Incognito Rule Hypocrisy

June 29, 2015

By Padmini Arhant 

My opponents are essentially the opposition forces resisting peace, universal freedom and harmony.

They trade venom and expect honey in return.

Their violations of others rights and privacy are regarded their prerogative and entitlement.

They need to realize that imperial and colonial attitude and disposition has no place in the present and future cosmic oriented time.

The proxies and servile contingency are on board the sinking Titanic.  Hence death threats from them and their masters would have irreversible impact on them.

The immature posturing further exposes the prevalent insecurity and trepidation prompting saber rattling from them.

When they engage in smear campaigns and personal attacks they should also have the courage and integrity to receive appropriate response.

Is this not a fair expectation from those whom they target with propaganda for defamation and denigration?

When I respond to such unruly conduct by them, their reaction is to characterize my response as me being a reactionary.

The wind does not blow in one direction.

Incognito Rule desperation cannot be feigned any longer with the activities viz. pedophilia, philandering and promiscuity experimenting lewd desires in Bohemian Grove speak volume of the participants real identity.

Briefly, the opponents along with their proxies have no credibility to dictate me on propriety.

Moving along – I would like to focus on two important issues that deserve attention.

The United States Supreme Court ruling on two matters – Obama Care and Same Sex Marriage.

Obama Care – the health care legislation that was meant to be health care reform to correct the inherently flawed system was fortified with more opportunity for the health insurance and health care industry to exert control and exploit the imposition of mandatory health insurance subscription that became effective in January 2014.

In the absence of stipulations to meet their end of the bargain, the health insurance and health care industry position solidified while leaving 37 million new subscribers brought into health care ambit as a result of compulsory health insurance purchase to deal with health care industry policy.

There are many in the United States who cannot afford due to Affordable Care Act or Obama Care providing dominant status to health insurance and health care industry.

The exchange of favors in the process leading to health care legislation and mutual monetary benefits amongst negotiators cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, the quid pro quo between the administration and Supreme Court justices as the White House nominees is instrumental in upholding Obama Care for the second time.

I reiterate my statement from the past that lifetime appointment to Supreme Court in the United States is detrimental to democracy and the tradition maintained to protect the respective political parties interests much to the republic despair and disadvantage.

The cases are – 2000 Presidential Election favoring then republican candidate George W. Bush.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission – allowing Corporations and Special interests in the domestic and foreign shores to own state and national election depriving people representation.

Rejecting citizens plea on war crimes committed during Iraq war and the lawsuit against former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and accomplice denied by the highest court on land.

Now Supreme Court decision on Obama Care is honoring the pact amongst the appointees and the administration.

With respect to United States Supreme Court recognition of Same Sex marriage – the issue is politically motivated rather than eliminating social prejudice and marginalization of demography and segments in society.

Regardless, I consider this a huge victory in humanitarian context.

The incognito rule and contingency spare none and nothing with inalienable trait of parasitic existence.

The incognito rule obsession with citizens’ life comprising massive and invasive surveillance notwithstanding police brutality on the street is overt transition into a police state.

Accordingly religion, social issues, politics, economy and environment are abused to masquerade declining status.

Incognito rule and their representatives in the legislative, executive and judiciary care less about the existing social inequality and crimes against citizens from different background based on race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The shooting spree targeting African Americans in church and Main Street would not persist unabated and likewise detainees in Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons would not be held indefinitely without due process i.e. legal access to prove innocence.

Again the police brutality towards unarmed civilians – the African Americans in particular would not be slighted with occasional ceremonial gestures to display concern only confirming disingenuous act.

The juveniles and adults held in the prison industrial complex in the United States would not become commodities for profitability in the prison trade.

The taxpayers funded police force unleashed to threaten and harm the unarmed citizens on racial bias.

National army used as the incognito power personal army to militarize the planet.

The current trend is sponsoring terrorism and cannibalism in the quest for global conquest.

I will be back with my thoughts on election used by incognito power to prolong the unsustainable degenerative demonstrably destructive rule on the planet.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







Incognito Rule Hypocrisy

June 29, 2015

Pipal TreeLord Buddha attained Nirvana under Pipal Tree


Pipal TreePalm Tree


By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone,

I present the topic Incognito rule hypocrisy.

Please click on the audio link for the content.

Although the pictures are worth a thousand words – some might need explanation.

The obsession with tall syndrome deserves clarification to dispel myths in this context.

The tall palm tree or the cypress tree in the pictures above do not provide shade for shelter during sunny or rainy day compared with banyan, pipal and other trees of medium heights in natural environment.

The coconuts from a palm tree are not easily accessible and require mechanism to climb the tree to collect the fruit unlike the medium height tree allowing anyone regardless of size to pick the hanging fruits from it. 

Poignantly the modest height Pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, India – is famously known as the seat of enlightenment with Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Lord Buddha attaining Nirvana – the liberation of soul for union with Supreme soul.  Please see illustration above.

To narrow minds anything better and greater would always appear smaller.  The disposition despite towering heights make the source diminutive in stature and character – the relevant attributes in life.

Another example – The dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex – T-Rex is also a tall carnivore that wreaked havoc on earth and eventually became extinct. Tyrannosaurus derived from Tyranny that this TALL creature exhibited during existence.

Let this not be forgotten – the body of any length and size must be discarded upon departure from earth.  Accordingly any pride and prejudice in this respect is a reflection of shallow mind.

Learning and knowledge is demonstrated in pure thoughts and deeds freeing the self from ignorance.

Ignorance could be a bliss or an abyss. 

Peace to all!

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant