Syria – Escalating Violence and Killings With Military Intervention is Catastrophic For the Entire World

August 27, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The preparation and positioning for military strike against Syria is invitation to world catastrophe especially affecting the aggressors with irreversible impact.

United States investors negative reaction to this counterproductive measure reflected in recent stocks decline and expected to precipitate upon moving ahead with illegal intervention in Syria.

Besides in the absence of United States Congress authorization for war required under constitution,

The unilateral decision preempts the existing congressional law per HR 107 for impeachment proceedings in the event on unlawful engagement involving genocide of innocent civilians in foreign nation repeating Iraq scenario using false pretexts.

Notwithstanding the overwhelming rejection of any U.S.involvement in Syria amongst United States citizens as the electorate, taxpayers and consumers representing the republic producing severe electoral backlash in 2014 mid-term election and beyond.

The leaderships are urged to refrain from reckless and irresponsible activities against the people of Syria currently underway discarding United States, Britain and the rest of the world public opinion.

Such involvement would not only destabilize the region where Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan are situated but also unleash inconceivable calamity for United States and western allies considering massive presence and interests across Middle East extending over worldwide.

The western and regional alliance sponsored terrorism is directly and unequivocally responsible for all chemical attacks and horrendous crimes against citizens of that sovereign nation enduring tremendous pain and suffering inflicted on them thus far.

Attack on Syria would be self-immolation for organizers, architects, agents, facilitators and operatives behind the preventable cataclysmic and monumental blunder.

White House exercising carte blanche authority could provide political opportunity to lead United States towards economic abyss adversely affecting global economy in return that is best abandoned in national and international interests.

Briefly, ending not escalating the burgeoning Syrian conflict is wise that guarantees existence of all states protecting lives regardless of borders and territories rather than pursuing decimation and annihilation of a country resulting in pervasive disaster with terror and violence sources bearing the losses in epic proportion.

Justice might be delayed however never denied in God’s Kingdom.

Peaceful resolution with immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of terror networks from Syria is the only option to save the world and humanity from status quo.

May God bless Syria with eternal peace protecting sovereignty and inalienable rights of population to live in the world as part of the benevolent creation.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant