India and United States – Facts on Economic Matter

September 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The incumbent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi overseas visit propagated as boosting foreign investors confidence in India is the current review.

For any nation, economic growth is vital to improve the living conditions especially in countries with vast majority in abject poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy suffering over generations for better life.

The economic development to address burgeoning issues like unemployment, inflation, local business opportunity, rural economy assisting farmers in the agricultural front rather than seizing farmland to benefit corporate donors funding election campaigns, affordable housing, healthcare and education would be constructive.

On the other hand, promoting foreign agenda on behalf of financial institutions having reputation in sinking economies leave population in debt slavery under the guise of progress.

The plan executed to benefit core members in the gambit exacerbating economic woes and myriad problems for the nation.

In terms of foreign investments in India – the reform pledges to attract multinational corporations (MNC) ventures conforms to neo-liberalization – the hallmark of hegemony global economy policy.

The fact of the matter is capital funding in a nation like India need not be derived from foreign source. 

India’s predicament is outbound capital flight through black money, assets held in offshore accounts and tax evasions amongst the rich, famous and powerful depleting state treasury.

Any financing from abroad in Indian economy is typically utilizing India’s due national revenue laden with interest paid by the people and shared between external and internal operatives behind hoarding money in tax havens and Swiss banks fostering money laundering.

The ruling power in India were to crackdown on corruption beginning with political establishment in black money recovery instead of clamping down on humanitarians and peace activists –Prime Minister Modi and delegations’ business oriented foreign trips expenditure could be divested in domestic economy.

Furthermore, kickbacks on private and public sector deals and embezzlements ranking high on corruption scandals the government protection with political impunity is a serious setback for the economy.

The government response to these scams inversely punish those investigating corruption with job transfers to remote locations or removal from respective positions – the common occurrence in civil administration. 

Indian Administration Service (IAS), Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) notwithstanding criminal bureau of investigation (CBI) officials are routinely subject to such treatment in high profile graft probe.

Upon collecting national income from the economic, entertainment and other commercial sectors with appropriate tax policy,

The banking sector capitalization facilitating liquidity flow for trade and commerce in the small, medium and large (SML) enterprise is viable without having to pay exorbitant interests risking state holdings to foreign lenders often submerging economy witnessed in Greece and similar experience by developing nations in the World Bank and IMF authorized financial undertakings.

The abundance in entrepreneurial skills and business acumen in India combined with financial resources could accelerate domestic productivity in the long proposed Make in India goal.

However, the ruling government arrival in foreign land touting for Make in India while spending $2.5 billion in defense purchase increasing India’s recent military expense to $10 billion is a huge contradiction in action deviating from projection.

The political trend with leaderships desire to extend term in office guaranteed in cooperation with foreign defense industry representing the military industrial complex. The quid pro quo apparently slight electoral discretion.

United States corporations vying for investments in India or elsewhere ignore ailing economy and fairly high joblessness at home despite tax breaks and other incentives to revive manufacturing, retail and export market.

The two scenarios – India and United States economies require native production to curb job losses and restore economic activity across the spectrum unlike priority to disproportionate military disbursements.

Hegemony sponsored neo-liberalization seeking open end access for multinational companies  in foreign marketplace whether emerging or developing economy favor shareholders and key investors profiteering to global labor force and indigenous businesses detriment.

Yet neo-liberalization falsely promoted as globalization against protectionism although the implementation thus far mainly safeguards MNC monopoly.

Public debate and scrutiny on government decisions pertaining to economy, political, social, environment and other related areas necessary to reinstate democracy.

Otherwise taxpayers funded governments and representatives are staged as the most powerful political figure, authority and cult phenomenon warning fact finders to refrain from challenging status quo confirming the departure from democratic system.

The systemic abuse of power and misrepresentation is the ominous sign of decadence.

Citizens fearing political class in contrast to politics concern over electorate reaction determines republic rule.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







India – Hegemony Run Political Establishment

September 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

In the previous segment, snapshot on hegemony backed regimes were presented to review reality.

Although the earlier topic only covered few among several worldwide, the facts confirm status quo.

Similarly, India apparently independent nation regardless of dominion republic declaration clarifying non-termination of foreign rule prevalent in proxy governance.

Hegemony strategy premised on control over entire political establishment bid on all factions for win win situation in the so-called election with foreign and domestic illegal funding serving political office bearers, campaign donors and incognito rulers’ interests through beguiled electorate vote.

Indian elections attract donations from myriad sources creating prime time to liquidate black money not barring counterfeit notes printing to bribe voters besides overseas funders viz. Ford foundation, Saudi Arabia and alike involvement up until now.

The political system with prominent political parties at the national and regional level forging alliances alternate positions as ruling and opposition while maintaining agenda to protect each other from accountability on corruption and criminality.

Tax revenues become personal wealth and used to gain political mileage.

For better understanding – the two major political parties Congress and BJP cited in the example.

In hegemony political screen play, direction and production – the common scheme is developing poster-figure (poster-boy) to camouflage duplicity.

With Congress Party – hegemony choice to head Indian government was former World Bank member and economist Dr. Manmohan Singh promoted as Mr. Honest and Mr. Clean later turned out to be otherwise in Coalgate scam and remaining oblivious in 2G spectrum scandal.

Finance, Defense and Foreign Affairs appointments are hegemony authorized and hence World Bank ex-officials viz. current President Pranab Mukherjee, then finance minister P. Chidambaram in key posts were least surprising due to allegiance to external authority.

Congress Party British Raj representative A.O. Hume founded Congress originated in pre-independence India retained dynasty until today.

The Congress Party led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) term I and II (2004 – 2014) was progressive on explosive corruption scandals from top to bottom i.e. the High Command to lowest order enabling hegemony operated foreign banks and tax havens flourish at Indian population expense.

Organized crime syndicate funneled financial institutions under Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi and UPA finance minister P. Chidambaram not to mention BJP complicity considering inaction as chief opposition sums up political collusion. 

Cash for votes not only on campaign trail but also extended in Parliament with BJP theatrical performance in an effort to absolve responsibility is a serious blow to democracy.

Congress survival rocked not from BJP or any other political group strength.  In fact, the self-inflicted damages with massive corruption unfolding despite political parties and hegemony owned media cover up, the fox could no longer hide in sheep’s clothing scenario emerged on Congress and allies’ corruption deals paving the way for hegemony alternative – BJP and coalition.

BJP – Bharatiya Janata Party with British Raj fostered RSS also dating back to colonial era like Congress is hegemony’s other wing.

Hegemony prepared to roll the dice favoring BJP candidate.  Politics finds strange bedfellows in the ambiance of adversary becoming an ally and vice versa.

Indian state Gujarat former Chief Minister Narendra Modi was hegemony approved candidate in the bogus Gujarat re-election in 2012 against pseudo contender supposedly representing common man basically to stifle average citizens’ representation.

Hegemony policy and advise to power hungry political class to ride on targeted individual’s back while the entity isolated and shunned from reference in sheer violation of free speech and democratic rights justified under false pretext is indicative of fearing expeditious self-collapse.

The piracy and plagiarism evident in copyright infringement with ideas, solutions, phrases and style from presented as their own not to mention identity theft speaks volume on the political and personal character.

Furthermore, imitation of positive contributions without due acknowledgment is fraudulence and forgery constituting punishable crime in a civilized society in addition to burdening self with irreversible karmic effects.

Alternatively, caricature by paid actors using offensive material and platform is desperate times seeking desperate measures eventually hurting the catalysts and source. The contrived conduct poorly reflects on the promoters’ background and political embodiment.

Above all spying and 24/7 surveillance including eavesdropping and intrusion in private residence with little or no respect for other’s life is indecency and perversion emanating from political insecurity.

On the contrary, the political circle and everyone connected to them depleting national income and thriving on taxpayers funded salary and privileges not excluding sprawling mansions live discreet life cloaked in secrecy when they deserve to be on public radar.

In other activities placing the gun on other’s shoulders unleashing provocative and inflammatory sentiments is a cowardly gesture and do not necessarily safeguard the façade for what lies underneath is explicit in legacy and ongoing trend.

All actions have serious repercussions without exception.

Hegemony and delegates in Indian politics as Muslims half-brothers feign identity denying undeniable relationship with indifference to warfare imposed on people of Islamic faith worldwide.

The incumbent Indian administration recent borrowed remarks on terrorism is a cliché and disingenuous in light of latest abstinence on UN vote rather than unequivocal yeah endorsing Palestinian rights to file complaint on Israeli authorities’ atrocities with International Criminal Court of Justice.

Simultaneously Indian political apparatus at hegemony behest slight real freedom fighters like Netaji Subash Chandra Bose deemed imperialists enemy.

Juxtaposed the functionaries unduly glorify late Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam perhaps because of latter acquiescence to foreign manned Indian government’s unsavory stratagem.

Hegemony and Indian political contingency convoluted disposition is self defeating in the heightened absurdity.

The uncanny resemblance in hegemony remote rule in India cannot escape attention.

Hegemony projected ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with emphasis on integrity to keep Congress headed UPA in power.

Now the 66 years old Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hegemony’s poster person to advance foreign agenda.

Nonetheless fake image and personality is a hard sell requiring hyped marketing. Anything unauthentic inevitably fizzle more so with those inclined to despotism verifiable in history serving as testimony.

Likewise, hegemony loyalists P. Chidambaram holding finance ministry during Congress tenure and same portfolio awarded to BJP’s unsuccessful candidate Arun Jaitley in the national election is pre-determined decision mocking democracy.

Not long ago hegemony slated BJP as fundamentalists, hindutva and saffron party refusing then Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi travelers visa to visit United States quoting Godra communal violence as the factor.

Now in the well known political flip flop hegemony extending unprecedented rating lauding Modi governance is misnomer ignoring significant failures enumerated below.

Indian Parliament Monsoon session stymied and pronounced complete washout in the domestic front and foreign affairs – the critical high level talks between nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan – National Security Advisors meeting cancellation explains the lack of initiatives and misplaced priority.

Farmers plight with suicides that began in Congress fronted UPA duration escalated at present and war veterans hunger strike to receive fair pensions initially resisted authorizing police intervention to disperse peaceful assembly.

Modi Sarkar or government dubbed Mercantile Modi not without reasons with India’s wealthiest and leading industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani exerting influence and their delegations regularly accompany PM overseas tour.

Modi administration in return exchange partiality with requests to United States to list the moguls from economic, entertainment and political field in VIP category exempting them from security protocol applicable to ordinary citizens within and outside United States.

Indian political structure adapts United States political pattern with Wall Street drafting legislations through intense lobbying alongside special interests like AIPAC, NRA, religious zealots and institutions for imperial aspirations remaining firm on their respective ideology much to national and international detriment.

Viewing through Indian prism, the political parties predominantly represent the rich, famous and powerful in society.

Indian politics using caste and religion for communal divide is standard practice inherited from colonial ruler.

NDA and BJP trust deficit with Muslim community in India stems from Gujarat and Ayodhya incidents no less than counterpart Congress response towards Sikhs and Sri Lankan Tamils aiding previous Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha brutal crackdown following former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi assassination.

The political tactic to address this problem is indeed uniquely deceptive.  BJP cohort All India Majilis-e-ltte(?)had-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) – the Hyderabad based party flamboyant President Asaduddin Owaisi and sibling Akbaruddin Owaisi are BJP leadership and RSS sponsored canons exacerbating the existing authority credibility.

Whenever politics engage in Machiavellian approach aimed at end justifying the means, these are ominous signs for precipitous decline.

The analogy using Congress and BJP applies to regional political parties with prolonged rule enforced via flawed electoral process.

Indian political chronicle too consists assassination conforming to violent removal of leaders especially Mahatma Gandhi – pioneer of peace and non-violence raising poignant question on the price the nation expected to pay upon insiders committing treason to appease foreign power.

India’s freedom from oligarchy, dynasty, religious extremism and antiquated caste orientation preserved to facilitate hegemony dominance is paramount to experience pervasive progress in the country with vast potential.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant