Gubernatorial and Congressional Race – 2009

November 5, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To the winners in the recent election that has revitalized the Republican Party grabbing the gubernatorial race in Virginia and New Jersey, similarly reassured the Democratic side with the historic win in upstate New York and anticipated victory in California that anything is possible in general.

Since the election outcome, the Republican members’ rhetoric is directed towards the Democrats’ domestic policies particularly the health care reform and the ‘cap and trade’ bill. As usual, some pundits targeted the ruling majority’s agenda and concluded that the electorate’s verdict on Tuesday’s election was the quid pro quo to the Republican minority.

Politics is convenient. Naturally, the wind is not meant to blow in one direction and more so in a democratic environment. The Republican base and members have all the reasons to be jubilant considering the consecutive defeats in 2006 and 2008. However, interpreting the current two- states election results, as national representation is optimistic and often witnessed in the partisan political arena.

Synonymously, California would have enthusiastically bid farewell to the incumbent administration given the disastrous performance by the head of the state and the legislature.

Two common factors were prominent in the electoral results – poor voter turnout and the electorate dissatisfaction.

Like stated earlier in my letter – ‘2010 Elections – Response to President Bill Clinton’ published on this website, October 15, 2009, category – Politics – United States.

“The burden is on the elected officials to honor the pledge made on the campaign trails and not become habitual of post-election betrayal during their term in the office. The conventional political trend that maintains a campaign policy and then adapt to the elected term policy to appease all except the ‘average’ electorate has to change to energize the voter turnout.

Therefore, the voter frustration often leads to abstinence enabling the opposition gain majority by default. It’s typical of every democracy.”

It’s rather interesting to note the exuberance displayed subsequent to the electoral process, claiming that “conservative resurrection,” is a national warning to the ‘liberal’ or ‘far-left’ policies in Washington.

Amid confused celebratory moments, it’s essential for a reality check to enlighten the critics’ minds anchored on the ‘progressive’ movement dedicated to bring about the long overdue ‘change’ in Washington and shift focus on the issues demanding urgent action.

First, the Republican legislators in Washington until date have remarkably protested national progress in every step of the way in line with the conservative ideology to blockade economic opportunity and social equality to the American public regardless of political affiliations.

Sadly, the political ambition overrides the rationale that poverty, hunger, disease, joblessness…the economic woes are non-discriminatory and affects the people at large.

When the Republican lawmakers unconstitutionally vowed to derail legislations purely on partisanship, the political characteristics define the elected officials’ individual goal. The standard pretext to vote against public cause is “Big Government” and “Out-of-control” spending.

At the same time, the fiscal conservatives have absolutely no qualms voting for the disproportionate defense budget producing casualties at an alarming rate, while holding reservations for life saving legislations such as health care and environment.

Although, the noise is deafening in terms of vehement opposition to the economic stimulus, health care debate, environment etc., the conservatives’ crafty maneuvering of the political discourse without a viable and guaranteed solutions to any national issues confronting the country thus far signifies political ingenuity.

Having been responsible for the crises – economic, social and international, one would expect the driver driving the bus into the ditch to apply the necessary skills and save lives instead of planning further sabotage. Unfortunately, it’s an unacceptable strategy for the conservatives on both sides of the aisles determined to grandstand the people in a democracy.

American democracy is viewed as excessively tolerant to inaction in legislative matters that has emboldened the special interest to issue ultimatums through their paid representatives in the Senate and Congress on health care and other public concerns, rendering the government of the people, by the people and for the people a mere political formality.

Another extremely distressing social topic is –

‘The Maine voters’ repealing the Gay rights to ‘Same Sex Marriage.’

Ironically, nationwide the opposing majority classify them as ‘fervently religious’ and yet conveniently disregard the Universal Gospel that ‘All are created equal.’ The antipathy towards the civil and constitutional right seeking legalization of the marriage is regressive for a modern culture that takes enormous pride as an egalitarian society.

Reverting to the electoral success, it’s for the Republican governors in the states of Virginia and New Jersey to be the rainmakers with the political capital at their disposal now. Perhaps, they could share the secret formula or ‘mantra’ with their counterparts in other states like California and Capitol Hill to expedite the economic recovery.

I convey my best wishes to the Governors-elect Robert McDonnell of Virginia and Chris Christie of New Jersey and Congressmen Bill Owens, New York and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi of California in their new challenging roles serving the respective states and constituency.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant