United States – Congressional and State Elections 2011

May 21, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Special election scheduled on May 24, 2011 in New York 26th Congressional district is on spotlight with the race between the Republican candidate Jane Corwin and the Democrat Kathy Hochul reportedly in dead heat predominantly due to GOP plan to overhaul Medicare and Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial budget.

Democrat contender Kathy Hochul is presumably neither self nor special interests-funded and projected to be a fierce fighter for working class given her impressive track record as the Erie County Clerk and having previously worked for Congressional members John LaFalce and the late US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan distinctively confirming Washington experience compared with her opponents in the election.

In semblance with the dilemma experienced by mainstream representatives against lobbyists’ funded political opponents in any election,

The disproportionate money factor is a major challenge for the determined and dedicated political aspirant, Kathy Hochul.

Unless the tradition is broken with massive voter interjection rejecting such candidacies, it would be extremely difficult for any genuine leadership to emerge at the local and national level.

As stated earlier on numerous occasions, politics run by corporate power and multinational influence is formidable with the political mandate easily swayed through smear campaigns distracting public from electorate-concerned issues.

Reiterating the previous statement in this regard, people have the power to enforce the change necessary beginning with invalidating the money power right from the campaign trail to the Congressional halls and chambers that has successfully undermined democracy rendering the electoral process a mere formality.

Democrat nominee Kathy Hochul is favored to counteract the multi-faceted representation in Congress on various issues and apparently committed to her constituents in NY-26 district including the people across the state and the nation.

The voters in New York 26 Congressional district are requested and urged to pay attention to the prevalent trend with campaign promises made to the people remaining a political rhetoric,

While the pledge to campaign contributors fulfilled in legislation prepared and drafted by none other than the relevant industry and foreign interests.

Please come forward and contribute to Democrat Kathy Hochul campaign for meaningful democratic voice in Congress conspicuously missing among the majority responsible for the status quo.

The democrat Kathy Hochul’s triumph in the red district could make history given the election in the constituency won by republican candidates with the exception of three democrats’ success in the past century.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike have a unique opportunity to elect the democrat Kathy Hochul in promoting the average American cause.

Please extend your generous support with affordable donations to democrat Kathy Hochul’s campaign for a landslide victory on May 24, 2011.

Similarly the state of Wisconsin is set for recall elections in July 2011 with six Republican members failure to address the state problems and,

Instead launched attacks on workers and middle class families – the contemporary political scapegoat for lawmakers sworn allegiance to campaign financiers.

Wisconsin Republican candidates against ordinary citizens are endowed with political cash machine operated by veteran election maneuverers like former political adviser to Bush-Cheney administration, Karl Rove and Koch Brothers in addition to corporate money supply.

Their agenda has been to eliminate middle class and push the lower income families to the lowest economic strata.

Sadly, they have achieved their goals widening the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Republic rule has been systematically replaced with corporate and finance sector dominance buying elections through investment in political campaigns ensuring phenomenal returns on specific industry oriented matter much to the population detriment.

The question is directed to the victims – the people in the state of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey…and across the nation.

The top 1 percent deriving economic prospects at the remaining population expense having become the norm,

What would it require to energize the voters with real power in restoring the government of the people, for the people and by the people?

Indeed there is greater urgency to reverse the process – only possible through active voter participation to reclaim fair income distribution and equality in many aspects.

Electorates can no longer be complacent to the systemic abuse of democratic system increasingly exploited by various business and political factions focused on self-interest than citizens’ or national interest.

Therefore, the electorates in New York 26th Congressional district could potentially alter the course in a positive direction by casting their vote for democrat Kathy Hochul and,

Likewise electing Progressives against Republican lawmakers recognized for their crusade to protect the wealthiest and disenfranchise the rest is paramount to revive economic and political viability.

Please exercise diligence in the democratic right by electing leadership loyal to voters and not sponsors of the individual political career with vested interests.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to Democrat Kathy Hochul of New York 26th Congressional district, Progressives in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire and other parts of the nation for a glorious electoral outcome.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant