Bolivia – President Evo Morales Flight Denied Airspace Access in Europe at Washington Behest

July 5, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

President Evo Morales returning from Moscow summit on natural gas producers early this week was strangely and unfairly stranded in Vienna, Austria.

According to the reports, the Bolivian President homeward flight from Moscow via Europe was denied airspace access by France, Spain, Portugal and Italy at Washington’s behest.

As a result of these European states violation of aviation regulations and international law,

The Bolivian President flight was commissioned to force landing in Vienna, Austria endangering the President and other members lives which obviously has not been taken into consideration by those behind the reckless and irresponsible action.

Apparently Washington suspected the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on board with Bolivian President Morales and instructed the European allies to intervene with entry refusal to their airspace.

Upon emergency landing in Vienna, Austria, the Austrian authorities with President Morales permission had conducted search for Mr. Snowden and confirmed the whistleblower’s non-existence on the flight.

Once again, Washington has proved NSA’s ineffectiveness and redundancy on national and global surveillance that could not verify the whereabouts of the most wanted whistleblower in town.

The spying indulgence is evidently counterproductive wasting United States taxpayer dollars on delusions in urgent requirement to be abandoned diverting focus on myriad domestic problems that demands political attention.

Meanwhile, the head of the sovereign state President Evo Morales was unnecessarily delayed and inconvenienced for twelve hours or more due to Washington’s egregious decision to disrupt the Bolivian President journey based on rumors and misconceptions that led to placing foreign national leadership as well as other delegates safety and security in grave danger.

Washington intrusion and European partners non-compliance in this context is reprehensible and reflects discriminatory policy along with disrespect for leaders and nations regarded as adversary.

The event reversal would have promptly attracted condemnation from allies and those subservient to imperialists irrespective of the latter declining status in all aspects especially in international protocol and humanitarian affairs.

Again with no apology from Washington on the ill-advised interference in foreign dignitary itinerary, the world in entirety is yet to denounce the offenders presumptuous exertion of authority.

All nations command equal importance and relevance despite imperial powers conspicuous isolation and indifference towards them.

Bolivia as a free nation is entitled to share the sky that does not belong to any specific power regardless of self-proclaimed status.

With deep regrets and dismay for the Bolivian President Evo Morales and other travellers’ unpleasant experience from the flight detour,

Wishing Bolivian citizens and President Evo Morales success in all endeavors benefitting peaceful Bolivia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant