India China Stand Off at LAC in Ladakh

July 4, 2020

India China Stand Off at LAC in Ladakh

Padmini Arhant

The conventional wisdom recognize that in politics and warfare, TRUTH is the first casualty and remains so to suit authorities’ convenience. 

The recent casualties suffered on both sides neither disclosed the incident actual date though Indian media and government decided on June 15th in synchrony with foreign press and diktat contrary to the unfortunate event happening way earlier. Similarly the victims statistics were also not reported accurately with 20 soldiers martyrdom acknowledged when there were at least 32 martyrs on Indian side as revealed on this site back on June 5th, 2020 beckoning attention.

As such politics and media having no credibility whatsoever, the deliberate omission is least surprising. The press touted as fourth column in Indian Constitution granting freedom to press and media in the hope of the news organizations and media house exercising autonomy in transparency engaged in the reverse role protecting political establishment and others from whom media house monetarily benefit while keeping the public in the dark or misinformed on all issues of people and national interest.

Furthermore, news outlets and media serving as internal and external forces’ major propaganda machinery targeting individuals like me with constant slander and slur ad hominem to satisfy ego and contempt is the norm.  Notwithstanding the practice diminishing ethical standards and journalism to lowest ebb. 

On the other hand, China’s state agency and spokespersons released haphazard statements on their fatalities in utter dismissal of armed forces deployment in inhospitable terrain paying dear price due to China’s Communist Party (CCP) and People Liberation Army (PLA) wanton aggression utilizing military activities to deflect domestic focus away from myriad challenges within country.

There is always more to it than meets the eye in matter concerning life and death of citizens like in the latest pandemic and defense personnel in war zones that continues to fall short on accountability among politics and media exerting control over information.

Confronting truth and reality is the litmus test on leadership demanding courage and integrity to accept responsibility on failures to safeguard lives with proactive and precautionary measures rather than converting others misfortune and tragedies to political advantage and commercial gains prevalent in politics and news media.

The consolidated contrived action to discredit truth in the report on 32 Indian soldiers casualties and  chinese armed regiment deaths published on this site far ahead of national and international concurrence is routine.

In light of concerted effort among national and international clique to invalidate factual presentations on this site and sub domain highlighted above, let here be no more redactions and discount in reporting facts and figures related to wars of any nature – the tense border standoff in the Himalayan region between India and China or the pandemic consuming lives and affecting thousands paralyzing life and economy much to national and global colossal damage.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 



Monkey See Monkey Do

May 26, 2019

Monkey See Monkey Do

Padmini Arhant

Politics, media and entertainment under corporate financing and criminal enterprise run affairs.

The trend to hijack from election to individual identity declaring them winner on their terms is the norm despite fait accompli.

Unless people speak their mind and voice concerns to protect individual freedom and liberty, authoritarianism would rise that is already in action silencing democracy.

The idea of free and fair election, government of the people, by the people and for the people is increasingly made redundant. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

United States – Alabama Race

December 13, 2017

United States – Alabama Race

Padmini Arhant


Congratulations! To the electorate in Alabama in defeating harassment and abuse of power by those in position of authority and prominence.

Congratulations! To the candidate Doug Jones on the victory.

Anything that reaches the point of no return or salvation necessitates change that cannot be resisted or defied anymore proving the importance of people power prevailing regardless of money and might displayed in election campaigns and thereafter.

Washington D.C. and nationwide change is possible only through electorate at the polls for any actions after election is subject to political parties maneuvering, internal and external forces influence as well as control over system that denies good and corrupt free governance with fair opportunity for all.

The creation of proxies and puppets is desperate position seeking desperate measures for fake representation and falsehood is unsustainable against test of time and integrity.

Welcome to the era of people consciousness and awakening despite propaganda, deception and subversion of events to maintain status quo on the brink of dissolution.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission

Russian Affair

November 4, 2017

Russian Affair

Padmini Arhant

The former FBI director Robert Mueller headed special investigation dominates news on the alleged Russian meddling in the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The special committee targeting then Republican Presidential candidate now elected President Donald Trump’s campaign aides and members’ presumed interaction and meetings with key Russian officials has led to recent indictments on this matter.

The U.S. actions besides the ongoing inquiry includes closing consulate general in San Francisco and annexes in Washington and New York.

Russia in turn has responded by reducing diplomatic service staff at U.S. facilities in Moscow as confirmed by Washington based Russia Today (RT) television network.

Russia Today – the state funded network founded by the state owned news agency RIA-NOVOSTI in 2005 is dedicated in promoting Russian government interests to the likes of mainstream media and others in the U.S. and elsewhere safeguarding oligarchy, political and Secret Society agenda.  

Although RT claims the network is independent, any business especially communication media receiving funding that has surged from $30 million in the beginning to current $300 million from the state obviously inclined to be subjective rather than objective.

RT projecting Russian image to counteract U.S. media versions about Russia and Russian policy is a conundrum for viewers having to deal with two extremes from both sides i.e. one for and the other against amidst missing facts from the content regardless.

On propaganda, RT efforts are on par with prevalent media trend in hyperbole and falsehood in presentation of historic events and entities pertaining to the past and present time conforming to syndicate strategy.

RT transmission in three languages viz. English, Spanish and Arabic attracting 120 million viewership in the United States and other parts of the world is a buffer to syndicate’s media presence via CNN, Fox and BBC worldwide.

The syndicate’s media control and influence on entertainment industry to deny public access to truth and factual information could be anything but freedom of press and free speech.

RT like counterparts are not without collusion on not maintaining journalistic standards and ethics that are rare and remains under attack. The journalism with accurate reporting, review and analyses on issues and topics concerning lives and world problems are replaced for political and commercial success ignoring harm to society and the world at large that eventually hurts the source.

As such, the citizens fatigue in fake news and indoctrination is evident in broadcasting networks declined rating prompting desperate attempts to avert further deterioration. The spin zone is yet another means to continue mindless discussions lacking in substance in anything goes talk shows and programs to fill in time in the 24/7 media.

United States and Russia relations might have strained due to latest developments,

However, the similarities in both nations policies on critical issues such as voting against nuclear disarmament in the UN vote past month, resistance to dissolution of UNSC granted veto power to five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, Russia, China and France and strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia clarify common goals.

In terms of disagreements, United States and Russia have difference of opinion on Ukraine, Syrian conflict, NATO buildup through Eastern bloc and incursion in Baltic Sea. The U.S. occupation in Afghanistan extended into Central Asia that was previously under former Soviet Union is causing uneasiness on regional basis.

Last but not the least, U.S. sanctions on Russia is not appreciated in the wake of 2016 electoral outcome distressing those for change in game plan.

On North Korea, United States sanctions against the south east Asian nation is welcome by Russia. The reaction confirmed in UNSC decision with Russia and China’s consensus to impose embargo on North Korea.

As stated repeatedly on this website on standoff between U.S and North Korea, the de-escalation via diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the focus on both sides retracting from respective positions with United States and ally South Korea ceasing military exercise and provocative naval drills in Korean Peninsula.  North Korea on its part to suspend nuclear enhancement.

Furthermore, the major nuclear powers stance on North Korea’s nuclear status would be credible upon them in possession of enormous nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny lead other nuclear and non-nuclear states in safe disposal of nuclear weapons freeing the world from nuclear threats that are frequently exchanged in U.S. and North Korea confrontation. U.S. has also issued nuclear warnings against Iran preceding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty.

In the domestic front, Russia Today (RT) as state represented media is criticized for not providing opportunity to political opponents to Kremlin power. The same is applied towards any political dissent deprived from sharing thoughts and grievance on air to local and foreign audience. They are apparently considered detractors and accordingly excluded in participation on media channel.

The contemporary practice to debar alternative political perspectives especially with Russian elections on the horizon in March 2018 may not bode well for Russia in the post-communist era declared as democratic system premised on free and fair elections allowing contenders upon meeting eligibility criteria to run for office.

Then the incident though eleven years ago involving independent journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya tragic death from gunshot wounds in Moscow in 2006 deter Russian democratic evolution.

The free society would create and nurture environment to question authorities without fear of incarceration, character defamation or danger to their life. The country as vast as Russia with enormous potential in different fields not barring politics would benefit from eclectic representation that could permeate across the spectrum. The transformation is made possible with healthy debates and public forums on all topics relevant to citizens in the province and national level.

Russia’s membership in BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in addition to G20 and WTO serve economic prospects. On security to combat terrorism and any foreign intrusion – the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia enable neutralization.

Russian economy, political stability and national security are general expectations amongst electorate. Russia’s role in international disputes are also important whether personally that entails skirmishes at Russian border with NATO or tension related to U.S. and North Korea as well as ending Syrian warfare.

The internal challenges like corruption undermining real progress, Chechnya seeking resolution, immigration and social dilemmas are prominent woes requiring effective measures.

Russia is in the threshold of economic growth and constraints on political choices limits the scope for broader vision necessary to sustain expansion.

Finally, vox populithe voice of the people from all walks of life exercising the right to express views or concerns and journalism in particular not confined to state or external orientation would demonstrate vibrant democracy.

I convey my best wishes to citizens in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission









United States – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

July 13, 2017

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

By Padmini Arhant

GOP House plan to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits as unsustainable Social Welfare programs is gross misconception. The tax dollars from ordinary citizens being actual taxpayers in the economy divested in foreign interests and promoting their aspirations for regional dominance is unreasonable and unacceptable.

It’s time for American tax funds invested in American lives such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that are critical for survival and American economic growth and development.

The position otherwise is indicative of misplaced loyalty and misrepresentation in Congress with members elected to protect citizens rights on all matter beginning with their tax dollars for  quality health care and retirement benefits made available as priority.

More on this topic in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission

Featuring soon –  The Making of Despots – The trend continues in the present time maintaining status quo witnessed in the rise and fall of western nurtured regimes in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Bilderberg Secret Society

By Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on Bilderberg Group – It is a Secret Society comprising members from powerful and influential positions in the world. The Bilderbergers consider themselves elites and extraordinary individuals exerting authority. The group holds annual meeting barring public and non-elite media with disclosure on meeting discussion prohibited along with attendees names withheld from public knowledge.

Presidential candidates in the United States and similarly Britain’s Prime Minister prospects and others from elsewhere are summoned at the Bilderberg group for pre-approval. The haphazard arrangement in the attendance by Presidential candidates from both political parties in 2008 and earlier participants corroborate the protocol.

Since the secret gathering engage in planning and policy making that has direct impact on global inhabitants, the nature and manner of such assembly is a matter of grave concern.

Accordingly, Bilderberg Group – the Secret Society governing world should either allow free public access to the secret annual meeting or quit making decisions on the fate of population.

I speak for myself as well considering my identity, life and profile is distorted to suit elitists prejudice.

The so-called elitists agenda is the systemic abuse of power and self-entitlement to privileges and benefits at the expense of ordinary people worldwide.

In the modern era, the self-proclaimed elitists in control of mass communication, print, television and social media, politics, economy, entertainment and religion to cite a few among many other domains, shutting the world from gaining information on discussions that are later implemented in adverse actions is deceitful.

The false propaganda, proxies and concocted enactments to evade indefensible position would no longer fly since the Bilderberg group formed with chosen members evidently colluding in secret conclave hiding behind fear mongering using threats and tactics against anyone challenging them to end the clandestine congregation.

What is holding the Bildebergers from emerging out of darkness and let non-elite media and public participation or live broadcast of the meeting?

It is not that they are working on secret formula for a special ice cream flavor they don’t want the world to know and surprise the global consumers with a unique treat of their lifetime.

Anything other than transparent summit confirms secretive sinister activities against universal interests.

Those who regard themselves invincible proved inevitable failure without exception. Were they not? History and contemporary events serve testimony to the fact.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


Questions for the day?

By Padmini Arhant

1. Why is the news media from anywhere especially those touted as credible and prestigious not seeking full disclosure and free public access to Bilderberg annual meeting considering critical decisions are made at this secret gathering?

The circumvention and evasion of anything to do with Bilderberg despite participation in this anti-democratic conclave by U.S. and other western administration officials,  some U.S. Congress members and foreign government representatives is not surprising.

The globalists claiming to promote democracy and human rights in these meetings is humorous for their actions verify otherwise in barring public and non-elite media personnel violently dispersed deploying taxpayer funded law enforcement agency and rough handling of peaceful and non-violent dissent.

This year the Bilderbergers have targeted war on information. The dumbing down public via media influence and false propaganda of anyone challenging their undemocratic and unethical devious schemes continues unabated prompting them to pursue underhanded tactics and defense mechanism.

A. When will the parasitic existence among European Royals with Britain included – the chief attendees in Bilderberg secret convention end?

Perhaps soon simply because of their unscrupulous intent to destroy former colonies and home base with little or no concern for ordinary people on whose back these elitists (narcissists) are riding having never earned a living and seized from the state at the vast majority expense. 

As for the academia representing the Bilderberg group, the investment in education with titles is evidently squandered in stirring communal and religion based divide exacerbating socioeconomic situations in diverse cultural nations under the guise of advocating social justice that is imprinted in their legacy as travesty of justice.

2. Is it because media was never free and independent? Instead they represent globalists agenda?

The fact leading news organizations in the United States, Britain and elsewhere presence in the Bilderberg conventions that are possible on invitations only swearing allegiance to Bilderberg with a commitment not to share the meeting discussion with public or anyone not part of Secret Society explains the silence from them.

3. Similarly, how come news organizations and media outlets exercise free speech to lambast truth speaker and lack courage to oppose lies and deception from within and prominent forces in the country?

Their behavior to truth speaker is displayed in the hope of intimidating their arch rival. The grand complicity in all wrongdoings concerning them and fraternity in the country is convenience to continue with business as usual.

4. Is there convergence of thoughts between media and globalists due to ownership by latter and collusion from former?

Absolutely.  In synonymous to birds of same feather flock together. 

5.  Is this truly a free world and free society?

The concept of free world and free society is nothing more than a delusion. The free world exists for ruling elites (narcissists) to freely exploit resources and human capital at will. The so-called free society governed by Secret Society is against freedom for all with classism, caste, race, religion and gender inequality vigorously promoted under the pretext of spreading harmony.

6. If so, Then why are there restrictions and reservations, invasion of others privacy while protecting own secrecy?

These conditions are imposed as prerogatives and elitist exclusive power. 

7. Is corruption a crime?  – Only in the eyes of the beholder. 

8. Are elections free and fair? – Yes. They are in distributing cash and items for free to buy votes and receiving donations from anyone to be fair. 

9. Are these organizations – UN, UNSC, EU and NATO parallel powers to undermine sovereignty and corral complicity on crimes against humanity? – Status quo speaks for itself in the unipolar world. 

10. Who rules the world? Secret Society in the apparently transparent system.

11. What is democracy? Government of, for and by the privileged club. 

12. What is Social Media? – Platform for subjugation and denial of reality.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







Politics – Public Service or Gold Mine?

February 18, 2017


By Padmini Arhant

Politics – Public Service or Gold Mine?

Choosing political career and joining the government would be normally considered a sense of duty to serve constituents, district, state, nation and the world at large.

The meaning of Public Service leading to the term public servant is regarded derogatory by members in government. Instead the designation preference is authority and powerful entity or lawmakers even when they are lawbreakers with no respect for rule of law and ethics they enforce on citizens of the state.

Not surprisingly, the recruits in the administration are usually the ones committed to not necessarily serving the nation but the head of the administration and in most instances the spouse in particular.

How does one explain the wealth acquisition among White House staff with annual salary $172,200 and upon exit at the end of the term their net worth is millions of dollars? The same would apply to members of Congress as well.

Are they all born with silver spoon and pledged to serve the country?

In that case, shouldn’t they bequeath their wealth alleviating economic disparity?

Unless, the situation is other way around.  The primary purpose is to make hay when the sun shines and in politics it happens rain or shine – the perennial season.

How about the administration using IRS to intimidate political opponents or organizations for partisan agenda?

While protecting administration members in serious violation of tax evasions and tax fraud.

The administration of the former President Barack Obama hired White House Staff have done remarkably well considering the Hope and Change platform enabling the victory in 2008.

Synopsis on public service guaranteed wealthy status.

In 2012, the ex-President Barack Obama White House members on annual salary $172,200 or more net worth were as follows;

Susan Rice – $20 million plus

Valerie Jarrett – $3.3 million to $13 million

Christopher Lu – $2.3 million and $5.2million

David Plouffe – $3.6 million

Jay Carney – $3.2 million

Dan Pfeiffer –   $2.1million

Just a few names among several for whom politics apparently is a gold mine.

No wonder the selective choices effectively compete in the gold rush.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission













Politics and Media Relations

February 17, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

How does Politics manage media relations?

Through wedding and pre-nuptial agreement. Marry media and bury the hatchet. 

In the former President Barack Obama administration – the media relation, a family affair. 

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser in former President Barack Obama administration – This explains the sweep and mop strategy exercised in misleading American public on Benghazi scandal. 

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications – Master stroke not to report on Ben Rhodes email elaborating coverup on Benghazi debacle.

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides – No wonder there was all praise regardless of Benghazi, private email server and political excess baggage. 

Is this not a conflict of interest?  

Who is to report when the source was outsourced to serve political interest.

Politics and cronyism evolved to become inseparable entity defending any indefensible position.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission



Interview with Padmini Arhant on Hypocrisy Máximo

September 20, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Representative Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone!

Hope all well with you.

I want to shed light on hypocrisy. Whatever happens today is the result of those reining control over system and the rules created by them. 

Mind you – rules may very well be introduced by them.  Nonetheless, rules never apply to them ever.  Them and their envoys in different capacity are held above law regardless of the offenses and crimes that are not even considered a violation.

On the contrary, the laws are imposed on law abiding citizens and expected to be complied with constant reminder of the society governed by law and order. There is hardly any recognition among them that laws discarded by them essentially confirms lack of credibility when lawmakers are principal lawbreakers in society.

This is a mere drop in the ocean in terms of numerous contradictions about them. In fact, they object to my discussion about this topic while they continue to attack me through countless surrogacy for presenting the facts and speaking the truth that is deemed an unforgivable act according to them.

Think about this situation – they pursue me via parody, innuendoes and bizarre claims that has only led to self-exposure for them finding themselves with the foot in their mouth.

How come the press and media owned by them and entertainment industry under their influence never target members in political class and those culpable for many scandals and gross human rights breach except some token remarks with behind the scenes apologies to them?

The latest news from hegemony run press obscurely reported that U.S. President Barack Obama will veto bill initiated and brought to Congress by 9/11 victims’ families against Saudi dynasty.  This should have been the headlines questioning the legitimacy of such veto that protects foreign allies over citizens of the country subject to most violent terror attack in history.

How Presidential is it to misuse executive privilege against the people of the nation they are elected to serve?

Instead I am posed these questions in nuance. As always, I face challenges with candor and dexterity.  So I respond to them now.

Questions from media to me, Padmini Arhant.

  1. Why don’t you retire or step aside allowing young people to take over your position?

First of all, I just turned 57 years less than a month ago.  In politics or for that matter any other field this is well below retirement age.

By the way, I am not on anyone’s payroll – taxpayers, corporations, special interests or granted a money tree in the backyard with exemption from payments on all living expenses that is costing anybody unlike the so-called elected members on remunerations plus perks and celebrities raking a fortune during and post stardom.

Furthermore, most heads of the state whether province or nation in many parts of the world are way older than I am and some of them are octogenarians and nonagenarians remaining in power against the will of the people.

When I am in the working mode, I am asked to quit and when I am silent they also accuse me with tantrums like I am only interested in being a ‘housekeeper and a maid.’ 

The mistreatment conforms to – doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t , forgetting that I am not here to be at their beckon call. 

The irony is they cannot even keep up with their hypocrisy even in the face of stark nudity given their obsession in that front. 

Then there are certain folks who prefer to remain stuck on the magic digits – 65 years. Somehow specific political members and many celebrities well into the late 70’s and early 80’s insist on being only 65 years old.

I’m not sure what is the fascination with age 65 and this is declared by them after stagnancy on age 55 for more than a decade or so.

I guess they might be celebrating their birthdays not every twelve months from the birth date instead every other decade and that’s how they satisfy their aging concerns reversing as evergreen or forever young syndrome even though face is the mirror that reveals reality.

Lying about age does not guarantee longevity. When these image conscious figures cannot even bring themselves into admitting their real age, could they be trusted with anything they say on any matter?

  1. What makes you think you can continue on this trail when there are those with many years of experience in position?

Again, I’m not here to compete with anyone but rather the other way around. I am engaged in fulfilling my commitments to the highest Supreme entity, Almighty God  in the preordained divine mission.  

I have selflessly demonstrated my passion for humanitarian work not just in the past 8 years but since childhood and in progress until now which has been greatly appreciated by the Supernatural force as well as the beneficiaries of my contributions to their well- being.

My deeds sow the seeds for God’s blessings and love from those I have reached out to alleviate their suffering.

I have carried out these duties regardless of fierce opposition and exploitation of my generosity in addition to  being denied God blessed inalienable right to my original identity.

The individuality is determined by given name and DNA distinctive to every living being.  The inanimate objects also have a name assigned that cannot be mixed and distorted for instance stating the airplane as car or a train would only display the user’s folly.

In depriving me from personal identification exercised by humans and other species including those behind the unprecedented norm along with incessant abuse in the name of ruffling feathers by those aptly proving to be reactionaries upon confronted with facts and evidence on their egregious decisions and policy is self-explanatory.

As for the experience, all depends on track record and merit based achievements that are usually few and far between although scandals and corruption overwhelm political tenure and celebrity phase especially in the absence of transparency and accountability.

  1. Why do you consider rebuttal necessary leading to controversy?

As I mentioned, propaganda, lies, deception, deceit, distortion and subversion is the premise for those running the system and intend to prolong status quo. When they are unwilling to accept responsibility for deliberate involvements, flawed strategies and failures affecting innocent lives they indulge in mud-slinging and deploy cheap operatives in the game.

I reserve the right to correct concocted and convoluted profiling of me extrapolated to suit their preference.

In clarifying facts and actuality against intentional character defamation and caricature, I am doing a service to humanity from being misled and misinformed that is unfortunately a widespread practice.

Furthermore, my interaction compared to do that of highly sensitive human being is a misnomer.  One cannot expect others to grin and bear everything when the other side never know the limit.

I have also explained clearly about my principle.  I treat people with respect and expect the same in return.  No more, no less.

Let me dispel the myth in this context about my exchange with anyone stepping the line coined as controversial not barring thin skin connotation.

Jesus Christ whipped money lenders for obvious reason.

Lord Krishna had to let his cousin Shishupal succumb to arrogance. This when Lord Krishna saved Shishupal’s life and cured him from congenital disability.  Shishupal hurled insults and curses against Lord Krishna in royal assembly much to everyone’s dismay. When abuser takes advantage of other’s patience and exceeds boundary, divinity do that is required to restore fairness.

Lord Ram tried diplomacy with demon King Ravana, the abductor of Ram’s wife Sita.  Having exhausted peaceful efforts, Lord Ram was forced to terminate Ravana’s unruly disposition and draconian rule. 

Similarly, God Shiva is affronted by his father in-law Daksha and repeatedly denigrated deriving sadistic pleasure at every opportunity.  Daksha’s presumptuousness cost not only his status but also ended in him receiving goat’s head after being slayed in confrontation with Shivganas or representatives.

Just in case you all have not noticed, goat’s head is always positioned down in semblance to a mark of respect to all as a gesture.

Hence it is in everyone’s best interest not to test tolerance as that eventually harm the source and catalysts with end justifying the means sooner than later.

Needless to say the insolent and ignorant cannot be reasoned with as doom is the choice of their destiny.

The one who is laughed at ultimately earns the last laugh moment. Beat It.


Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














































Politics – Facts and Features

March 17, 2016

By Padmini Arhant


P – Pandering

O –Opportunism

– Lobby

–  Inconsistency

T –  Treason

–  Irony

C – Corruption

S –  Scandal


E – Embed

S – Superficial

T – Tactic

A –Acquiescence

B – Betray

L – Lunge

– Institution

S –Sinister

H –Haughty

M -Malfunction

E – Extol

N – Nepotism

T – Tradition


E – Evasion

L – Lambast

E – Elimination

C – Charlatan

T – Target

– Influence

O – Occasion

N – Nomination


V – Victim

O – Operation

T – Tragedy

E – Expiry 


F – Fraudulence

E – Enslavement

U – Usurp

D – Dominate

A – Accost

L – Larceny

I – Insolence

S – Severance

M – Malfeasance


P – Presumptuous

L – Ludicrous

U – Unscrupulous

T –  Tortuous

O – Obnoxious

C –  Covetous

R – Rapacious

A – Ambiguous

C – Capricious

Y – Yores


O – Observable

L –  Liable

I  –  Insatiable

G – Gobble

A – Actionable

R –  Rubble

C – Culpable

H – Horrible

Y – Yobbery 


C – Control

O – Obstacle

M – Masquerade

M –Muzzle

U – Unstable

N –Noticeable

– Impoverish

S –Struggle

M –Misery


S – Subversion

O– Omission

C– Commission

I– Invention

A- Adoption

L– Liquidation

I- Illusion

S– Simulation




A– Acquisition

P– Profitability

I– Insolvency

T-Tax Exemption


L –Liaison

I – Immunity

S – Securities

M– Merger 


T –Travesty

H –Hypocrisy

E – Eclipse

O –Opaque

C –Conflict

R –Religion

A – Aberration

C – Counterproductive

Y – Yet


I –Invalid


P –Pernicious

E –Empire

R -Ruthless

I – Insidious


L -Lofty

I -Incorrigible

S -Supremacy

M -Medieval 


M –Mendacious


N– Nefarious

O– Ostentatious

P– Pugnacious

O– Ominous

L– Lawless

Y– Yex


S – Superiority



C –Calamity

T– Treaty

I –Indiscretion



S -Suppression



I  -Indignation


L –Limitation

E –Exclusion

N –Notion

C – Cessation

E – Exception


R -Rage





C –Criminality

R -Rewarded

I – Idolized


E -Endorsement


J -Jeopardy

U -Upend

S -Sardonic

T -Trivialize

I -Impunity

C -Cronyism

E -Embarrassment


P -Proxy







M –Manipulation

E –  Exaggeration

D – Dramatization

– Indoctrination

A –Adulation


S -Symbolic

T -Tainted

A -Auspice

T -Trajectory


S -Secrecy

Q -Questionable

U -Unsustainable

O -Obsolete

The fundamental change in political structure and practice is imperative to experience positive outcome made possible by functional republic and uncompromising sovereign status.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





An Invitation to Experience the Dilemma

March 25, 2010

By Padmini Arhant,

Dear America and the Rest of the World,

I stated my desire to be ‘A-Political’ by not being affiliated to any political party and continue to pursue the peace and environmental goals. Subsequently, there has been flurry of attacks and disparaging remarks mounted by those whom I have supported up until now.

I can understand such position from the quarters dedicated to unsubstantiated allegations.

However, the political power and the ‘public funded’ networks using my donations to attack my decision with the former being fully aware of their doing and the latter without any facts beckons scrutiny.

It’s in human nature to jump into conclusions on matters with false information. They usually target individuals challenging the power to prioritize people over personal and special interest.

The victims become a ‘fair game’ for the authorities and sadly the “public funded” networks searching for scapegoats.

Unfortunately, the trend thus far has been – glorify privately but vilify publicly.

Alternatively, use them when it’s convenient and trash them upon finding their position a nuisance to the power and others following the norm.

I had always maintained that my contribution is focused towards humanitarian and environmental issues, in the United States and around the world.

In fact, it was suggested in their nuance. It was published recently in the local newspaper and I present that segment again.

“A potential source of his problems is the conflict presented by Campbell’s two chosen career paths.

He has spent his career advocating for civil liberties and academic freedom as a law professor while also trying to get ahead in the cutthroat arena of politics. But defending the rights of unpopular individuals is turning out to be poor politics.”

At another instance, it was advocated through their newly found hired networks that Church and State should remain separate and I concur with that philosophy, and repeatedly reinforced the message on my life purpose to fulfill obligations towards humanity without hindering or endangering anyone’s political or personal status.

Hence, the authorities ought to explain the inconsistency and indecisiveness on their part going back to the political campaign in 2008.

Further, I expressed my intention to exercise the first amendment right granted to every individual in a ‘free society.’ in the material presentation based on evidence and not a concocted theory.

Again, I’m not interested in the popularity contest, even though it’s been misconstrued in the manner that deemed fit among the faultfinders.

There was an accusation about my attachment to ‘polls’ during the reference to a ‘friendly advice,’ and it would aptly apply to political figures concerned about their term in office and the re-election prospects, not the peace activists.

On the one hand, I’m being characterized as ‘delusional, a pervert, an underground media prankster, egotistical, self-important with contradictory lifestyle, a bitter and angry mobster’… to say the least.

Interestingly, while on the other, the assailants know where to contact me for donations, in spite of the falsely accused ‘underground’ branding.

Yet, they relentlessly insist that I promote their agenda as predicted during the Presidential campaign –

“Empower some and enslave the targeted ones.”

Somehow, one tends to forget that while finger pointing, it’s essential to pay attention to the remaining fingers directed towards them, especially in the presence of suppressed public evidence.

Seeking flaws in others will eventually lead to none other than them upon soul searching.

That why, it’s important to look within and they’ll find themselves.

Besides, as stated earlier negative emotions hurt the ones harboring more than the ones it’s aimed at.

Their targets are not allowed to have principles and must work according to the state’s preference – i.e. embellish or exaggerate policies and records sometimes to the detriment of democratic values.

When I discuss the real life experience, it’s attributed to ‘presumptuousness.’ On the contrary, the similar citation by them and the authorities in power is admired as ‘family values.’

The irony being, the same ‘public funded’ cable networks considering themselves above the fray from the mainstream counterpart have adapted to the malpractice for unexplained reasons and preoccupied in mudslinging literally at my expense rather than engaging the political power by asking the tough questions on the approved and pending legislations.

Notwithstanding, the highlighted hypocrisy in the obsession against their target.

For instance, the health insurance reform was passed with political wrangling and arm twisting tactics. It was well known from the beginning that the Republican opposition would not yield to any concessions.

More poignantly, the last minute appeasement to attract the ‘anti-abortionist’ votes within the Democratic Party was done with the ‘Executive Order’ explicitly denying the federal funding for the women’s health rights.

There was none including the networks claiming to be the ‘voice for democracy’ dare to ask the authorities –

Why couldn’t they use the same ‘executive order,’ granting ‘Universal Medicare for all’ or include a robust ‘Public Option’ to make the reform truly meaningful?

Not surprisingly, upon signing the legislation, the insurance stocks skyrocketed in the absence of neither.

When there has been precedence set before with the former President Lyndon B. Johnson legislating “Medicare” for senior citizens reportedly analogous to ‘as simple as turning on the light switch’ by declaring, “Medicare begins tomorrow,”

Why didn’t the democrats move forward with a bold action, when the event concluded without a single republican vote?

Why is the law completely effective only in 2014, two years after the ‘possible’ second term of the incumbent administration?

Why not in the year 2010 or even 2011? –

To this, The White House responded that it would take four years to implement the massive overhaul.

Then in that case,

Why didn’t the authorities pursue the easier option by mandating the existing and established Medicare for all?

Regardless of the political ideology, contemporary politics revolves around personal political security on legislative and international matter.

From health insurance reform, 9/11 terrorists trials to the Israel-Palestinian conflicts, policies are carefully weighed in terms of electoral consequences and politically ‘safe’ strategy against,

‘Taking the political risk or laying down the reputation by doing what is right for the nation and humanity.’

As for the alleged ‘delusional’ predicament, I was approached and asked to be a volunteer since January 2008, Presidential election and up until now.

Although there were assumptions that, I was on the White House payroll and receiving payments from the Democratic Party, the truth of the matter being it was a ‘full time’ volunteer service all along.

It was truly an honor to be able to participate in the historic election and work alongside millions of volunteers in the political process.

Meanwhile, I also share the common plight of any average citizen trying to raise a family, generate an income to survive and provide for my children’s future, particularly their educational expenses.

The last three days while the incendiary attacks were carried out against me, I was attending to my sick child and busy meeting with family commitments, since I do not have an extended family support.

Therefore, I apologize for not updating on the developments leading to the unnecessary confusion.

I remain committed in my service to the nation and the people struggling to find a voice in the privatized political system without compromising on ethics and personal values.

Finally, I extend an invitation to experience the dilemma prior to passing judgments against anyone sincerely devoted to seeing the world, a better place for all.

Your understanding and cooperation is deeply appreciated.

I sign off with love and peace to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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