Colombia – Peace Talks between FARC and Colombian Government

May 4, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The old conflict in the South American nation between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Colombian government has consumed many innocent lives on all sides with national revenue wasted in combat within society.

FARC traditionally representing peasant community legitimately seeking land rights unlawfully seized by feudalists depriving vast majority ownership leaving them in abject poverty and dire economic conditions for generations now.

The confrontation exceeding more than six decades proved counterproductive and the two factions current peace initiatives are noteworthy.

The series of talks held in 2012 with the latest in Havana, Cuba show signs of improvement considering high ranking FARC and government representatives engagement in a dialogue.

Immediate priority is to move forward maintaining momentum barring anti-sovereign foreign interference.

Furthermore, crises resolution would require empathy, rationality and pragmatic approach demonstrated in action.

The first and foremost step is permanent ceasefire to save lives and infrastructure.

Unless killings and shootings perpetuating vicious cycle of violence is terminated discussions rendered meaningless without positive development.

The breakthrough to impasse with government recognition on FARC relevant requests like land allocations to farmers, equal economic opportunity, fair political representation at the local and national level and social justice would build confidence and trust amongst people towards governing authority.

Most importantly, renouncing cocaine production and instead directing resources to boost agriculture focused on life nourishment staple and indigenous crops is prudent.

Adapting to FARC incentivized program that rewards food grain producers with tax subsidies for changing course and those reluctant to conformity taxed heavily discouraging them from proceeding in the path of destruction – these measures beneficial since introduction would bring about revolutionary change in the country.

Colombia transcending from largest cocaine producer and ammunition warehouse to self-sufficient viable economy providing for entire population would strengthen the country to new heights optimizing abundant potential in every frontier.

Simultaneously addressing matters confronting society in a peaceful manner ignoring none in the process is essential for political stability and national security.

However solidarity and cooperation from all members regardless of diverse positions and perspectives is key to implement incremental or drastic reforms necessary to overcome challenges facing the nation.

Colombia used as United States military base and lately drone launching pad threatening national and regional peace deserves rational review to reclaim independent status.

The political leaderships together with citizens across the spectrum rejecting foreign occupation of any kind responsible for perpetual chaos hindering multidimensional progress is critical to steer the nation away from exploitation and subjugation.

Colombia and other parts of Latin America bogged down with imperialistic agenda typically carried out under false pretexts as savior evidently contribute to status quo denying human beings life with dignity.

Applying polarization and deceptive concepts, hegemony dominance throughout the world is the root cause of humanity suffering with few self-proclaimed as privileged entity in global society unleashing terror to satisfy limitless greed for material assets at remaining inhabitants plight.

Colombia is also inundated with ammunition supply, corruption, foreign instigated collusion with drug cartels that has demonstrably prohibited advancement in the otherwise remarkable nation with almost 100% literacy rate – an impressive milestone in comparison to contemporary trend in industrialized and developed nations record.

The leaderships upon dealing with burgeoning crises through national unity and consolidated efforts besides deploying tremendous skills and expertise that are common and unique to this Andean nation could grow leaps and bounds for necessary equitable income distribution and long overdue social justice.

The administration under President Juan Manuel Santos alongside FARC leaders Rodrigo Londono and Pablo Catatumbo aka Jorge Torres Victoria as well as counterparts in the government and groups associated with FARC could come together to end turmoil prioritizing national and republic interest above all considerations for a binding agreement.

In abandoning external sources influenced detrimental policies, Colombian government peaceful reconciliation with FARC honoring citizens requirements would enable a new chapter in Colombian history setting future precedence to find solutions for problems via diplomacy and discourse.

Society thrives with effective governance espousing peace, patriotism and progressiveness in all affairs promoting harmony than isolation in the form of discrimination and segregation.

There is renewed hope to accomplish participants expectation in the revived peace accord between FARC and Colombian government leaderships facilitating co-existence with acceptance and tolerance.

Wishing Colombian citizenry. FARC leaderships and President Juan Manuel Santos fruitful negotiations evolving from embattled zone to peaceful land with optimism and prosperity shared among all in the culturally enriched country.

Eternal Peace to Colombia and Latin America!

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant