World – New Year 2015 Message

January 3, 2015


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By Padmini Arhant

 Happy New Year!

The New Year is greeted with joy and hope for progress.

This is possible upon ending status quo.

Let us examine the status quo.

The status quo is destruction and devastation from endless warfare through terrorism, invasion and occupation of foreign land, denying freedom to the oppressed and persecuted; depriving ordinary citizens economic opportunity and the minority forced to deal with discrimination, deportation and social injustice.  

Then there is corruption, secrecy and deception via proxy governance serving hegemony interests.

Not to mention the environment abuse discards detrimental effects on life.

Human suffering is caused by failed policies and ill-conceived notions chasing illusive dreams despite proven setbacks until now.

The architects and master minds representing various institutions and organizations along with leaderships in power are directly responsible for global mayhem.

Unfortunately these entities refusal to accept responsibility and the worst being their persistence to continue trend is exacerbating current situation worldwide.

Furthermore, the polarization strategy using religion, race and ethnicity besides social and economic background constantly deployed to maintain chaos and marginalization.

The communal violence and civil unrest is vigorously promoted for political gains and fragmentation within society.

Hegemony rule evidently is unsustainable.  Sooner than later the extremities would have irreversible impact on source.

Since there is no desire to review and reflect on folly amongst those behind global destabilization, the inevitable meltdown could no longer be differed with negative developments having reached a crescendo.

The internal operatives in the political system are engaged in illegal and fraudulent practice in an effort to prolong dysfunctional authority.

Meanwhile, the educational sector, mass media and entertainment industry are utilized for mind control with misinformation and distortion to deflect public attention from reality.  The medium is widely used for propaganda and diversion from facts.

The eagerness to lead the world towards nuclear confrontation is yet another sign of recklessness and ignores pervasive catastrophe.   

Notwithstanding such indulgence would be an invitation for self-disaster.

Accordingly these activities expedite the collapse of pyramid structure lacking in complete vision beginning at the apex.  The thoughtless actions stifle constructive concepts and productivity.

The options are to abandon illegitimacy exerted as global supremacy and instead adopt democracy premised on transparency and accountability.

Rejecting positive measures to alleviate humanity plight confirms hegemony decline together with agents and accessories aiding the ill-fated mission.

Independence from vassal statehood for functional republic rule is imperative to experience liberty – the inalienable right of all beings on earth.

The fundamental problem lies in the flawed electoral process disguised as free and fair election allowing hegemony nominees to usurp to power.  The members of political dynasty claim representation as their prerogative irrespective of dismal performance and criminal record.

During and after the term in office the political impunity on crimes varying from genocide, instigating violence in and outside the country, embezzlement, treason and toppling people choice representation… are regarded the ruling class privilege.

The developed nations leaderships primitive role viz. sponsoring cannibals, arming terror networks, dictatorial regimes and drug cartels proliferating narcotic trade alongside militarization of continents enslaving population for hegemonic goals significantly reverse mankind achievements in other fields.

In conclusion, peaceful resolutions to conflicts, recognition of human rights, respecting life, renouncing violence, revival of democracy without Kingdoms, fiefdoms, imperial dominance and religion based hierarchy and last but not the least – planet protection is the only alternative to a bright future.

On that note,

Best wishes for a new age led by wisdom, courage, compassion and integrity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant