The Gospel Truth on Religious Harmony and Oneness

August 12, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Religion is the epitome of universal love and peace.

The introduction of religion throughout the evolutionary process since creation was primarily to develop the latent inherent human qualities in elevating self and others.

Apart from diversity, religions essentially resemble the confluence of rivers merging into the ocean, the Almighty God or the Supreme entity in myriad forms such as the light, force and energy,

Thus, providing the link between the Spiritual Science creationism and Natural Science evolutionism based on physics, chemistry and biology in mathematical precision.

From the archaic age, religion is surmised to be anything but a simple philosophy about the life existence and its purpose.

“All are created equal” – Is the religions’ premise and the vital characteristics of all species albeit disproportionately yet significant in real terms contribute to the ecological sustenance, once again legitimizing the correlation of Spiritual facts with Scientific evidence.

The religions emphasize on peace. The message is confined to the peaceful attributes prominently non-violence, empathy, compassion and mutual respect for one another.

Unfortunately, they are not widely practiced by the majority and the religious testimony is misinterpreted to suit personal ideology contrasting the respective religious icons’ sacrifices for the greater good of humanity.

For instance, discriminatory practices against fellow human beings, animals and environmental abuse are the fundamental violation of any religion representing the life creator.

Religions focus on moral and ethical conduct as the guidelines for righteousness.

Violence is prevalent on the main street and an array of mediums influencing impressionable and frustrated segments.

Although, women’s rights is a major struggle in most parts of the world,

Racial and gender discrimination is receiving attention.

Lately, while tolerance is promoted in racial equality, it’s conspicuously demoted with specific references to physical height, weight and orientation confirming the advocates’ disingenuous and hypocritical positions.

Not to mention the shallowness and insensitivity towards the rest of the population in that category.

Inner beauty is hardly a subject of interest in the superficial reality.

Further it proves the obsession with the perishable body over immortal soul.

Human race continues to falter in the pursuit of peace.

Instead warfare, violence, oppression, and repression are adopted by the powerful in the dominance against the powerless with no end in sight for amicable conflict resolutions.

Falsely, religion is the alibi for the groups engaged in mass destruction.

Politically religion is targeted to deflect truth and provoke anti-religion sentiments benefiting the irresponsible sources.

Whether it is related to the 9/11 mosque site or the convoluted op-eds in the nationally and internationally renowned print press suggesting,

“The fact about the growing Muslim population in France and other parts of Western Europe,” as xenophobia and instantaneously assigning the ‘Former Islamic follower,’ status,

In a fragile attempt to masquerade their own xenophobic tendencies towards the secular, passionate and valiant defender of Islam through various articles imploring global attention to address the Muslim people’s plight is an irony.

These political opportunists’ agents never shy away from mischaracterization and distortion typically mirroring the views of those whom they represent on the sensitive issues.

Granting permission for the Lower Manhattan, New York mosque site is an appropriate decision and the German authorities in Hamburg could perhaps follow suit by re-opening the recently shut down mosque to forbid the terror networks from holding the Islamic religion and its followers their hostage.

Simultaneously, the hate crime involving the fatal attack against the two Christian brothers and the death threats on their family in Pakistan,

Then, the aid workers killings in Afghanistan by Taliban and militants are deeply regrettable.

Religion is marketed as a commodity by appreciating one and denigrating the other.

Hatred spread through violence and propaganda for political, religious and other motives affects all including the source.

Religion is also split into many factions emanating from one view disenfranchised by another, regardless of the convergence i.e. the Almighty God.

Another dynamic to the simple factor turned into a complex issue is the divisions in the society with respect to religious, agnostics and atheist.

The solution is basic understanding in freely honoring individual choice and freedom.

Society is confronted with unnecessary social challenges brought upon by political, religious and economic powers through media.

Mankind has made tremendous progress in numerous areas, however lacking in better human relations.

Just like the five natural elements – earth, fire, air, water and sky depicting the galaxy enable life,

The positive and negative human traits – love, empathy, humility, patience and intelligence lead to rationalization juxtaposed to desire becoming greed and lust, reactions – envy, anger, hatred along with ego and pride distract the human mind causing pain all around.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to enhance the positives and maintaining a balance in the interim would vastly deter tensions in relations.

There is clear distinction in happiness and peace. For happiness derived from materialistic pleasures is mistakenly considered as the ultimate goal in life.

It’s not the same as joy found in altruism or varied art of sharing and giving.

The satisfaction in humanitarian service makes life purposeful and peaceful to a large extent.

Peace could be permanent or long-lasting yielding happiness.

On the other hand, mere happiness is a temporary contentment soon transformed into sorrow by the restless mind.

Life in general is the opportunity to explore the path to inner peace. The initial step is the preparedness to obtain knowledge with an open mind through internal and external sources.

Human beings possess higher comprehension skills combined with discerning abilities that is not often used to the maximum potential.

Poignantly, if it’s utilized, it’s more for polarizing than unifying the various schools of thoughts.

Despite the common notion that one must refrain from doing any harm if cannot be of any help.

Journey through life is a learning experience and human relationships will thrive in accepting rather than rejecting the uniqueness among them.

Religious harmony is an acknowledgment of the oneness, the assimilation of many in the symbolic representation known as the Almighty God, who is unity, peace and love on the humanitarian perspective.

Life is the manifestation of energy from where it begins and ends.

Hence no religion is less sacred than the other.

Peace to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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