Libya – New Beginning with Green Jamahiriya Republic Empowerment

May 25, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Libya fell prey to United States and NATO false pretext in 2011 misusing UNSC approval on humanitarian mission.

Project for New American Century (PNAC) agenda implemented with United States led NATO invasion alongside massive collusion from Western and Zionist controlled international media in disguise against Libya.

NATO carpet bombing followed by assassination of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in public square was reminiscent of Iraq decimation claiming to spread western style democracy.

Since then Libya has been transformed into terror haven and lawlessness is the law of the land facilitating western and regional allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia in particular for arms delivery to and from the state against whoever the next target might be as witnessed in Syria and Mali.

United States and allies interference in North African nation Libya has not been without consequences seen in September 11, 2012 attack on United States Consulate in the eastern city Benghazi killing American ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other embassy staff with business as usual terrorism continued in Syria and Mali.

The reason behind relentless western military aggression and proxy wars hiring terrorists is the lack of accountability on war crimes against humanity thus far.

The U.S. academic Noam Chomsky calling for indictments of former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama along with Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair for war crimes in Iraq and drone strikes is possible only upon formation of International Justice Court with global population elected Justices to world judiciary unlike the International Criminal Court selective prosecution and trial to satisfy those behind the organization that is set up to shield their flagrant human rights violation.

International Criminal Court in Hague is yet to prove the system as international in characteristics and more importantly in action transcending prejudice in arbitrary convictions of entities cherry picked by unscrupulous syndicate.

Not to mention ICC situated in Netherlands with European royals like the Dutch, British, Swedish and Spanish role in dictating foreign policy via Trilateral commission pose credibility factor in the institution ambit.

Similarly, in the domestic front with Justice department directly under executive branch i.e. White House administration, there is steep escalation in extra judicial executions and abuse of power by those in the highest office on land. These crimes are committed with impunity and their position taken for granted as privilege instead of humble public service.

Unless citizens initiated permanent body assuming the role as independent inquiry commission comprising politically non-affiliated members with ability to prosecute political establishment during term is the effective deterrence to corruption and state sponsored terror.

Libya is in perpetual turmoil with western created mayhem including the government appointed by them for their exclusive gains at the Libyan population expense.

Cleansing Libya Strategy:

1. Solidarity – The citizens across the nation must come together regardless of social, economic and political denomination in recognition of one another as Libyan and pledge to revive people assembly or Jamahiriya without any possibility for foreign intrusion through internal or external operation.

2. Non-Violence – Renouncing violence with surrender of weapons and collection from those roaming Libyan streets with dangerous ammunitions in possession. The national defense authority should be engaged in the retrieval process with incentives for voluntary submission through opportunities in nation building.

3. Reconciliation – Libyan citizens rejecting polarization often induced by opportunists within or outside to fragment society is critical to move forward. The reconciliation among various groups in the urban, rural and tribal sects could happen only upon mutual respect and patriotic commitment to reclaim sovereignty.

4. Pragmatism – Considering complexity in Libya’s societal functions, the tribal areas in the Saharan region and mainland maintaining Jamahiriya i.e. people assembly for communal discussions and collective action according to each tribe determination would be appropriate allowing continuity in tradition.

However, autonomy with oversight from central government in Libyan capital Tripoli is prudent for expanding necessities in terms of security, emergency relief and protracted social programs for consolidated output.

Berber Identity being native to North African Sahara – retaining positive cultural traits and preservation of egalitarianism would be suitable for national harmony.

Political governance in the rest of the country consisting of rural and urban citizens adapting to republic governed democracy with public participation in constitutional reform and electing local to national leaderships of popular choice based on proportional electoral law enabling representation of both minority and majority is imperative to overcome economic and social inequality.

The national army defending territorial rights of the entire nation is paramount for safety and formidability.

5. Development – Introducing constitutional mandate on national wealth investments in economy, education, health, housing, infrastructure and environment with constant review and update on pervasive development would address corruption and divestments in the form of wasteful spending.

Restoration of national heritage and historic sites desecrated and destroyed as a result of western and coalition of the willing manufactured crises in Libya is necessary in the reconstruction project.

Humanitarian Issue – release of prisoners detained without charges and due process is the preliminary step towards society healing and recovery from hostility.

Furthermore, ceasing racial atrocities against African workers and others in similar situation would exemplify civility. Libyans from all walks of life deserve to be treated with equal rights barring discrimination.

Law and Justice epitomizing fairness and righteousness with rules applicable to all across the spectrum regardless of stature will define national integrity.

Abandoning Sharia law for uniformity would promote inclusivity and practicality.

Again disinheriting inhumane practices, gender bias and disparity would serve as an exemplary model in human civilization.

Demonstrating care and compassion is the basic human quality and simultaneously honesty combined with courage against injustice and forces threatening national independence reveals fine character.

Libyan citizens have experienced tremendous suffering in the past two years and could no longer prolong the status quo.

The people in Libya should be responsible in safeguarding national freedom and not be left with foreign power agents installed on their behalf as government or representative generating conflict of interest.

Peaceful struggle with unity would prevail in denying foreign infiltration as decision makers especially with revelations on their ulterior motives and sheer betrayal inflicting devastation under the guise of liberation.

Libyan citizens unanimous demand for ouster of foreign militias and mercenaries imported into the country by regional regimes at hegemony behest are the immediate priority in the pursuit of life with dignity, true liberty and happiness.

Libya is for Libyan natives with Berber origin and diverse demography that should repossess their land from foreign occupation unjustly and deceitfully seized from them purely to control natural endowments in the state.

The key to reverse the trend lies with people in Libya through peaceful efforts en masse in regaining power to reestablish Green Jamahiriya in the political course for direct governance by the people.

Modern concepts using advanced techniques in industries and educational sectors would expedite growth.

Adopting green technology and innovative methods shared across the country not excluding arid areas of the desert would improve living conditions amid attention paid to natives inhabitancy in the protection of environment.

Ancient values like religious faith, family and friendly relations with respect for elders in the tribal settings and villages would enrich modern existence adapting to conveniences in the proper mix of lifestyle.

Libya has great potential to emerge from the present carnage brought upon them through deception and declining these elements presence on Libyan soil is the foundation for strong and robust free nation.

Libyan versatility to accommodate tribal, rural and urban ideas in search of common goal strengthening national progress stretching from centuries old wisdom and richness to contemporary flexibility would deliver synthesized source for equanimity.

There are great many challenges ahead for Libya and none indomitable.

The secret to success against negativities overpowering national sanctity is unified resolve espousing peaceful doctrine to melt down molten magma laden with greed and violence.

Poignantly the recipe is not favorable in depriving innocent citizens their self-determination rights and national disintegration scheme aimed at geopolitical dominance.

Such ambitions regardless of alliance would be counterproductive and lead to a colossal failure.

Libya can rise to glory with resilience and perseverance harnessing skills and talent reaching new heights in all frontiers.

Wishing citizens of Libya, the proud Berber land everlasting peace and prosperity celebrated with honor and splendor on the horizon.

Peace to Libya!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant