Spiritualism – Happy Easter! 2013

March 31, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Happy Easter! To all celebrating this important and joyous day when Lord Jesus appeared before the ardent disciple and apostles confirming the Lord’s resurrection to life following crucifixion that is observed as Holy Friday.

Lord Jesus Christ sacrifice was not only to absolve the world of sins and impurities but also to teach mankind the choices available to them in self-redemption and that being righteousness utilizing discriminatory power to distinguish between right and wrong at every opportunity.

Upon exercising will to deter negativity often misleading human mind, anyone could experience peaceful existence when they vow not to harm them or others and,

Instead strive to outreach the distressed, needy, defenseless and voiceless…especially now in the hour of great turmoil and senseless violence causing destruction to many innocent fellow beings on earth.

Lord Jesus exemplified his teachings providing guidance in overcoming vices often creating obstacles in the path of light.

When there is self-determination and resolve to abstain from temptations generating unnecessary problems for individual and surrounding that qualifies as conquest over dominant factor.

Human attempt to achieve peace within is a preliminary step towards normal living and enables proper functioning without fear, grievance and dissatisfaction.

The contemporary age is grappling with confusion not knowing contentment in material value and illusion in reaching for mirage as the real image driven by aspirations ignoring immeasurable adversity primarily to the source in the form of personal suffering subsequently inflicted on the members close and far away.

Whenever desires are beyond control transforming into overwhelming greed or even worse contempt for the imaginary enemy rather than recognition of own characteristics proved to be degenerative, the process results in precipitous self-decline and succumb to ill-fate.

Life is unpredictable like the ocean waves and appreciation for self-possessions with development of attributes such as sharing would promote benevolence found in the vastness of the sea representing creator’s magnanimity towards all creations contributing to ecological balance critical in inter-dependent yet independent survival.

Easter is an occasion to felicitate the return of Lord Jesus Christ in glory and acknowledgment of Almighty God as the benefactor in pervasive manifestation.

Happy Easter to all around the world!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant