Korean Peninsula – United States Exit From Region Critical For Peace

March 30, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States and South Korea military drill titled Key Resolve conducted on March 11 until March 21, 2013 involving 10,000 South Korean troops and 3,000 U.S. forces reiterated United States occupation in Korean Peninsula.

The flagrant display undoubtedly create rift under false pretext to protect South Korea when the situation since Korea’s partition has been the other way around with United States provocation against North Korea heightened in the past weeks stoking preparatory response from DPRK.

Despite North Korea’s repeat warnings to cease antagonistic military exercise not to mention economic warfare waged against DPRK population through U.S. illegal sanctions over decades, the recently imposed financial restrictions over and above trade embargo further exacerbate citizens plight.

The latest development also includes United States cyber attacks against DPRK official and government portals paralyzing essential activities along with flying nuclear capable B-52 stealth bomber over South Korea claimed as ‘deterrence’ action are clearly in violation of international law amounting to U.S. belligerence in the region.

Accordingly, North Korea having demonstrated extraordinary patience countered United States provocative measures with revoking armistice between the divided Korea and cancellation of hotline communication in the demilitarized zone.

Instead of de-escalating tensions, the United States signed a treaty with South Korea emphasizing renewal of military presence as well as arms and nuclear proliferation urging South Korea to move ahead even with perceived minima reaction from North Korea.

Considering United States contemporary aggression worldwide,

Notwithstanding sponsoring terrorism in Syria that has caused about 75,000 deaths and more counting with primitive methods like beheading victims and bombings of schools, Universities, hospitals, Church, Mosques and public sites on daily basis has left nearly a million refugees in deplorable and hostile conditions in Turkey and Jordan – the U.S. allies in the conflict.

United States current war mongering policy not barring nuclear threats under the so-called democrat and Nobel Peace Prize winning leadership arguably surpass much criticized Bush-Cheney administration.

Although, the condemnation of Bush-Cheney war crimes is justified still pending accountability due to incumbent authority guaranteed impunity to them pledging not to seek retribution over redemption.

The President as the commander-in-chief bear responsibility in military affairs exemplified in removal of General Stanley McChrystal, the former Chief of U.S. Armed Forces for off the record remark on the administration during the first term.

However, White House remaining defiant on substantial militarization in Asia Pacific alongside relentless drone strikes and proxy wars using terror networks in Syria is indicative of commitment to violence in opposition to peace and diplomacy.

United States political leaderships in the executive and legislative branch failure to adopt peaceful strategies on U.S. led hegemony manufactured international crises is a tradition maintained in the continuation of legacy at huge economic costs and most importantly innocent lives around the world.

The supremacy era is coming into conclusion necessitating the factions – Unites States and coalition to acknowledge changing geopolitical dynamics and paradigm shift in modern perspective rejecting superiority with global focus on equality and respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity and indigenous society rights to self-determination.

Allowing the present standoff with North Korea to evolve into potential nuclear confrontation would be catastrophic for all and especially the United States given the vast troop deployment in Korean Peninsula and base in Japan.

United States comprehensive and complete troop withdrawal from Korea, Japan and elsewhere is the requirement for world peace and life survival based on past and ongoing turmoil consuming lives, livelihoods and entire planet resources to benefit those whose time on earth is limited yet they are determined to pursue counterproductive policies affecting billions with generational indebtedness and misery.

South Korea on the other hand surrendering sovereignty to foreign power rather than reconciliation with family in North Korea accommodates imperialist agenda to prolong subjugation and dominance experienced by citizens in Seoul and other parts of the country.

The increased violent incidents citing U.S. army personnel abuse taking undue advantage of detrimental Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) deprives South Korean public any legal course against such crimes – a dilemma paradoxical to U.S. justification on occupation for South Korea’s security.

Hence, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye adherence to campaign promise declining war and unnecessary skirmishes with relatives in North Korea would clarify Seoul priority imperative to both North and South Korea’s existence and people safety.

Simultaneously, North Korea’s Premier King Jong-un frustration is understandable in the adversarial circumstances from aggressor.

Nonetheless equanimity is best suited to stifle desperate tactics favorable to none specifically the source i.e. United States and South Korea.

North Korean Premier Kim Jong-un resistance to foreign intervention would be effective upon initiating direct peace talks with South Korea and,

Similarly South Korean President Park Geun-Hye approach through political dialogue with North Korean leadership for amicable resolution of status quo is the only viable option preventing conventional war with nuclear exchange – an event unequivocally devastating to all sides regardless of military might and capability.

Violence begets violence and an eye for an eye will blind the world prevalent in hegemony loss of vision evidently self-destructive with imminent collapse.

Restraint combined with diligence and rationality on all sides is critical transforming apathy into empathy in respective republic and national interest.

Wishing the leaderships of sovereign North Korea Premier Kim Jon-un and President Park Geun-Hye of South Korea with citizens all together – success in re-establishment of Korea that cherishes peace and harmony with pervasive progress and prosperity conforming to cultural and national identity.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant