United States – Fourth of July (Independence Day) 2011

July 4, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

United States celebrates declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

Independence day marks the value of freedom, the inalienable human right conforming to natural law that all are born to be free.

Nations across the world have fought for sovereignty since civilization and the battle continues now in the modern age.

Previously the countries were seeking emancipation from foreign invaders on their soil and presently the struggle remains the same but made complex with the people fighting against the respective heads of state or governments appointed by external powers for political and economic dominance.

Land invasions are prevalent at extreme human suffering in the relevant domain denying them an opportunity to survive without violence.

Exerting authority by use of force through armed personnel traditionally recruited for national defense and public security is exclusively used for advancing personal agenda.

Freedom oppression is not restricted to political rights although the representation would grant equal access to the marginalized segments in the society drawing attention with funding for various problems related to social, economic and environment cause.

Economic freedom is increasingly deprived with governments under corporate control in the globalization era focused on remaining in power while special interests draft legislation to suit their immediate and long-term goals leaving the main street vulnerable to fiscal woes stemming from various industries assertive role in policy matter.

From taxation to toxic assets, the decisions favor the wealthiest and corporate interests with financial burden on the average citizens escalating beyond realistic means exacerbating national debt settlement.

The deficit contributed by unsubstantiated expansive warfare, corporate indulgence in activities producing unmitigated losses and inherent corruption within political class are addressed imposing severe austerities to the detriment of mainstream population despite them being the victims in the willful economic mismanagement.

Instead the quasi functionality sharing the public and private sector attributes directed at job oriented economic growth, environmental protection and social development in bridging the gap between the haves and have-nots could be nationally beneficial accelerating productivity and required efficiency at all levels.

In the contemporary period, freedom is determined by influential political powers discretionary actions executed under national security pretext defying international law on human rights and warfare.

Meanwhile political representatives elected to office in a democracy to curb misuse of power at the executive and legislative branch seemingly positioned at defending or objecting similar policies based on party affiliations rather than implications on humanity at large allowing individual sentiments override rationality.

The Superpower syndrome is exhibited in maintaining large military presence via combat forces and/or utilizing sophisticated technology to circumvent the contentious ‘boots on the ground’ factor,

Besides holding the so-called terror suspects in detention indefinitely without due process showing little or no concern for others rights and their freedom aspirations.

Patriot Act targeting citizens for political reasons is an affirmation of discriminatory law fostering isolation and polarization within diverse society.

United States freedom is rejoiced every year with fanfare and justified in commemorating hard fought independence.

Simultaneously being instrumental, as honest brokers barring preferential treatment in the establishment of independent states would further signify the prominent image as the land of the free and home of the brave.

For instance in the Middle East peace process – according to the latest reports on June 29, 2011:

“Military cooperation with Israel is at an all-time high;

President Barack Obama has supplied Israel with a key missile defense system;

The U.S. boycotted an anti-racism conference seen as anti-Israel; and

America is set to spend valuable international political capital beating back a Palestinian independence declaration at the United Nations in September.”

U.S. involvement behind the scenes with respect to Libya, Egypt, and constantly against Palestine favoring the strongest ally Israel has been counterproductive derailing the six decades old conflict resolution.

Whether it is Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and poignantly Palestine among Islamic nations or North Korea, Tibet, Burma…in Asia,

Likewise in Africa and Latin America in the absence of vested interests,

United States and U.N. permanent Security Council members’ procrastination in extending unequivocal support and solidarity to the persecuted citizens’ liberation movement has consistently disrupted long overdue political liberty and republic rule free of foreign influence.

U.N. Security Council permanent membership reconfiguration request with members representing the economic and geopolitical status reflecting twenty first century progress and constraints is rejected excepting false promises to certain aspirants in order to secure trade agreements – confirms the lack of commitment for genuine world peace.

United States is at the helm to be the wind beneath the wings for the nations in rising like a phoenix.

Freedom cherished at home is dedicated to those who sacrificed their precious life,

Notwithstanding the courageous patriots for their ingenuity and thoughtful framework to guide the nation on the path to glory upholding democratic principles, national sovereignty through republic governance and honoring civil rights.

Happy Fourth of July!

Peace on earth.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Celebrating Fourth of July – Independence Day

July 4, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

July 4th is a glorious occasion for all Americans. On this day, the native and the naturalized citizens come together to cherish the individual freedom that still remains a far-fetched dream for many around the world.

Independence Day is an opportunity to commemorate the nation’s birthday. It honors the founding fathers’ wisdom, resolve and vision for the country they pledged to serve not only during their lifetime, but also beyond the foreseeable future.

“All are created equal and born to be free,” – the natural law has been discarded by human race since evolution and the dominance of some over others is exercised as an “entitlement.”

Liberty is an inalienable right of every life on earth. Yet, freedom is seized from the weak and forced to pay a price through sacrifice and prolonged struggle to regain the fundamental right.

For the unfortunate, the oppression continues without a ray of hope in the lifelong battle that spans over generations.

The minority that controls the majority justify their actions through various interpretations, despite the evidence proving otherwise.

The complacency to the territorial annexation, occupying lands for economic benefits and denying equality to fellow human beings has promoted injustice against the vulnerable population resigned to the reality as the destiny.

Throughout history, human behavior is consistent in the invasion, occupation, persecution and annihilation in the extreme events. From Stone Age to Digital Era, the pattern is maintained with the variation in imperialism evolved into totalitarianism.

United States and other nations’ contribution in restoring sovereignty during the twentieth century world wars is significant and saved humanity from tyranny.

Subsequently, such involvements have yielded unsavory results due to the mission lacking in clarity and purpose.

The courageous troops in harm’s way diligently serve the nation to protect the freedom rejoiced by the people on this Independence Day. They are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Human suffering is brought upon by excess greed for wealth and power. It has led to perpetual warfare with serious economic and political ramifications.

Regardless of the tremendous human progress, peace is not an overwhelming choice in resolving disputes.

Aggression and violence precedes diplomacy and peaceful measures indicating the lack of patience.

Defense spending consuming the major proportion of the budget is given priority and the society’s economic needs rejected on the ‘national debt’ criteria.

United States was envied for being the model democracy and lately the civil liberties has been compromised under “FISA and Patriot Act,” with wiretapping, monitoring private communication, NSA warrantless surveillance…rendering freedom a privilege at the authority’s discretion.

Global security is threatened by terror. Terrorism is a revenge for the bad elements.

Sadly, the groups are emboldened by the failed policies of the corrupt political powers depriving the local population from the economic and political freedom to live and thrive in their domain.

Terror recruitments would decline sharply, if the people in the impoverished regions have access to necessities such as clean drinking water, health and education, agriculture and industrial growth at the least.

Instead, the economic and political powers have maximized military intervention with minimal or zero investments in the social and economic development, transforming the environment into a war zone for a decade and longer from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Freedom is the natural gift for the living.

History is testimony to the fact that none shall ever remain in eternal foreign rule.

The declaration of independence by the United States on July 4, 1776 followed by several other nations exemplifies the inevitable success to the oppressed.

Happy Fourth of July!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

July 4, Independence Day

July 5, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

July 4th is a memorable day for all Americans to cherish the freedom of choice in every respect as citizens of this great nation.

The American society not only celebrates freedom like most free nations across the world but also strives to liberate those deserving equality no matter where they belong.

The President’s inspiring call to serve humanity on this day resonates with the patriots’ decision to pledge their valuable resources that enabled the Independence Day commemorated with joy through spectacular fireworks decorating the night.

The courageous troops in harm’s way protecting the freedom rejoiced by many on this day of Independence remain in most citizens’ thoughts and prayers all year around.

American freedom is the envy of the world, however regretfully the citizens’ privacy as well as civil liberties compromised in the past and present time with the wiretapping and monitoring private citizens’ communication by NSA warrantless surveillance in the wake of national security – a scapegoat in the divisive matter.

Freedom is a precious gift not possessed by all. There are millions on earth desperately seeking choices in life and often deprived of fundamental rights. While, in the land of the free and the home of the brave – freedom sometimes taken for granted with respect to the second amendment or the fourth amendment exhibiting excessive firepower figuratively and otherwise.

In view of the status quo related to citizens’ safety and privacy, freedom exercised with care and humanitarian concern is an ideal guide to those aspiring to be free.

The happiness from the Fourth of July legacy will continue to flow beyond expectations and shared by those dependent upon the leader of the free world for life honored with independent will.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
P.S. Please stand by for views and analysis on important issues concerning the State of California and the nation in general.