Terrorism – Created and Manufactured by Fascism

August 18, 2017

Terrorism – Created and Manufactured by Fascism

By Padmini Arhant

Terrorist attacks anywhere is the result of fascists rule in the world. Fascists manufactured terror to destabilize nations in the name of regime change led to emergence of ISIL and ISIS granting statehood to terrorism and facilitate condemnation of the religion they are associated with i.e. Islam.

The avant-garde contempt for culture and civilizations with traditional heritage prompting terror war against Syria, Iraq and Libya…is continuation of colonial trait.

Anything that is civil, dignified and sacred is targeted under the pretext of democratization and emancipation though they exercise complete liberty to desecrate sites, decimate nations and kill people for economic resources and strategic dominance.

The prevalent psychological disorder among the clique is evident in agitation from repeat failures experienced time and time again. Having no tolerance to facts, truthful presentations and reality, the international syndicate referred to as the deep state by those fearful of repercussions upon identifying them as such in the so-called free world is a strange predicament.

The fascists embrace and participate in Secret Society’s clandestine meetings plotting and planning on how to control over more than seven billion population destiny. They shun public and real press from their activities while authorizing massive surveillance and invasion of others privacy.

They invite mainstream communication media giants to their conclave. The prominent media on their part along with political class and others in the league pledge allegiance to Secret Society and their agenda.

All these events happening in the name of democracy is indeed a unique feature to their version of republic rule.

Though their actions and decisions aptly qualify the definition of fascism, they raise objection to such reference displaying disingenuous position on all things relevant to them and humanity at large.

There is an uproar on Nazi and neo-Nazism conveniently ignoring emulation of what they condemn practiced in illegal invasion, occupation of land subjecting natives of those nations to brutal oppression and persecution. Not to mention their indulgence in sabotage and undermining sovereignty against neighbors in the region or anyone they regard adversary.

The solidarity in denouncing prejudice they epitomize further reveals their cherished image since they are also the neocons fascinated with wars and believe in economic prosperity from perpetual warfare worldwide.

Their ideology and philosophy is violence, terrorism, false propaganda, proxies representing them and their cause, lies and deception to achieve lofty aspirations at the expense of innocent lives and environment peril.

Their claim on environment sanctity consistently violated by them in constant bombing, shelling, underground and overland nuclear testing as exclusive right. The self-proclamation as responsible nuclear powers contradict trajectory.

Notwithstanding offshore and shallow drilling, fracking, and mountain top removal.

They are opposed to any meaningful political or electoral reform, elimination of corruption, fair and equal opportunity to all in society rejecting them as social welfare.  However, them not having any problem with their parasitic existence.

Above all, they not only provide sanctuary to terrorists as the source but also guarantee safe haven to tax evaders, embezzlers and scandalous entities they find useful to maintain status quo.

The world is expected to honor them and accept their rule as democratic not despotism.

They remain the irony of all ironies and yet have difficulty in acknowledgment as such.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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