Power – Definition and Interpretation

December 7, 2017

Power – Definition and Interpretation

Padmini Arhant


I would like to discuss on the contemporary events with focus on power. The verbal presentation will follow shortly.

Power is enticing prompting actions not favorable to many citizens depriving them the individual rights and freedom to live a normal life.

When power is concentrated among few members reining control over the destiny of more than seven billion lives, there are no considerations for people and issues affected by their decisions.

The policy premised on vested interests slight ordinary citizens plight even though they have power and wealth because of these citizens voting them to office, employees in work force and average consumers enabling business success and profitability. In general, the lives of the powerful and influential are dependent on the hard work of the people who are rarely acknowledged as the back bone of the industry and society at large.

Then there are those asserting as Royals whose existence and extravagant lifestyle over generations is paid for and supported by none other than ordinary people labor and service.

How does one interpret power?

In a democracy, power is expected to be in public domain i.e. government of the people, by the people and for the people. When representation in government is shifted from constituents to campaign donors, lobbyists and external demands, the system is subjugated to political ambitions and vested interests. The pledge of allegiance to campaign financiers and ideologues remaining the priority, the electorate needs often neglected or discounted to benefit the bidders in election campaign and special interests.

As for the disenfranchised, less fortunate and isolated demography there is no hope for they are expected to defend themselves in the polarized world with money purchasing power and fame.

Power is worthless and weak when used for intimidation, harassment and elimination of lives being the norm with no courage to accept responsibility. Those fearing the loss of own life and the powerful in particular traveling in bullet proof motorcade flanked with security personnel uninhibited in authorizing the killing of innocent and unarmed citizens in domestic and foreign shores is the irony.

The preference to harm anyone they do not agree with or find them inconvenient is cowardly and adapting the misuse of power reveals the state of mind and insecurity. At such time, the enemy within overwhelm them prohibiting the sense in identifying self as the primary problem.

United States House of Congress passing the legislation yesterday i.e. December 6th, 2017 on gun laws relaxing gun regulations and granting those with permits to freely carry concealed weapons as well as legally travel with firearms to other states obliging gun lobbyist National Rifle Association again clarifies the care and concern or the lack thereof for security of the population they are supposed to protect in public office.

The bill passed with majority Republican and six democrats votes are extremely thoughtful to say the least given the statistics in gun violence and now United States gun laws promoting mass murder in main street. The voluntary legislation on gun laws is congressional authorization to carry assault weapons threatening the lives of people falling prey to shooting rampage evidenced in American gun violence up until now.

The Congressional measure loosening gun restrictions indicative of arming citizens supposedly to fend for themselves in the otherwise alarming gun ownership.

Does this mean the process is intended to displace law enforcement personnel i.e. the police meant to safeguard citizenry?

Not to mention risking the lives of not only unarmed civilians but also police in serious crime scenes. Those who voted for this bill are expecting every individual to be armed not realizing the effects translated into shooting themselves on their foot with prevalent gun incidents not sparing congress members as well.

When folly reigns human character, wisdom is unheeded much to self-detriment.

This is an example of power exercised to exacerbate issues endangering public safety and legislators seeking prospects to extend term in office.

Whenever the public office is transformed into a platform to exert authority ignoring consequences, the office bearer has no credibility and not suitable to represent the state and the nation anymore.

The latest move declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is abuse of office of the Presidency with little or no regard for other citizens’ rights and blatant violation of ethics denying indigenous Palestinians due legitimacy and sovereign status they are entitled to in the relentless land grab by occupiers.

Anything obtained and achieved through aggression and underhanded tactics are bound to be subject to endless turmoil and never provide satisfaction to those involved due to illegitimate claim leaving them bereft of everything in possession. In the constant motion to gain others share of property and rights, the deterioration in human value among them inevitably defines the ill-fate.

As I have stated earlier, greed, hubris and prejudice consume human soul and anyone affected by these qualities unable to control excess desire and hatred eventually succumb to adverse outcome.

Life is an opportunity to learn and evolve into worthy beings not wither like autumn leaves covered in dust and swept away by the wind.

Finally, I reiterate the previous statement on the unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is null and void. Jerusalem is a holy city for inhabitants of other faiths as well and accordingly their consensus on the sensitive matter is relevant. The established fact on East Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestinian capital remains valid. That being said, the arbitrary declaration of entire Jerusalem as Israel’s domain is irresponsible and illegal.

Power is powerful in spreading peace not violence, saving lives not causing destruction and exemplifying fairness and equality not bias and discrimination. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission




United States – Violence and Perceptions

November 7, 2017

United States – Violence and Perceptions

Padmini Arhant

How crimes committed through shooting and automobile used to ram over pedestrians are characterized in media reporting following cue from those in control of events in the world?

The horrific gun violence involving indiscriminate firing at people in the crowd whether during a concert in Las Vegas or attending prayers in a place of worship in Sutherland Springs, Texas are described as tragedy carried out by the assailant invariably suffering from mental problem. In both Las Vegas and Texas rampage there were at least twenty or more casualties and several injured from firepower. The Hollywood style Rambo aggression displayed in shooting spree on both occasions and similar crimes earlier is categorized as unfortunate happenings.

Juxtaposed, the killing of pedestrians using vehicle in the recent East Manhattan, New York incident by the offender identified a Muslim from Uzbekistan is termed terrorism. There were eight fatalities and some hurt in this incident.

The bizarre distinction on actions claiming innocent lives with one referred to as mental illness or some personal background issue related event while the other definitively pronounced terrorism especially when the attacker is a Muslim. The trend playing race and religion card regardless of political position left, right or center and so on in media outlets explains indifference to victims affected in gun violence besides the usual practice targeting religion i.e. Islam in this instance with negative connotation.

In the wake of East Manhattan killing, the media report declared the entire Uzbekistan, a Muslim country as a threat to the United States.

Interestingly, the press and communication media in Islamic nations whether in Pakistan or elsewhere – the English language press corps in particular never failing to respond to such references from non-Muslim neighbors in the region, now remaining oblivious to slander of Islam in media discrimination of violence in the United States is perhaps economic interest outweighing importance and respect for faith.

The discriminatory practice is a reflection of those having no value for life and lack of virtues exemplified in sacrilege of religion.

The crime committed using lethal weapons and any other means against unarmed citizens is terror and there cannot be bias distinguishing one from another.

Similarly, the murder of children, women and men described as collateral damages when exerting power and authority through artillery, predator drones and military force is terrorism in worst format.

The isolation of one comparatively with less wounded and fewer deaths as terrorism against massacre in violent gunfire episodes exhausting magazine acknowledged otherwise promotes mass killing without the stigma of terrorism.

Again, the violation of life and rights in whatever manner is a serious crime deserving condemnation and terrorism in contemporary era evolved from conventional warfare deploying arms and ammunition for maximum impact.

Since the culture is created to accept violence subjectively, society is expected to develop immunity to disparity.

Nonetheless, the victims plight in all these situations remain the same in dealing with pain and suffering inflicted upon them by those indulging in senseless act and abuse of power.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission



United States – Shooting Incident (False Flag) in San Bernardino, California

December 5, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The shooting incident scheduled once a month in the United States claiming innocent lives has a pattern.

The established false flag event with patsies never challenged for conspicuous odds accepting impropriety in the featured crisis.

Despite dragnet surveillance and prevalent espionage activity, the attackers in gun violence somehow always escape the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) watchful eyes and intelligence agencies radar.

The slip reveals the surveillance conducted on law abiding and peaceful citizens constituting harassment and stalking while sheltering members and behind the scenes operatives posing security threats in the country.

The operation unleashing violence and committing mass murder followed by media frenzy creating hysteria, xenophobia and misogyny is the standard practice.

Another consistency in the organized shooting episodes in the United States is the suspects are always killed rather than apprehended denying victims families and the nation access to facts and premise.

State policing shifting from suppression of non-violent dissent and civil rights to forces complicit in harming and endangering lives in society would exemplify tax payers funded indulgence appropriate.

When authorities sponsor terrorism providing financial assistance, arms supply and training to terror networks maintained using different names at every stage and currently referred to as Daesh terror groups,

The nation is no longer free with sovereignty compromised by fallacious interests.

The abuse of power and public trust violation clarify the enemy within necessitating actions to implement checks and balances to restore republic rule.

Prolonging status quo desensitize reactions to repeat occurrence imposing premeditated will.

Security lapse and agencies negligence in intercepting plots and targeted killings contributing to senseless violence and tragic deaths in the shooting rampage.

Besides, the important factor on gun control legislation with requirement for background checks to prevent unsavory elements procurement of assault and deadly weapons is the minimal procedure missing due to little or no concern for others life.

The lack of political drive to protect citizens nationwide proves misplaced priority in governance under special interests control.

National Rifles Association (NRA) representing defense industry and the military industrial complex at large lobbying Congress gaining preference over citizens’ safety explains the state of affairs and the urgent need to revive democracy.

Citizens initiative and activism in the removal of illegitimate incognito power run parallel government is the solution to problems in the deteriorating political, economic and social environment.

I offer my condolence to grieving families and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the latest violence in San Bernardino, California.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













United Sates – Gun Violence, Gun Rights and Gun Laws

October 4, 2015

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

Welcome to the topic on gun violence in the United States.

Nothing happens without a reason.  There is always a cause behind every event. Unless the solution addresses the cause or the source of the crisis, the problem lingers on and surface at frequent intervals desensitizing response regardless of severe impact.

Unites States citizens once again came under fire.  As per news report it occurred in the West Coast of the United States.  In the State of Oregon,  at least ten students were killed and several injured in shooting rampage at the community college.

Gun violence in the United States has escalated exponentially in the past three to four years with incidents  almost every month. 

The recent incidents not sparing children in elementary school in Connecticut, people praying at the church in South Carolina and citizens watching movie in the theater in New Orleans have become regular occurrence.

Gun violence and gun sales are on the rise in parallel mode.

There is an established pattern surrounding gun violence that deserves attention.  In every gun related episode, the shooter ends his own life.  The killer rarely survives to face investigation on mass murder.  The assassins are invariably declared suicidal.

Accordingly, I raise the following questions to Congress, lobbyists and pro gun rights segment.

In every gun violence, the shooters turn the weapons on them after claiming innocent lives, then

Why there is no mandatory requirement for background verification?

The travel documents such as passport and visa are issued only after the applicant details are found satisfactory and in compliance with respective government’s rule.

Employment permits and documents pertaining to citizens eligibility for benefits etc. is not available in the absence of proper submission.

The employers conduct background checks on potential employees and property owners do the same on renters as standard procedure.

How come there is no federal law for verification on firearms sales to prospective buyers whether online or in the main street?

Apparently the State of Oregon introduced verification obligation not long ago.  In the latest shooting the shooter could have purchased earlier and in possession of firearms prior to introduction of the law.

How come the homeland security and NSA labyrinthine surveillance and pervasive spying on citizens in the nation and worldwide could not detect something ominous as this activity?

Obviously they are focused on law abiding citizens exempting the stock reserved for false flag events nationwide.

The simple background checks with buyers submitting to verification and sellers to examine buyers’ information would at least rule out the consistent explanation behind gun violence i.e. mental illness or emotional instability prompting such actions turning them suicidal.

When the tobacco industry – equally powerful and influential like NRA on Congress was challenged through civic activism and successfully implemented the law prohibiting tobacco sales to minors – eighteen years old and under considering harmful effects on health from the use of tobacco,

Why can’t the law be passed restricting individuals with criminal and health conditions from firearms procurement?

Could there be any objection from NRA or pro gun rights segments given the argument on gun rights ownership citing 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights that ought to exclude anyone posing threat to citizens’ safety?

Now I present national predicament on misuse of power by those in position of authority again not just the masquerade, my focus is on the figures behind the mask in charge of the gambit.

The terror attack on 9/11 set the stage for masterminds, architects, protagonists and catalysts to amass power in advancing the Project for New American Century targeting foreign nations and,

New World Order with law of the jungle replacing constitutional governed law of the land in the domestic front.  The prototype now developed and imposed internationally through proxy governance.

The complicity on 9/11 facilitated horrendous terror assault on Americans and foreign nationals on American soil ignoring credible intelligence and blatant warnings on imminent terror operation to befall in the United States.

When authorities – the administration and lawmakers in power slight responsibility to protect citizens and collude with forces behind 9/11,

The trend continued until today sponsoring terrorism and authorizing predator drones killing innocent children, women and men in developing nations in pursuit of PNAC.

Should it be surprising the policy setting bad precedence for elements at home to engage in summary executions emulating leaderships in power?

Congress and White House funding, arming and training terror networks leaving thousands dead and millions as refugees in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen other than countries like Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan transformed into terror havens with ammunitions influx to terror factions and militancy defines governance premised on violence.

Not to mention arms supply to drug cartels in neighboring Mexico through contentious fast and furious program in 2009 and 2010.  The outcome is Mexican national defense force outgunned by drug syndicate generating native exodus to United States across the border.

When Presidential hopefuls debate on constructing wall with thick fat door preventing illegal entry across the border into United States, the discussion as usual fails to  deal with the origin. 

Perhaps due to myopic view on issues considered politically inexpedient.

United States passing laws regardless of political affiliations – republican or democrats confirms pledge of allegiance not to the nation or the people, however to illegitimate incognito forces operating behind the scenes to prolong global destruction.

Otherwise the law with direct infringement on civil rights – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) more invasive than controversial and unpatriotic Patriot Act and subsequently  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) passed using 9/11 as the pretext to curb freedom would not have been legislated undermining democracy.

NDAA targeting United States citizens at home and abroad became effective in 2010 that allows United States government and federal agencies to apprehend U.S. citizens denying them due process.

United States citizens deprived of legal representation and rights are subject to military tribunal rather than civilian trial under NDAA enabling government to press charges with or without evidence against people in the country.

The extra judicial executions carried out misusing executive power that has risen substantially in the twenty first century following 9/11 cannot be discounted raising questions on systemic abuse of authority.

While tax payers funded political system is controlled and maneuvered to suit external and internal collaboration to subjugate population under New World Order,

Yet another government wing – the law enforcement agency at public expense pose challenge to citizens’ safety.

The police brutality towards unarmed citizensAfrican Americans in particular and immigrants in minority groups fall prey to excess use of force.

Adding insult to injury, the victims and families declined justice with series of acquittals despite evidence based convictions on members of police cadre.

Likewise, huge police deployment to quell peaceful dissent and assembly witnessed during Occupy Wall Street in New York and elsewhere crushing citizens’ movement demonstrated New World Order in action.

On another occasion with citizens protest against NATO summit in Chicago in 2012, the armed police personnel aggressive tactics against unarmed civilians resulting in citizens bleeding profusely from police manhandling along with arrests and detentions further exemplified New World Order anti-democratic strategy.

The government and political establishment representing agenda such as New World Order with authority evolving into authoritarianism suppress citizens voice and refuse the right to express grievances on economy, political, social and environment matter.  

Furthermore, zero tolerance to critical analysis of policies together with brutal crackdown on non-violent gathering endangering life and subvert democracy.

Communication media, information superhighway and entertainment sector predominantly utilized for misinformation and propaganda besides profiteering from incessant violence and gross human rights violation.

The brazen authority and undemocratic settings foster apprehensions among those fearing prevalent lawlessness in the governing body forming the basis for pro gun rights in affirming 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights.

The government laws and lack there of in terms of interventions to deter firearms access to those with ambiguous profile attributed to skyrocketing gun sales in the current period.

The proposal on gun laws amid government egregious decisions and active participation instigating violence via terrorism in foreign land and against citizens in national domain is the red herring in the senseless bloodshed within and outside United States.

The damaged roots cannot be expected to bear edible fruits and pruning the branches would not necessarily change the process.

Statutory law on background clearance to obtain and retain firearms is paramount to protect lives from gun related violence.

In conclusion, violence by any means is to be condemned and contained with fairness in enforcement of laws honoring life and restoring normal existence.

Any procrastination or resistance to public security would clarify political reality.

I convey my sincere condolence to mourning families of the students in the Oregon Community College shooting with prayers for speedy recovery of those affected in the preventable tragedy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant























United States – Presidential Race

September 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

United States Presidential race is nothing more than a charade.  The political event is now an entertainment to resurrect lack luster main stream media rating besides deflecting public attention from core national and international issues concerning humanity at large.

Since the forces such as Wall Street, AIPAC, NRA, religious zealots and institutions representing imperial agenda – operating behind the scenes govern the political system,

United States electorate could be spared from huge liability with elections costing taxpayers enormous amount to legitimize illegitimate authority.

Office of Presidency is a mere formality for campaign bidders holding exclusive rights on candidacies depriving the nation of republic status.

Accordingly, the Presidential election organizers could save money and instead purchase rubber stamp bearing the designation – President of the United States considering name and political affiliations are irrelevant in the contemporary trend.

The seriousness of political governance would matter upon terminating incognito.power.

More on this to follow in due course.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








United States – National Legislation Failure to Protect Republic Interest

April 20, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The recent legislations prompting sequestration – automatic spending cuts on national budget affecting essential programs due to congress and White House disagreement juxtaposed bipartisanship in perfect harmony on United States $3 billion donation over and above billions in military aid to Israel clarifies misplaced priority slighting public needs and national interest.

In the wake of several shootings in the United States, the legislation on requirement for background verification prior to issuing gun license struck down in the democrats dominated Senate.

The legislation apparently short of six votes in the 54 – 46 approval slated as NRA victory and major disappointment for Americans falling prey to daily violent victimization.

This outcome is not surprising and in fact a repeat scenario of Health Care Reform.

In 2009 millions of Americans across the spectrum came forward sharing painful experiences from astronomical health care expenses and pleaded with then democrats majority in the House, Senate and White House i.e. 2009 – 2010 to pass Single Payer or Public option plan only to be denied and,

Instead the legislators passed Obama Care imposing on citizens Health Care Industry desired insurance costs without premium cap and necessary stipulations in mandatory subscription to be effective in January 2014.

While Republican members outright rejection to public cause is well established,

The democrats’ position barring rare exceptions, the rest of them follow suit with opponents delivering legislation victory to campaign financiers and oligarchy.

Whether strict gun laws or bills to improve economic and social conditions,

The executive and legislative branches lack of commitment to serve constituents and national electorate electing them to office contribute to status quo.

NRA portrayed as second amendment right defender also represents arms manufacturers and defense industry that in turn fund congressional and Presidential candidates of both political parties conforming to Washington lobby.

For instance Honeywell Corporation from defense sector is one of many exerting influences over political apparatus.

The notion that prominent groups AIPAC, NRA, Goldman Sachs and Big Pharma …are powerful is a myth with reality revealing lawmakers and political leaderships weakness to resist financial incentives or alternatively submission to threats from these organizations on national legislation voiding democracy and electoral mandate.

When free will is exercised in drone strikes killing thousands of children, women and men abroad including funding of terrorists in Syria,

The executive order from White House in closing Guantanamo Bay need not be a predicament.

Congress and White House obliging Israeli and Wall Street lobby could certainly explore options for mutual consent on issues confronting the nation and most importantly significant population in dire economic situation.

The truth of the matter is political system sworn allegiance to special interests and foreign nation Israel’s Zionist ideology evades responsibility ignoring citizens plight.

Paradoxically the opposition essential in reversing trend like ending wars and multi-billion dollars annual gift to Israel estimated at $123 billion through various means to terrorize and oppress Palestinians as well as neighbors in Middle East gets cleared in congress and White House – the allocation taking precedence in fiscal discretion.

However, congressional bills related to American workers, families and taxpayers constantly involves gridlock, White House veto or worse viz. government shut down proving the relevance or the lack thereof applied to public concern on economy, social and political status.

People elect representatives to resolve crises and find solutions to problems affecting the community, province, state and nation at large.

Instead the elected officials engagement predominantly for personal gains defeats the purpose behind running for public office.

The concept of working together transcending differences for common goal and greater good could ease unnecessary tensions leading to effective governance.

Again using taxpayer funded resources and time efficiently to benefit citizens and economic growth builds confidence and trust saving political incumbents from organizing campaign financing to stay in power.

As for new contenders with political ambitions, pledges and promises on the campaign trail exemplified in action would be meaningful and guarantee better prospects for them even though politics attracts highest bidder traded with exclusive loyalty at national expense.

American awareness with respect to sharp decline in freedom is critical to prevent absolute subjugation upon them right now considering 24/7 surveillance with predator drones in the United States,

Use of Chemtrails – air assault on civilians spraying hazardous chemicals in residential neighborhood with schools, hospitals and many civic institutions in the area. The government hostility squandering millions of dollars in austerity era increase burden on American taxpayers other than health risks from exposure to dangerous substance in the environment.

NDAA – the authority self-entitlement to apprehend American citizens in the United States for GITMO treatment under military tribunal denying due legal process is a giant leap from Patriot Act.

Cyberspace patrol – The latest development is CISPA passed in the Republican House of Congress for complete access to citizens’ private communication and much more in that regard.

Besides all of the above, harassment in airports with full body scanner, biometrics and other invasive tactics following 9/11 false flag operation defies reason and civil rights in the nation once heralded as the ‘land of the free home of the brave.’

United States domestic and foreign policy is governed by sources espousing terrorism to maintain power with grand impunity for crimes against humanity.

The republic reclaiming power from Shadow Empire restoring constitution and democratic rule of law with checks and balances comprising recourse such as recall for poor performance and,

Transparent investigation and prosecution on abuse of power, treason and corruption depriving national income and progress is paramount for survival and real independence.

Wishing United States citizens liberty from plutocracy and perpetual warfare ever threatening global peace, security and stability.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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