Ethics – Virtues and Values

March 12, 2016

Author:  Padmini Arhant


P – Pride

R – Racism

E – Envy

J –  Judgmental

U – Ugly

D – Destructive

I  –  Ignorance

C – Condescending

E –  Ego


– Thoughtful

O – Open mind

– Lucid

E  – Equality

– Rational

A   Acceptance

N – Nice

– Cooperation

E  – Essence


H – Hubris

A – Acrimony

T – Trouble

E –  Enemy


L – Lotus

O – Opus

V – Venus

E –  Endless


G – Gorge

R – Ravenous

E – Exhaust

E – Expunge



G –Give

E – Earn

N – Nurture

E – Elevate

R – Rise


U– Utilize

S – Solidify


H – Hollow

Y – Yunx

P –Pretentious

O – Obtuse

C– Contradictory

R – Replicate

– Impropriety

S – Senseless

Y –Yoyo


H – Humility

– Outstanding

N –  Natural

E – Earnest

S – Scrupulous

T – Trustworthy

Y – Yolk


F – Falsehood

E – Expendable

A – Adverse

R – Resignation


C – Chivalry

O – Obvious

U – Uplifting

R – Robust

A – Aptitude

G – Grit

– Exemplar


T – Timid

E –  Egregious

R –  Redundant

R –  Repugnant

O –  Offense

R –  Reprehensive


T – Truce

R – Restful

A – Atmosphere

N – Normal

Q – Quintessence

U –  Ubiquitous

–  Inherent

L – Luster

I –  Innocuous

T – Tribute

Y – Yoga


W –Wicked

– Atrocity

– Ruinous


P – Progress

E –  Endeavor

A – Advancement

C – Commitment

E – Emancipation


D –Decease

– Exit

A –Absence

T – Tears

H – Homage


L – Lavender

–  Indigo

F –  Fuchsia

E – Emerald

Virtues define character delineating righteousness for meaningful existence fulfilling the purpose behind birth and death cycle.

Welcome life, peace and tranquility with courage, honesty and love for humanity and environment. Tolerance and generosity enrich human value.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


























Merry Christmas! – Rejoicing Savior’s Birth

December 25, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The world rejoices the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior and preacher to mankind.

Lord Jesus humble background attracted gentiles in learning simple virtues in life.

The Lord called on the apostles to preach the gospel and enlightened them with truth about Almighty God and the divine revelations.

God’s creation is unique and meant to complement one another in perfect harmony with nature.

The omnipotent and omnipresent God is represented in every aspect of beings as the soul –

The pure and immortal Super consciousness in the form of brilliant light to dispel darkness within.

Upon Self-realization one attains Nirvana – liberation from birth and death cycle ending the karmic effects for heavenly abode experiencing eternal bliss.

Life – the manifestation of Supreme energy ultimately merges with the origin.

Soul searching otherwise internal focus guided intuitively rather than impulsively or through intellect is a holistic approach in understanding and accepting the concept of oneness.

The inherent positive and negative qualities in all are subject to discernment that defines moral character.

Capabilities and limitations are baseline characteristics that could be enhanced or overcome accordingly for better performance in life.

In general, care and compassion demonstrated in service to humanity exemplifies respect for life uplifting human spirit in altruism.

Contemporary problems across the globe attributed to vices such as greed, ego, envy, anger and hatredproduce turmoil and degradation.

Wars for territorial conquest and civil unrest in opposition to abuse of power aimed at economic gains are the predominant cause of suffering promoting self-righteousness eventually affecting the source with end justifying the means.

The mass protest against oppression, corruption, economic disparity and social injustice is culmination of human frustration reaching the tipping point to terminate authoritarianism.

Whenever apex authority misuse power for personal interest the system is affected down to the bottom losing credibility in the absence of integrity.

Acknowledgment of human plight with sincere commitment to alleviate pain would spread peace all around.

Freedom is birthright and denying the fundamental element violates basic principles generating hierarchy.

All are created equal and born to be free.

Further the endowment of distinctive talent needs to be identified and nurtured for individual and common benefit.

Refining innate abilities for constructive purpose would provide satisfaction to benefactor and beneficiary.

Success in life shared amongst all has pervasive impact planting the seed for continuous growth while empowering the powerless and the less fortunate in the society.

Lord Jesus teachings emphasized the power of faith in God and self-purification or redemption from sins beginning with recognition of wrongdoings, expressing remorse and submitting to reform becoming the beacon of hope for those straying from course in life.

Jesus Christ urged mankind to espouse God’s commandments – the moral guide for life enrichment devoting time and resources for universal cause.

Christmas is a joyous occasion commemorating the birth of Lord Jesus and a reminder to celebrate life.

Observing the holy day in prayer and adhering to traditions during Christmas and other religious events alone do not necessarily satisfy glorification of the respected entity in spiritual or any domain.

The reverence in religious or festive activity including other commemoration is reflected in honoring and emulating the guidance provided to save humanity and environment at large the signature art of magnificent power.

Unity, peace and love are the sweet fragrances permeating life with progress and prosperity all over.

Wishing Merry Christmas, Peaceful and Happy New Year to all!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Holiday Celebration

December 26, 2008

The world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ – Merry Christmas!

On this holy day of Christmas, the message of peace and love to humanity is important as war, economic crisis, environmental degradation, poverty, disease continues to dominate the world.

The Prophets, Messiahs as the sons of God descend upon earth for deliverance…

Whenever there is immense suffering, chaos, injustice, disorder and erosion of morality and virtues in the entire world.

These Prophets sacrifice for sins committed by others against humanity.

They earnestly teach their followers and opponents alike, the purpose and meaning of life.

Lord Jesus Christ, as a savior and true son of God demonstrated the virtues for mortals to follow.

The earthly beings praise and worship Lord Jesus,

However, many fail to pursue his teachings or follow his example.

The reason being, human attraction towards materialistic pleasures is often the hindrance between righteous and self-righteousness.

It is necessary to develop the skill to control will to overcome indulgence.

Although, impulse intrudes during maneuver, it is still possible to restrain the willful act of wrongdoing through inherited or acquired virtues.

Another aspect of discord in human nature is narcissism that inhibits the character like caring, compassion, sharing and giving.

A confluence of negative forces within a personality disables the function to expand beyond the realm of individualism.

Sadly, such behavior is the cause of miseries in human life.

All of the problems since evolution is due to lack of discipline in human conduct.

It is evident in the contemporary events experienced by the global community.

Scientifically and Spiritually proven that every action has equal and opposite reaction.

There are consequences to everything.

Also available are options to make appropriate decisions.

Despite this testimony, individuals on their own or collectively engage in activities in defiance of the laws of nature.

So, accordingly the results confirm the facts.

Life is a continuous learning process accompanied by mistakes along the way.

Mistake has a hidden truth overlooked in disobedience to conscience.

Opportunities arise for reflection and corrective action thereby testing the quality and quantity of values in possession.

Those with fortitude display humility in recognition and acknowledgement of one’s own errors,
especially if it involves the welfare of a mass population during events like war or economic crisis.

Absence of remorse or failure to accept responsibility reveals the state of denial and dogmatic stance.

Even worse, redemption for unlawful characteristics thus, invalidating the judicial system in any sovereign nation.

One might be exempt from the law and order within one’s own jurisdiction,

Nevertheless, it would be delusional to assume status quo with the entity delivering judgment on similar matter.

Considering the deteriorating world environment in all fronts, one has to pray and hope for the revival of moral and ethical standards with the emphasis on universal peace and love that would benefit humanity in general rather than a selective few.

With that note, I kindly request visitors and readers of this blog post to remember all those in need of help and please donate whatever is affordable to favorite charities particularly at this critical period of economic downturn.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant