India – Crimes Against Women

December 30, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The deceased twenty three year old gang rape victim with then Congress government naming her Nirbhaya meaning fearless was denied due respect in terms of her personal wish and real identity.

The ruling class deliberately withheld her name under the guise of privacy especially when she is no more.

Since world creation, all creatures including inanimate objects are known by their name and origin regardless of purpose behind such existence.

In this particular instance, the victim was a member of civil society and belonged to a caring family.

The rise in sexual assault against women in India is reflective of contemporary moral decay in society attributed to corruption and unscrupulousness in politics besides entertainment industry portrayal of women. 

Nonetheless, the victim was not anonymous and possessed common characteristics beginning with her real name.

According to news reports, the victim was pursuing career in health care field and engaged to the male companion.

According to victim’s parents – their daughter’s wedding was scheduled in February 2013 with respective families preparing for the event at that time.

The government pretext to conceal victim’s name and transporting the patient overseas during critical condition contributed to victim’s untimely death constituting homicide.

Even after victimization in every aspect, the cremation was reportedly carried out hastily to cover up UPA (2) government with then major opposition BJP and other political factions complicity in state intrusion.

The girl’s parents as legal guardians and sole decision makers were denied legal right by the UPA(2) government led by Sonia Gandhi.

The state interference was not limited to disrupting medical care and treatment until last minute but also extended to rites and rituals in private citizen’s personal affair.

Congress and BJP response to non disclosure of victim’s name was falsely stated as  parents’ will despite the parents refuting political authorities claim.

The father’s message to Indian society was the government mistreatment of his daughter was deeply regrettable and beyond disgrace. He further added that political class  projected her as perpetrator even though she faced the crises with dignity until her last moment.

The political maneuver and aggression against law abiding ordinary citizens likened to victim’s family widely deployed ignoring impropriety.

In a similar incident  that involved high profile political members like Congress party Vice President Rahul Gandhi, the gang rape victim Sukanya and family from Amethi constituency in  Uttar Pradesh were threatened as per victim’s relatives accounts that led to Sukanya’s father committing suicide while the victim Sukanya along with her mother forced to flee town becoming a fugitive for life.

The government indulgence in defiance of logic and civility appears to have no boundary in seizing citizens’ inalienable human rights from birth to death representing prejudice and abuse of power.

Again Congress government, BJP and political counterparts showed no concern for humanitarian law in this matter.

Memorializing the innocent’s life without acknowledgment of her legitimate name more for political reasons conforming to discriminatory practices is unprecedented and invalidate victims plight for malevolent pursuits.

Failure to adhere established standards further confirms degenerative qualities to societal detriment.

Social equality and justice is best demonstrated in fairness and genuine appreciation of individuality transcending superficial impositions as general acceptance.

Remembrance of victim’s ordeal would be appropriate upon society and world at large humanizing traumatic suffering rather than politicizing the crime.

Many fall prey to politically motivated civil and human rights violation.

Wishing solace to bereaved family and abandoned members yearning for their voices to be heard in the exclusive system granting impunity to authoritarianism fomenting crimes against defenseless citizenry.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant