Syria – Terrorist Bombing and Assassination Attempt at Prime Minister is Deplorable

April 29, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The latest terrorist attack in Mazzeh district in the capital Damascus aimed at Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi convoy producing many innocent deaths with several injured demonstrates sponsors and operatives desperation having been dehumanized and desensitized to committing massacres in Myanmar, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya and into third year in Syria.

Such cowardly attacks might satisfy despotism and wanton provocation with utter disregard for life except their own even though that too being sadly wasted in annihilation and decimation of lives, livelihoods and independent nations around the world.

Syrian conflict perpetuated through proxy wars overtly deploying al-Qaeda and affiliate al-nusra front reflect United States, Israel, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan flair for terrorism.

Not to mention terrorists groups in Syria sharing foreign nationalities mostly from western nations like Australia, Britain, Germany and France…speaks volume of respective leaderships colossal failure in leading their nations in positive direction.

As for Israel, United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan determination to desecrate Syria’s cultural heritage and general society – the collective contribution towards massive deaths and destruction since Syrian war in March 2011 and up until now clearly clarifies the governments misplaced priority and subservience to Zionist ideology at their population expense.

With President Barack Obama, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Arizona Senator John McCain… pledging support to al-Qaeda and al-nusra in Syria diverting funding to a tune of $250 million towards terrorism along with proposal for 20,000 troops in Jordan to escalate violence targeting children, women, religious leaders, university students, security personnel and government officials in that country,

In addition to multi-billion dollars aid to Israel for genocide in Palestine, Syria and across Middle East while maintaining bipartisanship on austerity against American citizens confirms Zionist control over United States political system made possible with representatives weakness and lack of integrity in declining financial incentives to remain in power.

Washington decision on Syria is reckless and irresponsible mildly characterized and treasonous at worst in driving American children below poverty and their families forced to become dependents on charity to provide for terror operations killing children and adults indiscriminately in Syria.

This madness is unsustainable and could no longer continue at hawkish behest in Washington and Tel Aviv with delusional aspirations rejecting citizens plight in national domain and death toll in Syria.

Notwithstanding imminent backlash awaiting protagonists and agents alike involved in accelerating Syrian war with irreversible outcome upon refusal to immediately end the illegal invasion.

Reiterating the fact that Syrian turmoil protraction under any pretexts replicating Iraq blunder would lead to unprecedented consequences epitomizing suicide mission for all those contemplating, plotting and conspiring against legitimately elected governments in Syria and Iraq.

Underestimating the ramifications on further indulgence in Syria would indeed be a costly affair in political, economic and humanitarian terms for the western and gulf alliance.

Hence, terminating Syrian slaughter sparing the young and old in that sovereign state and shifting focus on domestic issues such as dire economic problems confronting United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany could perhaps guarantee their own survival considering the gulf partners Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Turkey regimes fate hanging in balance.

Sincere condolences offered to bereaved families and members in the aftermath of Mazzeh terror assault displaying perpetrators disdain for life.

May God bless Syria with attributes of glorious Sun brightening the sky to renew and energize life on earth.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant