India – The New World Order Experiment

September 4, 2018

Hypocrisy Ad Nauseam – Author & Presenter Padmini Arhant



India – The New World Order Experiment

Padmini Arhant

The current situation in India is troubling reminiscent of time when emergency rule was introduced under former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

MISA  – Maintenance of Internal Security Act in 1971.

Such law prohibits citizens constitutional rights and movement as well.

MISA – Indian law enforcement agencies super powers – indefinite preventive detention of individuals, search and seizure of property without warrants were key features of this particular act.

MISA was imposed to silence opposition and any form of criticism against government. The Central authorities on taxpayers’ payroll use public funded police force to harass and intimidate citizens under the pretext of national security and alleged threat to high profile political entities in the government when often the reverse is experienced by ordinary citizens nationwide.

There is no doubt these measures by government strangle democracy to curb dissent. The confirmation to this effect was identified in BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy heralding the BJP move through his representation in the Supreme Court on the purported Hate Speech. Again, this is extrapolated to mute credible and legitimate opposition denying citizens the freedom of expression.

Interestingly, the government representatives in discussion panels hosted by Indian media attack isolated members whom they regard as threat to their power. The insinuations are slated as Free Speech on their part juxtaposed any response to their comments labeled as hate speech.

These are precisely the format laid on the New World Order (NWO) template. India is being tested with political authorities’ eagerness and agreement to implement the globally dreaded controversial NWO agenda. The new world order prescribes the use of police force with harsh techniques to disperse crowd and severe action against human rights activists projecting them in bad light framing them as anti-nationals and terrorists though the dark forces behind NWO scheme are terror sponsors besides embarked on destabilizing nations world over.

The Congress under Sonia Gandhi employed similar strategy especially members like P. Chidambaram, the former finance and Home Minister together with Kapil Sibal, both Harvard Alumni in business and law respectively, are exponents in abuse of power shielding and defending Congress party’s scandalous tenure while cracking down on ordinary citizens with brute force during anti-corruption rally in 2011 resulting in the death of a woman participant Rajbala with no inquiry or investigation on the crime.

P. Chidambaram facing numerous corruption charges along with his son Karti Chidambaram has successfully evaded law and zealously pursued human rights activists labeling them as left-wing revolutionaries despite being personally weighted down on political baggage from corruption and misuse of authority.

The political parties at national and regional states enthusiastically and obediently follow foreign diktat reflected in the maintenance of two laws enacted in the colonial era to subjugate population.

They are zero tolerance to fair and rational thoughts on government policies and rules affecting citizens across the spectrum – the marginalized and disenfranchised demography in particular.

The concerns over the plight and injustice endured by residents deemed outcasts and minorities in these regions are condemned as sedition efforts though political parties at the Central and State governments have systematically split India into various statelets arriving at 29 States from 22 earlier on, other than 7 Union territories in the current Indian territorial configuration. Such maneuver by political parties unequivocally attributed to gerrymandering to favor them in election.

The other colonial remnant retained among political parties viz. Congress and BJP alike is Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) that provides immunity against prosecution on crimes committed in uniform in territories with troops deployment at Central government’s authorization.

The negative connotations on AFSPA are predominantly related to alarming rise in civilian casualties in the deployed territories with the Central government previously Congress and now BJP choosing to remain oblivious to ground reality. Conversely, the fatalities suffered by army and police force not excluding recent abductions of law enforcement personnel’s relatives in Kashmir are deeply regrettable and once again lead to relevant political authorities’ complacency to the problems.

The contentious act had drawn Supreme Court attention with the petition on allegations of 1582 cases including a minor, the 12-year-old boy in the north eastern state of Manipur alone citing extra judicial killings from 2000 -2012.

The victims in other states in the north east and Jammu & Kashmir with troop commissioned under Disturbed Areas Act continue to plea on the veracity of prolonged army presence in these regions with no sincere commitment from political powers in the state and Central government to resolve the longstanding issues contributing to status quo. Not to mention the unresolved disputes for decades fomenting frustration evolving into militancy and rebel factions converting the otherwise solvable situation into an armed conflict due to lack of political will and economic opportunity.

Meanwhile, the locals caught in the crossfire between militants referred to as Maoists / Naxalites and Indian army, seek human rights activists’ assistance to access facilities and services that are critically affected depriving them of basic existence. There are many humanitarians who engage in providing help to civilians in these troubled spots or remote and rural areas that are neglected by political cadre.

Now in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s newly invented accusations against human rights activists, the aid to civilians is deceptively phrased as logistics and intellectual support to rebels contrary to actual state of affairs.  Among those accused, the United States native Sudha Bharadwaj, Professor of Law, civil rights activist and advocate for Adivasis (the indigenous tribe) in India against land acquisition held in House Arrest pending hearing in the Indian Supreme Court on September 6 is branded anti-national and accused of alleged links with the government banned organization coining the phrase Urban Naxalite.

Instead of reviewing the conditions and deriving solutions in these parts of the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government targeting human rights activists in good standing and high reputation in civil society for political reasons is a travesty.

The earlier incidents last year targeted intellectuals, academics, poets and writers viewed as government critics with at least four individuals gunned down much to national dismay. These actions categorically threaten democracy with state intolerance and prejudice and are in accordance with NWO prescribing civil rights suppression exerting extra judicial power at the executive branch.

There is no doubt the political witch hunt prompting incarceration and potential imprisonment of respectable members in civil society made scapegoat in the self-inflicting damage to political authority and those behind the devious strategy.

The question arises on the vitriolic innuendoes referring to treason, sedition and subversion that are aptly epitomized by political parties in India alternating terms in office.  The political parties’ subservience to foreign elements as the colonial imperial power demonstrated in their acquiescence to neoliberal globalization and subversion of democracy to appease global masters whom they serve for individual political aspirations and vested interests.

The proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating were clearly proved in two instances – once in December 2012 by Sonia Gandhi in the lethal intervention of the rape victim’s medical treatment tantamount to state murder of an Indian citizen and declining to reveal her given name from birth. BJP on the same trail withholding her name with political members and Bollywood charlatans rhyming the state imposed pseudo name for the victim in media appearance was classic narcissism.

The other being Prime Minister Narendra Modi government in Delhi and State of Maharashtra sacrilege of the national flag and significantly the bona fide patriots and martyrs of Indian independence that is now in shackles displayed in Bollywood actress demise from alcoholism in February 2018.  The self-caricature and desperate tactic only established corrupt mindset in Indian politics.

Last but not the least, the insinuation on my house arrest is an ill-conceived fantasy for political class and sycophants as I am a free spirit and ever remain so believing and committed towards individual and collective freedom of all species on earth.

Whereas Prime Minister Narendra Modi implicated on communal violence in Godhra, Gujarat and accordingly rejection of travel visa to United States is something to introspect when aiming at others on unsubstantiated charges.

The human rights activists facing complaints share the fundamental rights like those in politics and they are innocent until proven guilty barring manipulation and manufacturing of false evidence.

Perhaps draining the political swamp considering the overwhelming majority in politics on either side of political aisle have associations and connections to fugitives like Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya to name a few and in the domestic front Ambani, Adani, Reddy Brothers and the likes bankrupting Indian economy would provide credence to the prospects of New India.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter