Western Imperialism – Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations Part 6

July 20, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

U.A.E., Kuwait and Oman – Emirates Existence For Self And Hegemony Benefit

The emirates existence is primarily to proliferate arms race and host United States military base in subservience to imperialism.

The dynasty rule over decades rejects the concept of people empowerment regarded major threat to self-proclaimed privileged status in the respective state.

Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1991 was a bait to wage war in the region and the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein response was hook line and sinker to United States ploy.

Meanwhile, the unnecessary warfare was a windfall to defense industry with warring nations exhausting weapons inventory for replenishment.

The practice conforming to pattern on military aggression or terrorism boost arms sales and distribution to assortment of aggressors predominantly western sponsored nefarious groups and hegemony proxy states engaged in violent crackdown of unarmed civilians in their country.

Considering Kingdoms and fiefdoms fragility introduced and supported by diminishing western empire combined with efforts to revive medieval feudalism in the new age, the structural collapse is imminent in accordance with natural course.

Furthermore, anything designed to disrupt fundamental aspects of life created to perform in harmony would not survive the effects from counterproductive measures precipitating self-degeneration and dissipation.

The citizens of these nations having demonstrated extraordinary patience in the hope for freedom and opportunity would succeed upon consolidated action pledged to non-violence for smooth transition to republic governed democracy purging hegemony influence on national affairs.

Good Luck! To citizens of U.A.E, Kuwait and Oman as well as counterparts in the region in achieving liberation from archaic political system.


Yemen – Saudi Arabia and United States Dominance Deny Freedom And Dignity

The nation that was partitioned as north and south regions later reunited but never allowed to experience peace due to regional and western interference against democracy is not unique to Yemen.

Yemen governed with iron fist rule over four decades by western and Saudi Arabia ally former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was removed from office following political uprising that sadly resulted in pro-democracy activists and demonstrators deaths and imprisonment.

The nation also confronted with United States predator drones producing massive civilian casualties and investigative journalist Abd al-ilah Haydar exposure in this respect incarcerated reporter at United States behest.

The journalist Abd al-ilah Haydar reportedly is still in detention despite clearance from Yemen President Abd-Rebo Mansour Hadi for immediate release.

United States justifying drone strikes in Yemen in the so-called war on terror refuse to acknowledge ground reality on civilian massacre.

United States and Israel pioneered al-Qaeda is western powers convenient ally given the flexibility to use the terror organization and splinter networks as enemy in Afghanistan and Yemen while able to hire them to fight in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Mali.

United States organized Yemen election amid chaos and confusion similar to Egypt in 2011 was exceptional with one candidacy for Presidential post and the candidate was none other than Vice President from ousted ex-President Saleh regime.

United States hailed the election as historic expecting Yemeni electorate to approve status quo.

Yemeni voters denounced the election and the organizer for making a mockery of much anticipated electoral process that was made possible with innocent bloodshed.

The predecessor President Ali Abdullah Saleh overt participation in governance is prevalent with ever remaining quest for power surfacing in the absence of accountability.

The situation in Yemen is parallel to the rest sharing political dilemma in the Middle East with despotism and imperialists stratagems restricting civilization progress.

Yemeni citizenry has great potential to reverse the trend and decline western and regional intrusion responsible for totalitarianism against national dissent.

Wishing Yemeni populace breakthrough in dispelling darkness with brilliance in the form of collective energy and enthusiasm for a bright future to all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant