Syria – Washington and Tel Aviv Obsession With Violence is Counterproductive

May 5, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

President Barack Obama authorized yet another Israeli air strike on the Scientific Research Center in Jamraya near Damascus, Syria.

The ongoing desperation presumptuously violating Syria’s sovereignty and international law not to mention the loss of lives signify reckless display.

Again President Barack Obama earlier approved Tel Aviv’s pre-emptive strike on January 30, 2013 against the same facility that claimed at least three civilian casualties and left many injured besides the so-called leaderships in Washington and Tel Aviv armed terrorism committing heinous crimes against humanity.

The lunacy disguised as leadership is misleading both nations – United States and Israel regardless of who is riding on whose coattail with paid surrogates defending indefensible actions after every blunder that involves murder of innocent children, women and men in a country posing no threat whatsoever except the other way around.

Israel having attacked United States several times over with explicit events being USS liberty killing 30 or more U.S. sailors on board pre 1967 Middle East invasion and,

In twenty first century the blatant terrorism on American soil resulting in minimum three thousand Americans and many foreign national deaths on September 11, 2001 laid groundwork for Zionist delusional aspirations unleashing terror wherever possible using American treasure and foreign civilian blood.

Americans awakening to Washington deceitful practices favoring this so-called ally evidently the worst enemy considering the state of Israel extracting $3 billion alongside other ransoms in the form of monetary and military aid post USS liberty and 9/11 terrors reveals Zionist dominance on political system and mass media exceeding twentieth century tyrannical rule that ultimately succumbed to own folly and arrogance.

World has witnessed tyranny elevation and precipitous decline until recently especially when the demise is near the false sense of invincibility peaks expediting self-extinction.

Those implementing insidious Zionist ideology misleading United States and Israel to precipice are no exceptions in terms of sharing experience of the likes that challenged the natural phenomenon patience to their unspeakable atrocities against humanity.

Since these forces remain defiant and persevere destructive course they set themselves on suicide mission and never survive to realize their irrational conduct fanatically relying on impunity crossing limits to own peril.

Israel and United States obsession with Syria is no different from despotism fantasy to conquer world throughout history and while treading on the detrimental path the crusaders erroneous judgments delivers appropriate outcome – colossal failure and downfall.

Israel unilateral decision or together with United States support currently heading for tailspin confirming the illegal establishment in 1948 on Palestine and,

The trajectory clarifying Zionist doctrine endangering not only lives in the Middle East but also threatening global peace and security.

As for United States leaderships annihilation and decimation of sovereign nations under supremacy fallacy and diminishing superpower syndrome, the egregious strategy already bankrupted economy and credibility debilitating national status in handling manufactured domestic and international crises.

The only alternative for the heads of state in United States and Israel is to abandon belligerence and violence in Syria and elsewhere diverting taxpayers funded resources to economic revival that could perhaps guarantee their respective political survival otherwise contributing to self orchestrated regime change appropriately ejecting them out of power.

With respect to other bizarre activities in Syria, the report quoting Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar on Turkish authority organ trafficking of injured young Syrians escorted by Turkish police and intelligence in cars to specific hospitals in Antalya and Iskenderun for removal of vital organs like liver, kidney and heart under anesthesia and bodies later disposed in Turkish territory or dispatched to the border.

According to the report out of 62,000 wounded Syrian civilian and military personnel, a staggering 15,622 patients organ has been excised for subsequent sale to members awaiting transplantation within Turkey.

The report also suggests that Syrian doctors from western nations present in Turkey are denied access to examine or treat Syrian victims subjecting them to extraordinary and disturbing terror act.

Apparently organ excision has escalated in Turkey in the past two years of foreign interference with western and Gulf States comprising Turkey as one of the main perpetrators in the onslaught against Syria.

Although World Health Organization is stated to have ordered investigation by directly contacting Turkish Health Ministry to account on transplantation surgeries carried out in Turkey prior to Syrian conflict for comparison,

Additional measures are required such as an independent inquiry into the organ extortion and other serious human rights violation against Syrians in Turkey and Jordan.

The U.S administered Israeli air strikes, use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Khassa and the latest incident with terrorists throwing chemical powder on residents face,

The desecration of holy sites of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) companion and other religious sacrilege committed since Syrian turmoil in March 2011 and,

Now the organ racket in extension of regular bombings and explosions that has generated 75,000 mass graves and nearly two million refugees in Syria deserves worldwide condemnation and solidarity demanding the termination of western and gulf alliance terrorism against Syria with inevitable global impact upon turning a blind eye to the humanitarian, economic and environmental disaster.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu along with Qatar Emir al-Thani, Jordan and Saudi regimes prodded around by western syndicate – the supreme partners in crime have reached a crescendo in terrorism under the guise of spreading democracy in Syria and earlier in Libya and Iraq epitomizing primitive criminality in modern age.

Syrian authorities vigilance in thwarting further U.S. ordered Israeli attack is critical and offenders continuous encroachment would have unprecedented consequences of unimaginable magnitude directly affecting the source and agents in the wanton provocation constituting war crimes with indictments of entities behind illegal international invasion.

With sincere condolences to Syrian citizens enduring the ordeal inflicted upon them by elements currently existing on borrowed time soon to be exhausted conforming to end justifying the means in deliberate choice of action.

Wishing Syrian society and leaderships in government as well as national defense enormous success in defending national sovereignty, territorial integrity and rights to self-determination closing the chapter on terror and genocide.

May God bless Syria and leaderships with divine protection against decadent assault enabling peace and righteousness prevail in the hegemonic unscrupulous ambition never coming into fruition.

Everlasting peace, progress and prosperity to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant