Spiritualism – Felicitations on Holy Month Ramadan Commencement

July 10, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Felicitations! To followers of Islam observing the holy month of Ramadan.

Almighty God initiated and established religions represents peace and harmony with service to humanity regarded the primary purpose.

Islam like other religions is the epitome of peace, humility and sanctity with trust in God.

In the holy month, the pious and faithful adhere to fasting from dawn to dusk praying for self and others well being in the arduous life journey.

Religious prayers and customs provide opportunity for self-purification enabling better performance in daily life.

The greed motivated activities adopting violence as the means contributes to people suffering around the world.

Furthermore, the erosion of human qualities and characteristics attributed to self-interests at others expense exacerbates victims experience.

Human approach to life espousing compassion, mutual respect, understanding and cooperation for common good is productive permeating peace and stability.

The conscious indulgence aimed at harming individuals or collective members in society and ultimately the nation at large invariably has adverse impact on sources in accordance with natural law – reaping what they sow in life.

All actions bear consequences and none exempt from judgment regardless of personal views and disposition in this context.

Human form with discriminatory power is a gift to exalt rather than deteriorate in functionality. The challenge remains in exercising discernment and sincere commitment towards positive development.

Contemporarily, forces aspiring dominance target nations to cause civilization collapse that essentially leads to self-destruction.

The rise of fallacious and presumptuous power declining natural process is self-defeating and expedite imminent downfall.

The divine intervention ends degeneration directing evolution in the path of preservation and recreation of energy to reflect Supreme Being manifestation.

Any obstacles to prevent pre-determined events are illusive and evasive deployment resisting inevitable outcome favoring mankind.

Human efforts for elevation in spirit demonstrating humanitarian values by caring and sharing attributes would guarantee universal benefit.

The will to succeed in self-emancipation from negativities naturally leads to salvation.

May the unnecessary warfare,unrest and human ordeal across the globe cease with merciful and generous God’s blessings!

Wishing Muslims and non-Muslims inner peace and unity during much anticipated Holy Ramadan and thereafter.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant