May Day 2013 – Honoring Labor Force

May 1, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

May Day is observed as an international Labor Day honoring work force – the invaluable resource to the economy.

Human capital being integral part of business contributing to economic growth requires acknowledgment and development for a nation to be strong and competitive within and outside the country.

Regardless of economic system – market economy or socialist structure, the workers represent productivity base in manufacturing and service industry while middle and senior management maintain organizational performance introducing ideas, research and innovation, policies and overall decision making process.

Capitalist and socialist economies with the former comprising majority private sector and latter public enterprise involving government or national funding dependent on skilled workers and ingenuity to produce required output maximizing available potential at any given time.

The foundation for this achievement begins with affordable quality education, training and technological expertise.

Additionally, expansion of knowledge through continuous learning and acquiring aptitude enhances qualifications in a particular or diverse field broadening the horizon.

However, the dilemma for highly qualified and those meeting relevant employment requirement is prevalent job insecurity with corporations prioritizing short term soaring profits over sustainability and stability.

In the contemporary setting, company expectation on individual capability far exceeds actual overhead costs with preference for competence on par or adjustable level.

The requisite allow businesses to grow quantitatively considering the options at their disposal marginalizing workers for primary shareholders substantial benefit in the organization.

Furthermore, neoliberal concept imposed in globalization framework facilitating multinational operations anywhere and accessibility to vast labor market plus manual functions substitution with technology poses greater challenges for job applicants having to compete at national and international front despite satisfying eligibility criteria.

As a result, new entrants lacking in job experience wait longer for a breakthrough and earn less besides burgeoning student loan debt in the United States also currently turned in financial institutions favor comparable to housing market ponzi scheme.

The late twentieth and dawn of twenty first century initialized global investments perhaps to boost international trade activity.

The implementation focused on venture capitalists profiteering with anticipation of Midas touch phenomenon.

Superficial indulgence contributed to economic boom followed by bubble burst amid Wall Street wild speculative explorations overshadowed by U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq costing trillions of dollars – the culmination led to status quo.

Subsequently, the dynamics of corporatism and socialist capitalism in the too big to fail frenzy anchored on big banks bailouts and insurance industry constricted liquidity withholding cash flow otherwise divested in banking sector acquisitions and mergers depriving economic stimulus in the United States and Europe.

Meanwhile, U.S. tax dollars divestments continue until today extending illegal occupation of foreign land beyond scheduled withdrawal date in Afghanistan, aggression in Mali and sponsoring terrorism to destabilize sovereign states Libya, Iraq, Syria and the entire region.

The current domestic and foreign policy in the United States and EU is predominantly responsible for inter-continental and global economic meltdown with massive unemployment having contagion effect.

Neoliberalism conceptualized to benefit top 1% at the remaining 99% expense under globalization auspice drastically affected blue collars and bulk employment in various industries with labor and environment laws undermined to suit corporate maneuver backed by political establishment.

Whenever working conditions and union disputes are brought to public focus – the typical reaction to critical matter is attributed to Marxism or Communism.

Inventing communism – the deceptive utopian theory in practice aligned with hegemonic goals i.e. reining political control over nation and territorial annexations aimed at foreign resources has been a convenient tool to justify wars like Vietnam and,

Consequently replicating model in the creation of al-Qaeda serving false pretext for the so-called war on terror to invade and occupy sovereign states in the world.

Reverting to workers related issues – even though there are variances in corporate treatment across the globe the common denomination leads to exploitation.

The recent incidents involve stalemate between Colombian workers and General Motors,

The miners problems in Latin America and South Africa ending in casualty.

In other instances Walmart, Honeywell job replacements and denial of health care benefits to United States staff with corporate record profits reserved for executives extravagance.

Likewise Walmart neglect of safety procedures in Bangladesh garment factory that claimed around 100 lives with no accountability.

France stifling pensions, teachers and nurses strikes expressing huge disappointment share United States counterparts sentiments in incumbent Presidency elected as Socialist government and in reality sworn allegiance to oligarchy.

France and euro zone members under EU governed strategy exacerbating people suffering with joblessness from severe austerity.

Notwithstanding U.S. present stance threatening social security, Medicare and lifeline programs with educational funding slashed citing budget constraints endanger citizens survival and future prospects under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

In comparison, Washington misplaced loyalty through multi billion dollars financial aid to Israel to oppress and persecute Palestinians as well as orchestrate terror in Syria, Iraq, Libya and throughout Middle East has no stumbling block in elevating debt ceiling or national deficit with generational impact.

Ordinary citizens as workers, consumers, taxpayers and electorate are consistently ignored with corporate earnings shared among core management and key investors widening economic disparity and social inequality in society.

Workers bear the brunt in the misuse of power either by Union leaderships sometimes betraying union with complicity in corporate mismanagement and discriminatory dealings or company failure in resolving crises effectively for common good.

In certain circumstances, union extreme demands upon employers taking undue advantage of dependability like in Australia generates loss of revenue with pervasive adversity.

Alternatively political imprudence and cavalier approach in relentless warfare whether conventional, drones or terrorism in proxy versions directing national assets to destructive purpose evidently a huge economic liability and devastating to nation at large.

Summarizing the importance of Labor Day – An occasion with a reminder for economic and political leaderships to appreciate the significance of labor force with investments in education, and jobs providing opportunity to excel in entrepreneurial, scientific and academic fields, arts and entertainment…or any discipline strengthening national achievements in every frontier.

Lastly adopting the principle – Work is worship and workmanship delivered with commitment and interest would guarantee success in all endeavors to mankind.

Wishing the world fruitful labor days all year around.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant