Imperialism – Anti Humanity Doctrine

September 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Colonialism survival predominantly dependent on hierarchy and polarization in society with duplicity in policy not to mention adopting any means to sustain unsustainable parasitic tradition.

Colonial strategy is subversion of religion sanctity and civilization heritage.

British Raj during overt reign in India created Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) in 1930 promoted as Hindu fundamentalists when in reality the organization and political parties pledged allegiance to colonial power until today.

RSS creation is imperialists affront to Hindu religion and Hindu philosophy committed to secularism. At the other end of the spectrum are factions in British partitioned Pakistan opposed to constructive process with India.

Similarly, British colonial power produced Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt projected as Islamic fundamentalists while aiding and abetting the rise of Muslim Brotherhood behind the scenes to serve colonial agenda.

Not surprisingly Muslim Brotherhood refrained from participation in Egypt uprising against Western ally – the dictatorial regime of ex-President Hosni Mubabarak in Tehrir Square, Cairo in 2011.

Furthermore, the so-called first democratic election in Egypt following the western partner Mubarak government ouster in 2011 fielded western candidate Mohammad Morsi representing none other than Muslim Brotherhood.

The dichotomy in imperialists pretense to generate impression of western aversion for fundamentalism with legacy fostering extremism using religion and communal divide expose true identity.

The contrived position extended through RSS in India essentially subscribes to subordination and marginalization prevalent in Indian caste system.

The imperialist response via RSS to the article published on this site titled India – Good Governance Upon Clean Governance calling for abolition of antiquated caste structure in Indian society beckons attention.

RSS chief – interestingly named Bhagwat in the backdrop of goddess Durga banner referring to Indian caste classification as Indian family system proclaimed the degenerative practice – Akshunn interpreted as unbroken and Takat (power) of Hindu Samaj (society).

In fact, the society crafted caste pyramid is proved Apshakun i.e. bad omen and  b weakness not power derailing social progress notwithstanding contradiction in India’s status as thriving secular democracy.

A real functioning democracy would exemplify equality and respect human values determined by deed not creed. 

The archaic caste custodians cherish discriminatory practice voiding eligibility to be part of human race for the term human is derived from HUMANE – the  salient characteristic for Homo sapiens in Mammalia.

Again India’s caste orientation always ranks first among other problems in western criticism about India revealing imperialists hypocritical overture.

The caste denomination is farcical conflicting with the current trend in every other individual’s claim as almighty God. 

Above all the superiority asserted on caste based criteria bowing to cannibal sponsors is the irony.


RSS and Muslim League / Brotherhood are two sides of the coin to serve imperial cause – disparage religions relevantly Hinduism and Islam respectively besides establishment of proxy governance.

Imperialism favored dynasty and despotism alternated in politics denying sovereignty and republic rule.

Imperialism contemporary involvement sponsoring terrorism recruit vulnerable and credulous youth branded as jihadists to destabilize nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Likewise, Central and South Asia notably Afghanistan and Pakistan declared failed states with terror manifestation strengthened through arms supply and military aid.

ISIL evolution into ISIS having emerged from imperial power designed al Qaeda is a classic symptom of ailing supremacy to prolong decadence.

The imperialist destructive goals verifiable in Afghanistan’s Helmand province depriving Afghan farmers from food agriculture such as wheat, maize, mung beans, nuts and produce…forced into poppy cultivation from western capital and profits shared by Taliban – supposedly the enemy combatant fighting against United States and NATO for the last fourteen years in the U.S. taxpayers funded warfare.

Imperialists anti humanity doctrine targets religion, social, political, economic and environment development in the self-effacing stratagem.

The counterproductive course best abandoned since actions have repercussions without exception.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







Womanhood in the Twenty First Century – 2015

March 4, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Mankind achievements in various fields compromised in the lack of progress in human relations with discriminatory practice cherished among those reining control over global society.

The prevalent prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic background is the strategy to polarize world for individual and selective groups vested interests.

The gender bias against women in the twenty first century demonstrates civilization decline considering women  progressiveness prior to hegemony era. 

Contemporarily the treatment of women is appalling worldwide and in the western society in particular with false projection on gender equality.

The women hired to disparage womanhood for political reasons and vendetta could not possibly belong to female gender and such engagement signifies serious ethical insolvency given the participants affluence.

Furthermore, the volunteers’ characteristics are revealed in the process and confirm self-degradation in promoting opinionated characterization for specific agenda.

This is yet another evidence of exploitation exposing the source and desperate means in the self-destructive involvement.

The taxpayers funded broadcasting network misused for propaganda clarifies the system being grossly abused to serve the self-proclaimed privileged society and their convoluted disposition.

In providing platform with defamation objective i.e. projecting women as nothing except objects of voyeurism is a reflection on the culture and women status in the respective domain of those behind provocative indulgence.

Western democracy and women’s rights is a myth with misogynist orientation prominent in professional, political and public arena.

Ignorance combined with presumptuousness could be an abyss for those refusing to honor women excellence since time immemorial.

Regardless behind successful man is a great woman proved until the present time.

The male chauvinism is highlighted in condescendence towards women ignoring the fact on motherhood.

The motherhood experience in the birth of a child and nurture leading to the existence of a man or a woman in the world could not be slighted on any grounds. 

Not to mention the outstanding accomplishments by women despite barriers and glass ceilings to prevent them even in the modern age. 

The eastern origin is fortified with tremendous contributions from women in history.

Spiritualism relevantly Hindu religion grant the highest position for women represented by Goddess Durga as Sakti – the energy in life and all creations in the universe.

The equal partnership depicted in Siva-Sakti, the dynamic duo as inseparable divine forces epitomize the importance of feminine attributes facilitating creation, preservation and restoration of matter.

Hindu Goddesses ParaSakti, the invincible recognized for incredible valor in dealing with negative elements wreaking havoc on earth and netherworld.

Goddess Saraswati personifies knowledge, arts, music and cultural endowments.

Goddess Lakshmi revered for prosperity in every aspect.

Indian heritage also pays tribute to womanhood in saluting mother earth as Bhooma Devi, sacred cow worshipped as Gau-Mata also known as Annapurani meaning benefactor with cornucopia  of food for global consumption.

Mother nature – rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Cauveri, Godavari, Narmada and Gomati to name a few in the tributaries proliferating life. 

Poignantly Bharati or Bharat Mata – India is the motherland for 1.2 billion people. 

The language identified as mother tongue proudly spoken nationwide and across the globe by Indian diaspora.

Last but not the least, the distortion and mockery of current divine mission alluding to gender confusion is notably self-contradictory. 

In English language – the references She or s(he) and woman otherwise wo(man) conspicuously related to unisex / cross gender pronouncing male association with fe(male).

Interestingly the pronouns have male following the female perhaps emphasizing the significance of womanhood not necessarily acknowledged to the fullest extent!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant