Stock Market Stability

October 15, 2008

The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke laid out the plans and policies currently adopted as interventional measures to stabilize the stock market.

The comprehensive proposals have the necessary means and strategies to protect the taxpayers’ interests as well as restore investor confidence.

It is important to recognize that the current overhauling of the financial infrastructure that was long overdue, is taking place in complete coordination with monetary authorities and political leadership worldwide.

Although, the necessary steps may not bring immediate recovery to the current crisis, the entire financial system has to collaborate and function both psychologically and physiologically to revive the economy and mobilize the equity and liquidity markets.

It is a consolidated effort and requires all parties concerned to come forward not only in their self-interest but also to ensure long term market security that would promote the economic growth and development.

The Retail industries are projecting sluggish sales around this time of the year due to anticipated reduced consumer spending triggered by high unemployment rate.

This in part is contributing to the lack of enthusiasm from the investors in their active participation in the market.

Again, the domino effect permeates due to resistance from the financial sectors withholding cash and confidence that could otherwise energize the market.

Please stand by for an elaborated version of these circumstances like unemployment and reduced consumer spending with the presentation of expert opinions and solutions to the current crises.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant