-destruction and disaster. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Basij judged accordingly for volunteering in the slaughter of truth represented by the brave and unarmed civilians enduring injustice brought upon them by the sinners representing the theocracy.

The military role as national guardians to ensure every citizen’s safety and security in the nation currently in violation of the defense and humanitarian code unequivocally on the path of genocide will also be brought to justice.

Reiterating the earlier message titled “Iranian Dissent – Armageddon,” it’s against the Islamic law and the holy Prophet Muhammad’s teachings to cause any physical pain and damage to individuals revolting against delusional perpetrators in denial of the Almighty God, Allah. The escalating violence in curbing the freedom of expression against the fraudulent election is a strong indication of the theocracy’s power quest while posing to be a spiritual figurehead – a clear indignation of the Holy Quran and the Almighty God, Allah.

The current stranglehold on the movement as the voice for freedom and democracy is a deceptive victory for the deceitful demagoguery led by the autocrat, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the loyalists committed to blasphemy of the Holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Almighty God, Allah, the ultimate judiciary power. Each heinous criminal act will be punishable in the highest order according to the moral and ethical code specified in the Holy Quran.

Evidently, the present confrontation is the battle between illusion v. reality and the outcome declared in the immediate future yielding victory to the pious and the truthful demonstrators with the supreme force, the Almighty God, Allah’s blessing.

Unfortunately for the offenders, the message directed by the Almighty God, Allah dismissed as the United States and other foreign governments’ ominous disguised operation confirm the self-proclaimed spiritual authority’s inability to discern and recognize the call from the Almighty God, Allah, the savior and protector of the universe.

Therefore, their self-indulgence in senseless violence and horrific violation of human rights will lead them towards their choice of destination i.e. demolition and downfall of the much-anticipated dictatorial regime and their disappearance into oblivion in resemblance to the fate of all those historic characters in the past and the contemporary era.

Any attempt to exacerbate the suffering of the population through excessive mistreatment and exploitation of the temporary power would prove detrimental to those in action.

Time is running out for the despots and the desolate crew following the leadership doomed to fail and fall from grace for ignoring the commandment of the all powerful, Almighty God, Allah. This is not a threat, instead a concern and a conciliatory final word from the eternal source prioritizing reconciliation in the reform and resolution of the political crisis affecting the humanity at large in Iran.

Meanwhile, the reformist movement and the opposition should continue their peaceful and non-violent approach and not dissuaded from liberating the culturally enriched Poetic Persian Land and the Iranian Republic presently under siege by the tyrannical rule of law.

The bold and audacious demonstrators’ sacrifice will not be in vain this time and victory is on the side of the truth and justice, regardless of the ruthless resilience from the agitating tumultuous terror nearing end in accordance to the apocalypse.

Freedom is not a cupcake offered through invitation at a birthday party.

History is testimony that every free nation on earth had to struggle and strive for their liberty and that of others commonly from the grip of adamant self-righteous rule possessed with dangerous emotional and conventional arsenal likely to engulf in their pyromania.

Peace is gentle, delicate and healing with a formidable characteristic to win against violence generally smothered in terror, aggression and illusionary tactics bound towards defeat as witnessed by the world since time immemorial.

Yawm ad-Din "the Day of Judgment" (Arabic: يوم الدين‎) is God’s final assessment of humanity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant