United States – NSA Surveillance Through Subliminal PRISM

June 17, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

National Surveillance Act (NSA) defended by the government even though the dragnet spying not only on U.S. citizens but also spreading across the globe is equivalent to searching for needle in a haystack under the blanket presumption of national and global population as potential terror suspects without probable cause or evidence.

In contrast, the political establishment arguably deserves public scrutiny for lack of transparency and accountability considering the authorities direct alliance with al-Qaeda and affiliates al-Nusra Front terror networks in Libya, Iraq, Mali and Syria producing massive deaths and destruction.

NSA infringement upon civil liberties meant to protect criminality by keeping citizens on radar to detect any anti-government plan followed by aggressive interception through unconstitutional measures such as Patriot Act, FISA, ACTA and NDAA leading to flagrant authoritarianism.

The pervasive espionage is not limited to accessibility to phone numbers and Internet communications as mentioned by the government representatives on this controversial matter.

In fact, the program involves private citizens financial, health and other personal records extrapolation by gaining unlawful entry ranging from hacking into the computers to eavesdropping on conversations especially those identified as whistleblowers sought with vengeance given the state intolerance and sensitivity to truth seekers and speakers for their commitment to reveal political leaderships crimes against humanity.

NSA sprawling activities is in accordance with Bilderberg group agenda that was the key issue in the recent conference held in Watford, England on June 6 – 9, 2013.

Bilderberg directing loyalists on big data or Meta data diligently exercised in United States, Canada, Australia, Britain…and Europe.

Western intelligence agencies like NSA, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6 and Mossad in particular are the terror in creating terrorist organizations viz. al-Qaeda and splinter groups using them for false flag operations along with fundamentalist networks to ignite sectarian violence around the world.

Moreover the western intelligence serve hardliners in government crackdown on peaceful protest witnessed in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen.

They provide assistance and guidelines to ruling authority in violent engagement with marginalized and disenfranchised demography for their genuine demand on equal opportunity seen in Mexico against indigenous Zapatistas and similarly elsewhere.

The western intelligence apparatus preoccupy in national and regional destabilization to promote hegemony goals with prolonged unrest via warfare accompanied by proliferation of arms race not barring WMD lately used by United States, Israel, Britain and France in Iraq, Gaza, Libya and Syria respectively.

NSA is the preliminary and comprehensive mind control strategy to curb uprising amid growing dissatisfaction and disappointment on continuous betrayal of people trust and political power failure to resolve national crises exemplified in gross neglect of economy.

The argument that NSA is on congressional oversight and independent courts jurisdiction to protect civil rights rather favorable to the political helm based on collusion within hierarchy and demonstrated in defending each other behind the veil of secrecy maintaining the smokescreen for en masse subjugation.

Justice department under executive branch influence decisions on cases handled in circuit courts, appellate divisions and supposedly autonomous body at the state and federal level weighted on judicial promotions swaying outcome per authority instruction.

Besides, in terms of the highest court on land as the last bastion for justice –

Supreme Court justices as incumbent administration nominees reciprocate in vindicating Presidency on Presidential disputes or return favors to political parties and corporations contributing to conflict of interest compromising ethics and constitutional law required to be upheld in real democracy.

In this instance, the Supreme Court life term appointment is hindrance to justice for the same reason attributed to judiciary function as fiduciary.

Meanwhile, the people are the victims without recourse in the inextricably flawed system.

NSA serves the purpose to justify unjustifiable actions denying citizens the fundamental right to share grievances on the state of affairs with consequences for honorable and courageous steps in exposing the systemic abuse of power.

United States freedom and democratic values are under siege with coalescence among the powerful in eliminating republic from governance.

National and international solidarity calling for NSA termination is critical to restore human dignity with privacy currently regarded as entitlement to the privileged class depriving the rest from inalienable natural right.

Inaction or complacency to this effect would be surrender to dominance endangering peaceful co-existence.

The pretexts of safeguarding security with unlimited and unwarranted intrusion is deflection from reality.

Recognition of common factor i.e. loss of individual liberty is the binding element to challenge with collective response in turning the tide against superficial power.

Wishing citizens in the United States and worldwide independence from surreptitious captivity enabled through subliminal PRISM.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant