Womanhood – In the Twenty First Century

July 29, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The lower income category.  The so-called menial jobs may after all be not that irrelevant. The audio presentation in Hindi with English subtitles to follow is a brief review on the social plight of members serving the privileged class in Indian society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant.


By Padmini Arhant

Womanhood – Understanding the creation of opposite gender could perhaps dispel ignorance and transform human prejudice and patronizing to respect and regard for a woman facilitating life, longevity and livelihood.

Life begins in mother’s womb with the fetus originating as female first during gestation and later developing into a male or female baby depending on the genetic composite and chromosomal factor as XY and XX respectively. The X chromosome being the common denominator.

The initial female genetic evolution into either gender in the reproductive stage in addition to the male and female hormones such as testosterone and estrogen as well as progesterone presence and the hormonal balance required for healthy living is a natural process conforming to transgenderism in all otherwise considered unique due to ill-conceived notion.

The male and female composition is intrinsic and designed to prolong life in generational order. The male and female synergy is quintessential for proper functionality. The masculine and feminine qualities are distinctive taking gender traits into consideration. Machoism and chauvinism in male characteristics while submissiveness and servility expected from female counterpart is regrettable undermining social equality.

Furthermore, the prevalent custom denigrating responsibilities such as motherhood and home maker is anything but intelligent.

In fact, good parenting and housekeeping that demands sacrifice enables better family environment nurturing values reflected in human character and individual performance.

The current system with children raised by hired services and care givers instead of parents in normal conditions grow up not knowing family concept and miss out on early bonding and adopt lifestyle to suit others priority.

Mother as a primary source to a child’s well-being from conception to early childhood that often extends beyond adolescence into adulthood plays an important role in life.

Woman’s duty is not limited to family upbringing but also involves financial contributions with the cost of living rising exponentially while income remaining stagnant against inflation and consumer price index in any economy.

The women progress especially amongst socially disadvantaged segments worldwide is far from satisfactory with some improvements in rural as well as urban areas since the introduction of micro financing allowing women to participate in self-supportive programs and small business.

Again the lack of literacy and social impediments faced by women in many regions deny them opportunity to seek employment making survival difficult for them and dependents in the household let alone realize dreams and passion.

The other problems include security as women are vulnerable to rape and physical violence with justice reversed accusing rape victims rather than punishing the offenders and providing maximum safety for women of all age group to move freely without apprehension.

Women are also subject to atrocities by both men and women compounding social and economic challenges in the contemporary period. The violation of rights during peace and more so in war zones are regular events in the absence of protection plan and crime prevention strategy.

The economic and social disparity for women in the lower income category are slighted exacerbating their plight as a single mother or a widow in the family struggling to make ends meet in the tough situation.

In comparison, the women in better economic status and affluent background in particular make use of the privileges and have easy access to prosperity. Not to mention the misuse of law favoring women by some in this context.

Even though women are in many fields demonstrating capability and talent, the treatment of women as subordinates persists as a reminder on the Man’s world.  Unfortunately, women are equally responsible for the gender bias promoting discriminatory practice with the focus on personal interests.

Society’s view and treatment of women striving hard is not without condescendence. Those serving the hospitality industry in different capacity are scorned by the same people dependent on the service.

Alternatively, women from impoverished background forced into choosing a line of work that compromise chastity are identified as prostitutes and vilified for their  occupation. 

At the same time, women in the fashion, beauty pageants and entertainment industry willfully exposing on camera in public spotlight not barring nudity and voyeurism in pursuit of fame and fortune that could be achieved in any other job not requiring provocative exhibition are cheered and honored with awards and titles in society.

The former invites police raid and arrests upon such finding ordinarily noted as a liability whereas the latter safeguarded ensuring no harm and regarded a celebrity. What is done behind close door with the client attracts societal acrimony in contrast to the modern women career comprising intimate scenes or display with several and watched by millions with audience applause.

Clearly the glamor and glitz in activity with glaring similarity leads to glory. 

Nonetheless money is the incentive in both scenarios with one doing for survival and the other mostly to satisfy own aspiration by any means describing the state of affairs.

The society’s contradictory position towards women for decisions based on existence purpose and popularity contest beckons revision.

Women in general are expected to bear the burden and bulk of obligations with variation in global standard affecting the remotely located and disenfranchised demography.

Regardless, life is made possible with female endurance in enabling birth and infusing energy forming the basis of world emergence and sustenance.

The versatile positive attributes aptly qualify for recognition and glowing tribute to womanhood.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant