Venezuela – Ending Unrest With Economic Policy Review And Reform For Pervasive Progress

March 5, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

The South American nationVenezuela is yet another target for United States instigated anti-government protests with the so-called opposition declining President Nicolas Maduro’s invitation for talks to end unrest in the country. 

Venezuela demonstrations are no different from Ukraine and Thailand where the foreign backed opposition discard constitutional framework and democratic values for the sponsors destabilization goals leaving nations in disarray and dysfunctional like Libya, Iraq, Egypt and many before.

Since the democratically elected government led by President Nicolas Maduro assumed power, Washington has been involved to sabotage political stability deploying usual tactics i.e. hired opposition to impede governance beginning with challenging election results to relentless violence resulting in deaths and destruction of national property.

Washington and Brussels engagement in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Mali and CAR adopting diverse means fomented chaos for economic and strategic interests in the region. 

The irony is  Washington and Brussels launched opposition criticize the respective ruling governments of corruption, incompetence and failure to address domestic issues while ignoring debacles in their domain.

The anti-government rallies in Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela are proxies for foreign and internal provocateurs exploiting some gullible segments within society to advance specific agenda at the state detriment.

The victim  nations could dispel propaganda with facts and solutions to contentious issues including steps taken on relevant matter. 

The government civic centers and media outlets could educate mass on milestones reached in certain national affairs and disclosure on plans to overcome immediate and long term economic woes or security concerns would stifle foreign and local instigated turmoil.

Venezuelan government is accused of not dealing with excess crime rate, economic hardships, shortage of essential food supplies and high inflation.

Although crime, economic struggles and inflation are not unique to Venezuela considering gun violence claiming innocent lives in the United States and nearly 50 million dependents on food stamps denied lifeline due to lack of political will, preoccupation and interference in foreign governance.

Notwithstanding unemployment and growing economic disparities in the United States as well as worldwide disqualify Washington promoted anti-government angst to derail popular socialist policy in Venezuela.

In contrast neo-liberalism favor oligarchy socialism laden with bailouts, subsidies and tax exemptions evidently responsible for status quo in economies implementing the defective doctrine meanwhile gifting mainstream population with generational indebtedness.

Obviously balanced and result oriented measures are required sharing responsibility and fair income distribution to revive and sustain economic growth in any model.

Venezuelan President Maduro initiatives to curb crime across the state and achievements in this context deserve citizens’ awareness.  

The crime scenario largely emanates from easy access to weapons and drug cartels or terror networks alliance with foreign arms and ammunitions purveyors for lucrative sum at ordinary citizens expense.

Identifying the source and recipients to terminate operation would substantially contain criminal incidents in the territories susceptible to lawlessness and disorder.

Additionally, the economically disadvantaged demography deprived of proper education and basic necessities attract criminal elements for abuse.

Venezuela utilizing oil revenues towards programs to uplift marginalized and disenfranchised communities expanding prevalent free education for children and youth alongside job creation introducing new potential and improvising indigenous expertise could facilitate a positive change.

The leaders in the religious, economic and social sphere could be instrumental in criminal deterrence through teaching, funding youth concepts especially in the underprivileged and inner cities that often fall prey to recruitment. 

Besides these actions, striving for corruption free police, security and judiciary apparatus together with correctional facilities that focus on renouncing violence and destructive conduct would yield desirable outcome. 

The regular visits from volunteers and former judicial members thoughts on abandoning crime and instead pursuing purposeful life could be pivotal in improving citizens safety. 

The detention centers adapting to non-violence and constructive course could transform offenders into skilled workers enabling them to be self-supportive and productive citizens of society.

In terms of alleviating economic plight the government could provide incentives such as tax credits to businesses and government contracts to private corporations with the requirement to hire domestic workers on decent wages and benefits allowing profitability from top to bottom.

The private and public sector investments in infrastructure, scientific research and development, innovative technology and niche entrepreneurial projects along with expanding manufacturing base for essential and other commodities should provide economic opportunity nationwide. 

As for shortage of food supplies – evaluation of agricultural production, distribution and sales would indicate necessary interjection of funds and land provisions to farmers to grow crops and various produce per general demand.

Additionally community banks lending to small and medium companies for marketing scare items could supplement the existing supply chain.

Last but not the least exploring options to negotiate with neighboring states for exchange of goods and services on mutually beneficial terms could address overall trade boosting interflow simultaneously meeting product deficiency.

With respect to high inflation – the central bank and government monetary policy on prime rate and currency value might require adjustments to reduce inflation.

Despite optimal minimum interest rate for economic stimulus, raising the margin on savings and public shareholdings dividends to long term investors and capital gains reinvestments would generate capital infusion in the financial sector.

Venezuelan current economic strategy introducing cap on profit earnings as stopgap mechanism to contain inflation could be reversed to enhance GDP and national revenue.

Alternatively inducing fair competition in the domestic market with increased output and combination of imported merchandise would stabilize price fluctuations leading to consumer affordability.

The hoarding and underground commercial activities also contribute to inflation.

Hence, government regulations and other interception could be effective in limiting inflation.

United States staged opposition against Venezuelan government delineates them from real representation.

The genuine political opposition would disavow disruptive approach such as prolonging agitation –  arguably counterproductive in political and economic aspect.

The operatives at foreign entities behest slight serious repercussions in proceeding with removal of legitimate government from office. 

Venezuelans discernment in rejecting anti-compatriots motives paramount to protect sovereignty and hard fought freedom.

The citizens in Venezuela are urged to extend cooperation to incumbent government under President Nicolas Maduro retaining the Bolivarian and Chavez revolution intact and preventing foreign invasion via local infiltration.

Venezuelan solidarity is key to preserve independence given United States aspirations for turbulence similar to Ukraine.

On the first anniversary of Venezuela’s beloved patriot and leader – the late President Hugo Chavez, the people and national army pledge to defend nation and government headed by President Nicolas Maduro from foreign usurpation is critical to rekindle spirit for long lasting liberty and progress.

Wishing Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro headed government peace and success in endeavors that enrich Bolivarian and Chavez heritage of political system exemplified in republic empowerment.

Peace to Venezuela!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
































Venezuela – President Nicolas Maduro To Lead Bolivarian Republic

April 19, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To President Nicolas Maduro upon being sworn into office to lead the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Venezuela citizens and the newly elected President Nicolas Maduro having been through difficult times in dealing with premature demise of their beloved President Hugo Chavez are prepared to move forward in upholding Bolivarian-Chavez pragmatism in every respect.

Venezuela with popular support and President Nicolas Maduro commitment to maintain predecessor President Chavez comprehensive plans on political, economic and social issues would triumph in honoring their great leader Chavez aspirations for his nation and the people.

Best Wishes to President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelans across the society for tremendous progress and success in every frontier.

Long Live Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Bolivarian-Chavez doctrine of fairness and equality.

Peace to Venezuela!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant