Campaign Strategy

October 22, 2008

Political campaigns set their own policy and strategy depending on their performance at the polls and confidence level in general.

Nowadays, with the technology and media at disposal, the campaigns utilize them to the maximum potential.

All carried out at a high premium, where the Corporations behind the media and technology rake profits during any political season.

Meanwhile, the volunteers usually the foot soldiers and workers at the phone banks and campaign booths work relentlessly for “free ” to see the campaign prevail in the race.

Nevertheless, the success of the campaigns still depends on human capital.

As stated earlier, the campaigns recruit volunteers for human element to infuse enthusiasm and in certain situations embellish the message. While others, cross the limit and exaggerate the fiction about their opponents.

The campaign expectations from the volunteers far exceed their own contribution to the campaign victory.

All those on the campaign payroll and beneficiaries of monetary gains presumptuously place demands on volunteers to outperform in the most challenging area of campaigning, i.e. delivering the result – fund raising , voter registration and casting the ballot .

One would think that, the acknowledgement of these volunteers mostly responsible for the cause of celebration, precede personal information… of the surrogates and alike during events like Conventions .

Unfortunately, that is not the demeanor commonly represented in Politics.

Somehow, the entities in charge of these campaigns… usually the next of kin of the political candidate and the individuals claiming ownership rights on the campaign, influence not only the candidate, but also the media and news organization by controlling the communication channels.

Such management style undermines democracy and reflects the “sense of entitlement ” of the power behind the operation.

Further, there is a certainty of the “abuse of power” upon election to the office.

Whenever, any campaign prioritizes the appeasement of the corporate media and vice versa, it is the demise of democracy due to lack of transparency in the fair portrayal of campaign messages and events.

It is evident in recent media ratings that the electorate is disappointed with the extreme bias and propaganda on the airwaves in an effort to see their political faction succeed by any means.

Fortunately, the Information Superhighway is an alternative source available for voters to conduct their own research and obtain facts in a discerning manner.

The nation is embracing a historic event with emotions and sentiments on the rise over a range of issues that matter people.

When preparing to write a new chapter in history,

The old ways of empowering some and enslaving the other,

In addition, pandering to certain groups while slandering the rest by the entities in the campaign, media and elsewhere is a strategy best left behind in national interest.

A “Change” that unites and not divides the nation is where the future lies.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant