Global Terrorism – Interview with Al-Qaeda Chief in the PIT

December 12, 2014

Interview with Al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri (Arabic Language with English Translation)

Padmini Arhant

Dear Global Citizens,

Please click on the audio link for interview with Hegemony Proxy al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri.

This is Padmini Arhant. Author and Performer of various acts presented in the public domain –

I welcome you all to meet yet another individual – in the PIT – Parody on Identity Theft.

By no means a stranger to the world,

On the contrary the name is well known and associated with messages often causing apprehensions, concerns and grievance.

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I present Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative – Al-Qaeda Chief Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri

Parody on Identity Theft –  Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative


Peace to you.


Peace be upon you.

Welcome to the public domain!  – www.

As courtesy to international audience, I will do Arabic to English translation in this interview.

Do you have any objection?

Not at all.

Let me begin with your introduction even though your name is well known.

Could you please say your name and specify any other identity?


I am Ayman Al Zawahiri. I am also hegemony proxy.

Ques. 1. Am I right in saying that you were a doctor by profession?

Ans.       Yes. I was a surgeon.

Ques. 2. What brought this transformation in your life?

Ans.       My Masters –  hegemony are the reason.

Ques.    3. Could you please elaborate on your response?

Ans.       Definitely.

Hegemony created Al-Qaeda.

They made Osama Bin Laden the leader.

They used him even after he was dead in December 2001.

When they realized they could no longer continue with the act, they made me al-Qaeda leader.

Ques. 4. How do you feel about you – a doctor in the past is a terror organization chief at present?

Ans.       When world leaders representing hegemony are terror sponsors – why would I feel any different from them?

Ques.    5. Is it not paradoxical for a doctor to turn into a terrorist?

Especially When Doctors are expected to heal not hurt others.

Similarly they are supposed to save lives and not endanger them.

How do you reconcile with this choice and paradigm shift in your life?

Ans.       In the same manner as the rest of them representing hegemony.

Remember Osama Bin Laden was an engineer.

As I mentioned those who represent hegemony are very proud of their credentials and many claim to have their education from elite institutions.

There is no problem for them to be terror sponsors and they are the ones directing al-Qaeda to different nations and kill people at will.

Terrorism is a new outfit for imperialism.  Hegemony leads me and many leaderships heading government worldwide.

You are an Arab from Egypt.  In the Arab world, the impression about al-Qaeda is you are their enemy.

Obviously this notion emanates from al-Qaeda involvement in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and throughout North Africa.

There is this belief among Arab population and perhaps across the globe that you are not an Arab due to your terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Ques. 6. What is your relation with Israeli authorities, Mossad and America’s CIA in particular?

Ans. Very close. They provide training and also give medical assistance to terror operatives deployed in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

In fact, al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, al-Nusra, etc. cannot survive without Israel and America’s CIA.  That’s why there has been no terror attacks against Israel.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey and other allies are funding al-Qaeda and other terror networks in the region.

Ques. 7. Hegemony is terror.  Global supremacy is imposed through terrorism.  Conventional warfare is now replaced by terror operation. Does this mean that ISIS and alike are hegemony army to invade nations?

Ans.  Yes. Terrorism is the means for Hegemony to maintain control and suppress democracy.

Ques. 8. What do you gain from serving hegemony when you know that their interests are to topple nations beginning with the Middle East for global dominance?

Ans. I follow orders from hegemony. Yesterday al-Qaeda is ISIS today and could be something else tomorrow for them. I serve them because I am on their payroll.  In doing so I know that I share with them the crimes against humanity.

Ques. 9.  Do you realize killing innocent people worldwide would ultimately lead to evil force destruction?

Ans.  Once you engage in evil act, nothing really matters. Knowing well such indulgence is to self-detriment.

Ques. 10. Lastly, Do you fear Almighty God’s Judgment?

Ans. . Yes. I do. I know it is fair and final.

Hegemony Proxy and Key Representative – Al-Qaeda Chief  Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri thank you.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant