Paradoxical Paradigm — Exhuming Mortals To Immortality

July 29, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The contemporary trend projecting mortals as Supreme divine power defies logic and legitimacy.

First and foremost Supreme entity is immortal whereas mortals are faced with mortality a certainty deriving the term accordingly.

Second, God – the opponent to corruption, criminality, treason and prejudice…to list a few is sacrosanct unlike those projected as God epitomize fraudulence and paradoxical preference.

The elevation of mortals to divinity despite concerned member’s contrived performance masquerading real persona is unsustainable with actual traits surfacing in actions regardless of massive propaganda campaign using every medium at disposal.

Mortal’s physical and personal characteristics defined by DNA are unique and determine individual identity.

Importantly those chosen in the category were to be divine in any respect, they would not be representing forces engaged in destructive course. The representation of unscrupulous clarifies individuality and conformity.

Furthermore, the members would have qualities contrary to existing attributes found in them such as insatiable appetite for power, fame and fortune they seize using any means with some buying justice and votes using cash and threats to remain in position.

The wannabes condescendence with references to others social background as backward caste, class or creed reflects on source’s backward mindset and confirm inner decay.  

These are classic symptoms of devil in disguise and survive to satisfy personal endless needs depriving majority – the needy a normal life.

The insolents track record in the interim between birth and death conclusively verifies shady origin as anything but an incident while dismal destination joining the likes nothing more than another chapter in history.

The pretentious disposition is conspicuous in deeds and statements from demagogues promoting diabolical agenda.

God – the supernatural being is parallel to none in virtuosity and simplicity.

No matter what goes behind window dressing to showcase fake items – imitation is not the same as original in value and appeal aptly being authentic.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant