Corona Virus – Politics and Pandemic Management

April 7, 2020

Corona Virus – Politics and Pandemic Management

Padmini Arhant

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Meanwhile, the pandemonium on hydroxychloroquine as incontrovertible life saving drug in the absence of reliable scientific data providing evidence on the drug as the potent antidote to treat massive victims of the pandemic caused by SARS CoV2 corona virus barring potential diverse side effects is haste making waste.

There is no doubt that governments role is important in the pandemic management. At the same time, governments and any industry becoming the substitute for scientific and medical experts specializing in infectious disease control such as epidemiologist, virologists, microbiologists and public health authorities in the relevant field…witnessed at present unnecessarily exacerbates the raging contagion virus impact.

No lives could be gambled with on hypothesis and speculations generating confusion for political and commercial interests.

The world is confronted with an unprecedented global health crisis in addition to the biggest economic challenge legitimately being the immediate concern and anxiety for billions around the world. In the current situation, political leaderships and government rational approach and discernment would alleviate tension to the otherwise pandemic explosion. 

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Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter