India – Indian Film Industry Off Screen Image

August 1, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Indian Film Industry is the bed rock for corruption, extortion, money laundering, philander and promiscuity. The underworld investments foment nefarious dealings not to mention piracy and copyright violations.

The stardom and fame comes with impunity on political scandals, hit and run manslaughter causing poor people to die in vain with justice denied to victims’ families simply because the offenders are superstars.

The industry’s mega stars are also at liberty to indulge in poaching targeting innocent animals like deer as a favorite pass time. The super star status also permits them tax evasion, embezzlement in several million dollars while others notably deny payments and use violent threats against distributors, marketing agents and those involved in the film promotion.

In other instance, the Bollywood actress entry into American television industry is big news in the Indian press while the same actress along with her father harassment of occupants in Mumbai’s neighborhood in an attempt to unlawfully evict residents in the apartments in a bid to own the high rise complex barely reach the media or newspaper column.

The film craze in India is an epidemic. As a result, there are no limitations and restrictions on the actors and actress activities that would ordinarily be considered criminal in any society upholding the rule that none are above the law.

The society that has different standards for celebrities, industrialists and high profile political figures exempting them from offenses and crimes has the writings on the wall that are often ignored much to societal detriment.

Believe me soon some Indian women could be a WOMAN upon them abandoning their MAN’s hairstyle for anything to change is better when it begins at the top.

Never too late to make things right.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant