United States and Israel’s Unilateral Sanctions are Illegal and Invalid

August 7, 2018

United States and Israel’s Unilateral Sanctions are Illegal and Invalid

Padmini Arhant


Since the beginning of the twenty first century and more so in the past decade up until now, the trend with United States and Israel imposing unilateral sanctions against selective nations is illegal and bear no legitimacy whatsoever considering own track record on human rights, nuclear testing and meddling in foreign governance.

United States Presidency is mistaken for Universal authority. Only the citizens in the United States are eligible to elect the President and members of Congress not the entire world.  

Unfortunately, the US system in that respect as well is far from democratic with the electoral college votes overriding popular votes in the final outcome.  In the democratic party, the Super delegates undermine primary voters’ choice by exercising the privileged status to them in the party selection process. Accordingly, the U.S. administration authorized sanction on any nation without the approval of international community and that means every nation in the world could not be effective or expected to be followed in the absence of global consensus.

The same principle is applicable to Israel’s action on Gaza. These sanctions are politically motivated and premised on satisfying the so-called ally and/or shadow power demand aimed at regime change for unfettered access to those nations’ natural resources and exert strategic dominance.

Hereafter, effective immediately the sanctions against all nations are null and void. UNSC is no longer an authority to decide on global matter. The issues will be presented in common domain and depending on the nature of the problem and event, the UN General Assembly with all members and that would include any state under occupation denied UN full membership to participate in the one vote per nation on international affairs.

Any objection to UN role as the comprehensive body comprising all nations in the world without exception would then lead to the formation of new international consortium adapting the global representation by respective states big and small barring hierarchy in sharing concerns and grievances on political and other issues to derive resolutions. The newly formed international group would function as a fair and accessible body allowing all nations in the world to be involved in decision making through ballot on their population behalf to reach peaceful and amicable solutions on disputes worldwide.

UN General Assembly in September this year would be subject to litmus test on functionality and effectiveness in addressing decades old unresolved disagreements and conflicts with assembly members casting vote to end human suffering and misery from prolonged violence and mass subjugation.

From now onwards, all nations regarded sovereign and independent not excluding the states under occupation are to resume bilateral and multilateral trade, educational, environment, cultural and diplomatic relations with others around the globe.

No single nation assuming the Superpower status could individually dictate sanctions and economic measures or military actions to hurt or harm nations targeted for vested interests.

United States and Israel enforced trade embargo and other restrictions on selective nations being unlawful hitherto, the status quo is declared invalid moving forward with the renewal of trade extending economic partnerships towards all nations that were confined to arbitrary sanctions viz. Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and others in the category.

All nations in recognition of their sovereignty and free status are at liberty to conduct trade and economic activities with nations mentioned above and others to suit national requirement for growth and development.

The changes are necessary to relieve the population of these nations from struggles experienced under unipolar (UNSC), United States and Israel’s decree that are unjustified considering own legacy and contemporary engagements qualifying them for sanctions per their criteria. The concept of punishing nations through sanctions for prioritizing their national interests in investing state resources in the lives of the people or defending territorial integrity that are constantly threatened and violated by those behind these sanctions are unwarranted and provocative exacerbating sanctioned citizens plight. Not to mention those authorizing these sanctions in return committing crimes against humanity inflicting pain and tragedy on the citizens of these states.

The arguments to this effect are to be presented in the UN General assembly providing each side the opportunity to present their case and exchange views in a civil manner to arrive at conclusions favoring humanity rather than the strategy of isolation and incarceration exerting authority to promote agenda benefitting the exclusive club reining control over global system.

Earth’s endowments are meant for all beings and species in the natural creation and not to be treated as private estate of any particular conglomerate asserting entitlement.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com