United States – Shooting Incident (False Flag) in San Bernardino, California

December 5, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The shooting incident scheduled once a month in the United States claiming innocent lives has a pattern.

The established false flag event with patsies never challenged for conspicuous odds accepting impropriety in the featured crisis.

Despite dragnet surveillance and prevalent espionage activity, the attackers in gun violence somehow always escape the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) watchful eyes and intelligence agencies radar.

The slip reveals the surveillance conducted on law abiding and peaceful citizens constituting harassment and stalking while sheltering members and behind the scenes operatives posing security threats in the country.

The operation unleashing violence and committing mass murder followed by media frenzy creating hysteria, xenophobia and misogyny is the standard practice.

Another consistency in the organized shooting episodes in the United States is the suspects are always killed rather than apprehended denying victims families and the nation access to facts and premise.

State policing shifting from suppression of non-violent dissent and civil rights to forces complicit in harming and endangering lives in society would exemplify tax payers funded indulgence appropriate.

When authorities sponsor terrorism providing financial assistance, arms supply and training to terror networks maintained using different names at every stage and currently referred to as Daesh terror groups,

The nation is no longer free with sovereignty compromised by fallacious interests.

The abuse of power and public trust violation clarify the enemy within necessitating actions to implement checks and balances to restore republic rule.

Prolonging status quo desensitize reactions to repeat occurrence imposing premeditated will.

Security lapse and agencies negligence in intercepting plots and targeted killings contributing to senseless violence and tragic deaths in the shooting rampage.

Besides, the important factor on gun control legislation with requirement for background checks to prevent unsavory elements procurement of assault and deadly weapons is the minimal procedure missing due to little or no concern for others life.

The lack of political drive to protect citizens nationwide proves misplaced priority in governance under special interests control.

National Rifles Association (NRA) representing defense industry and the military industrial complex at large lobbying Congress gaining preference over citizens’ safety explains the state of affairs and the urgent need to revive democracy.

Citizens initiative and activism in the removal of illegitimate incognito power run parallel government is the solution to problems in the deteriorating political, economic and social environment.

I offer my condolence to grieving families and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the latest violence in San Bernardino, California.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













United States – 9/11 Anniversary in 2013

September 11, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States and the rest of the world paralyzed with historic false flag terror attack on September 11, 2001.

The event was a direct assault on humanity at large justifying  terrorism and militarism under false premise that continues with no end in sight.

Notwithstanding the manufactured crises setting precedence for tradition followed over a decade with infringement on civil rights and  individual liberty besides violation of innocent lives and national sovereignty worldwide.

The architects, sponsors and operatives with political establishment complicity behind the horrific crime against defenseless civilivans remain engaged in their mission targeting nations for economic interest and strategic dominance.

In fact, 9/11 created opportunity for abuse of power with enactment of laws viz. the Patriot Act,  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) evolving into the most controversial and intrusive National Surveillance Act (NSA) under the current administration.

The recent unconstitutional rule among many others is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing the state to pursue American citizens as potential terror suspects denying due process and leaving them entirely at military tribunal mercy.

Internationally, 9/11 facilitated arbitrary invasions and military intervention including the war on religions with connotation such as extremism provoking communal unrest and sectarianism to destabilize nations for hegemonic goals.

The proxy representation of hegemony subverts democracy and subjugate population depriving them real freedom and progress.

The forces responsible for 9/11 ironically setting rules that they are in constant violation since inception and their non-compliance on universal standards pronounce unsavory characteristics disqualifying them as moral authority in humanitarian affairs.

Unless the members and states involved in 9/11 terror beginning with Project for New American Century (PNAC) masterminds and the rest that are persistently implementing the agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere until today brought to justice,

The organized crime and state terrorism would be euphemistically established as the viable system under the guise of national security.

United States citizens galvanizing grass roots movement transcending differences need to reclaim sovereignty and restore democracy with republic governance ending foreign and special interests control attributed to dismal status quo.

Similarly, the people in other parts of the world especially the nations with leaderships compromising national integrity and self-determination rights for hegemony indoctrinated concepts like neo-liberalism in economic issues and ne0-conservatism espousing belligerence designed to promote neo-imperialism required to rise to the occasion for necessary political reform.

Republic is the legitimate powerhouse to shift the tide and liberate the country from authoritarianism and unilateralism increasingly disregarding constitutional and democratic values on all matter concerning humankind and environment.

Preventing pseudo operations conducted to prolong the so-called war on terror having launched al-Qaeda through 9/11 and using them as allies in Syria and adversary in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia to benefit drone industry and defense sector broadly is critical and possible with independent committee probing the veracity of such indulgence.

In conclusion, the public participation and activism institutionalizing checks and balances for transparency and accountability  without exception is the way forward to avert yet another 9/11 –  the incontrovertible deception and fraudulent activity that not only claimed millions of lives and livelihoods but also redefined the meaning of true liberty and justice.

The best tribute to victims of 9/11 and subsequent illegal wars is to purge violence adopting peaceful and non-violent effective strategies that could be demonstrated with unanimous call for ceasefire and terror network withdrawal from Syria and other war zones across the globe alongside immediate closure of the infamous Guantanamo Bay. 

The secret to success in dispute settlements is commitment and sincerity towards diplomacy leading to reciprocal actions on mutually binding agreement.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







United States – Mother’s Day Recognition and Honoring Critical Parental Role

May 13, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Mother’s Day observed on second Sunday of May every year is a tradition in recognition of critical parental role in a family.

The significance to motherhood beginning with child bearing and rearing reflected in responsibility often demand sacrifices in providing best possible life for children.

Most importantly values determine individual development besides inherent qualities and abilities to perform duties efficiently avoiding counterproductive activities for meaningful existence.

Purposeful living is entirely dependent on personal discretion and choices that are available throughout life journey.

Strong family ties and parental support enable adaptation to diverse experiences boosting courage in dealing with crises.

Genuine attention and proper care promotes love and peace in family working together for common goal.

The professional qualifications are necessary and beneficial for successful career with monetary rewards leading to comfortable and affluent lifestyle along with fame and glory.

However, selfless contributions expressing empathy and compassion towards those enduring injustice or alleviating pain and suffering indiscriminately in society defines human character far exceeding any achievements in the realm of physical world.

In this context, the request from a grieving mother, Mrs. Zubeida Tsamaev to return her deceased son Tamerlan Tsamaev body for burial in their hometown could be obliged displaying kindness – the core element of human nature rising above negativities serving none for all are destined to leave and judged according to deeds without exception.

Tamerlan Tsamaev was denied justice in Boston bombing and killed without due process having become the trend in false flag operations while his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsamaev was reportedly shot in the throat and rendered voiceless in the tragic incident.

United States declining to act against those directly responsible for massacre on 9/11 and subsequent genocide in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Myanmar, Syria and other destinations through drone strikes killing many innocent civilians with impunity is justified as abstention from retribution for redemption.

Meanwhile denying a mother access to her sons with one dead and the other alive only to be held in indefinite detention deprived of legal representation is indeed travesty of justice in serious requirement of introspection on humanitarian matter.

Life offers opportunity to rectify erroneous decisions changing course for self-improvement and greater good.

Slighting the option is indicative of deliberate choice to proceed in pursuit of illusion.

Hopefully reason and mercy would prevail allowing fairness in sending Tamerlan Tsamaev remains to legitimate relatives – Zubeida Tsamaev and Anzor Tsamaev, parents of the departed soul.

Mothers Day and Father Day or other benefactor respected every day with beneficiaries positive action would be gratifying rather than once every year occasion as a subtle reminder to appreciate fruitful relation.

Happy Mothers Day all year round!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

United States – The dichotomy of Justice and Political Power License to Kill

April 28, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The bombing in Boston, Massachusetts that reportedly claimed three lives and many injured has led to usual dramatic findings by authorities showing no correlation with series of events at the specific time.

The simultaneous explosion in JFK Presidential library and center reported in this context is off public radar shifting focus on convoluted versions to masquerade masterminds and their motives behind chaos and confusion.

Since 9/11 false flag attack on American soil laying the foundation for illegal invasions of countries posing no threat to United States and the west whatsoever,

The weapons of mass deception is convenient prerogative for western aggression and colonization of foreign land.

The justification to launch state complicit or sponsored terror in the United States and wherever possible is the trend utilizing self-granted impunity to commit crimes against humanity.

Despite substantial evidences on 9/11 implicating United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain,

The entire matter evaded with creation of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Bagram in Afghanistan and Abu Ghraib in Iraq not to mention the gulags in occupied Palestine constituting United States, Israel and Britain legacy in the twenty first century.

The former President George W. Bush coined the phrase Axis of Evil then accusing Iraq, Iran and North Korea in that category and more than a decade later the characterization evidently fits the trio United States, Israel and Britain for flagrant abuse of the office of Presidency and Prime Minister respectively representing the so-called democratic western society.

In the face of numerous false flag operations in the United States and overseas to perpetuate terror and catastrophe considering real perpetrators of crimes at the political helm are protected from investigation let alone prosecution,

The comfort zone facilitates tyranny exploiting national and international tolerance to egregious decisions to destroy sovereign nations for geopolitical dominance.

Notwithstanding collusion in the killings of own population on 9/11 continued until now in the spate of shooting violence and bomb attacks including drone strikes targeting U.S. citizens anywhere.

Likewise, Chemtrails in residential neighborhood qualifying use of chemical weapons in the United States are few of many horrific crimes involving state authorities misuse of power and presumptuousness in the license to kill at will on and offshore.

Boston bombing is a trail following neocon Zionist ideology driven 9/11 attack to implement the unconstitutional and undemocratic NDAA policy.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows political power to apprehend United States citizens as potential terror suspects regardless of activity handing them over to military tribunal for indefinite detention without due process.

Although three civilians reportedly died in Boston bombing and several wounded as well,

The ground situation and credible witnesses accounts clarify that this incident was rehearsed prior to the plan coming into fruition with Black Ops carrying back packs swarming the site and security personnel contingency with bomb sniffing dogs were present in full view of CCTV.

Furthermore, the explosions from Black Ops back packs verifiably captured on CCTV confirmed in news reports and crew departure just minutes before detonation arguably lead to state organized crime.

Soon after Boston carnage, the state controlled media quoted as the authorities having held a 19 year old dark skin Saudi national and the claim faded away suppressing the tale.

Subsequently, the two American citizens of Chechen origin accused as terror suspects were reportedly unarmed and yet the 26 year old brother Tamerlan Tsamaev was shot dead by police on April 19 and the 19 year old younger brother Dzhokhar Tsamaev sustained bullet injury apparently in his throat losing speech capability.

These bizarre developments in Boston bombing and none available for questioning in Sandy Hook elementary school shooting with that crime aborted as suicide mission and,

Previously Abbottabad fiasco declaring unarmed residents killed by U.S. navy seals in that house in Pakistan was Osama Bin Laden having disposed the slain body in North Arabian sea and post operation not even sparing navy seals lives for corroboration are repeat criminal activities conducted with absolute power.

In the absence of checks and balances to end systemic violations of civilians and civil rights in the United States and abroad, the determination to inflict suffering exponentially risen unheeding to humanitarian disaster.

United States proclaimed the land of justice affirms the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty,

Accordingly, both American citizens Tamerlan Tsamaev and Dzhokhar Tsamaev in this instance used as scapegoat deserved opportunity through fair legal representation to prove their innocence.

Instead they were violated by law enforcement agencies and the rest especially those at the top hierarchy in the political establishment quick to rush to judgment with appearances on mainstream media branding their choices of U.S. citizens as criminal elements whilst ignoring their dereliction of duty to bring the past and present administration from top to bottom to justice for war crimes and genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia Libya, Syria, Mali and Myanmar.

Poignantly burying the hatchet on 9/11 that killed 3,000 and more Americans other than foreign victims on that particular day calls for fresh audit by independent committee with no political affiliation and accountability without exception given the current escalation in state authoritarianism endangering lives and human rights all around.

United States Senate intelligence committee chairperson, intelligence agencies and bureaucrats are privy to classified information even though the prevalent practice is to classify all revealing facts surrounding government overt and covert dealings from public scrutiny.

The explicit cooperation among congressional members and counterparts in the executive branch shielding internal and external forces directly engaged in diversified mass killings not barring use of chemical weapons throughout wars besides drone strikes in the United States and foreign nations is treason against the country they are elected to serve in defiance of constitutional oath binding on them.

Intelligence agencies viz. CIA and FBI statements on Tsamaev family is contradictory to their response or the lack thereof in averting terrorism pioneered by Israel, United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and lately Turkey with certain allies providing logistic support nonetheless equal partners in crime against defenseless people.

Boston bombing undoubtedly is one of many manufactured crises in succession to 9/11 audacious stunt aimed at complete subjugation and en masse mind control seizing the occasion to introduce martial law moving away from civilian process.

The authorities are responsible for the unlawful death of suspect Tamerlan Tsamaev and the surviving suspect Dzhokhar Tsamaev should be released immediately and unconditionally for safe return and reunion with his family in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

Meanwhile, the culprits irrespective of stature and sheltered under strongest ally relations orchestrating false flag terrorism with immunity in the United States and world over are to be indicted bearing the full weight of justice on each and everyone of them to terminate indefensible atrocities against mankind.

Silence to injustice is complacency promoting carte blanche executive privilege surrendering republic status and sovereignty to feudalist system.

United States citizens awakening to dichotomy of justice rewarding the guilty and punishing the innocent – the tradition maintained in 9/11 onslaught,

Iraq war with U.S. and U.K. using depleted uranium causing million deaths and millions of refugees,

Libya, Syria and Mali massacre,

The drone assassinations by the hour in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Aiding and abetting oppression and persecution in Palestine, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Turkey and Egypt.

Instigating unrest in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korean Peninsula, Africa and Latin America.

India dragged into false flag assaults with bombing in metropolitan city Bangalore past week and interestingly suspects originate from Southern state Tamil Nadu specifically Madurai apart from the city capital Chennai. The reports indicate civilians were severely hurt in the wreckage.

U.S., west and Zionist imprints world over threatens lives and peaceful existence.

Failure to cease insanity overriding rationality would necessitate timely cosmic intervention to preserve sanctity of life and environment deficient in the contemporary era.

The global society could no longer afford the luxury to remain oblivious and decisive action is the urgent priority.

Unanimous resistance condemning blatant violence is the only alternative to achieve global peace and security.

Sincere condolences offered to families in Boston, Baghdad, Bangalore and elsewhere affected by arbitrary terror.

Also extending deep sympathy to the parents of Tamerlan Tsamaev – Mrs. Zubeidat Tsamaev and Mr. Anzor Tsamaev at the unjust loss of their son and unfair allegations leveled against their younger son Dzhokhar Tsamaev.

May God bless the souls to rest in peace and survivors strength to endure the ordeal.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Iraq – National Unity Ceasing Violence Critical for Security and Progress

April 25, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Since United States, Israel, Britain and Saudi Arabia led illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003 using weapons of mass deception before the war and actual weapons of mass destruction (WMD) through depleted uranium during the war claiming million lives and leaving millions as refugees until today,

The western belligerence persists to achieve diabolical agenda and that being Iraq fragmentation conforming to imperialists divide and conquer strategy.

United States, Israel, EU and Gulf dictatorships together currently wreak havoc on the planet openly funding, arming and training terrorists earlier in Libya and lately in Iraq and Syria.

Not to mention the prevalent policy destroying Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali and other parts of Africa.

The terror masterminds i.e. United States, Israel, EU and regional coalition elsewhere focused on destabilization with uniform effort to sabotage stability and progress world over.

Iraq having been subjected to enormous suffering going back to United States ally Saddam Hussein persecution poignantly with U.S. and Britain supplied ammunition plus chemical weapons used against Iraqi and Iranian population in the U.S. instigated Iraq-Iran warfare and,

Subsequently on Kurds and others in the country is not released from hegemony control over the oil rich nation.

The superficial withdrawal of U.S. forces in December 2011 substituted with contemporary proxies viz. private contractors and CIA as well as Mossad operatives fomenting violence besides recent deployment of three thousand and more U.S. troops to create more tension in the war fatigued state.

United States disintegration of Iraq commenced with allocation of oil reserves territory Northern Iraq as Kurdistan in May 2006 granting autonomy represented by President, Vice President and Prime Minister synonymous to Federal Government in Baghdad in political, economic and other affairs.

Although the sedition initially presented as semi-autonomous province of Iraq,

Kurdistan political structure is anything but provincial and from inception leaderships maintaining close ties with hard line regimes in Tel Aviv and Washington until now pose conflict of interest witnessed in direct oil import negotiations between Ankara and Erbil, the Kurdistan capital bypassing Iraqi government in protocol.

Similarly, creating controversy for Ankara on this issue with political opposition in the domestic front for backdoor deals lacking in transparency defying constitution and democratic rule of law.

United States ignited sparks in ongoing sectarianism aimed at delegitimizing U.S. installed government under Shia leadership Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is a twist of irony considering the turn of events after first Iraqi election until now.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki bilateral and trilateral relations with Israel’s arch nemeses Iran and Syria has been the bone of contentions prompting United States overt and Israel’s covert intervention despite their brutal warfare in accordance with neoconservatives and Zionist devised Project for New American Century targeting oil abundant and strategically important nations throughout Middle East and other Islamic states in the world.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stance on developments in Syria appropriately favoring political solution whilst rejecting United States promoted terrorism in that embattled nation and economic trade with Iran has brought undercurrents to surface revealed in western disapproval and attempts to derail existing government in Iraq.

United States prolonged occupation depleting Iraq national treasury and openly looting Iraq’s valuable possessions from antiquities to oil fields other than annihilation and decimation of lives, livelihoods and the entire country is imperialists tradition judiciously followed throughout history.

Iraq like Syria is a secular nation with various compositions within Islamic religion like Shia, Sunni and Kurds as predominant members other than Christians and any ethnic minorities in society.

United States incursion to seize control over Iraqi oil and splitting the nation into three or more smaller statelets is the pre-determination repeating exercise on Sudan that was divided into North and South allowing both nations to battle over Abyei territory delivering chaos and carnage.

Furthermore, nation in perpetual conflict is extremely lucrative to imperial powers given arsenal flurry to diverse factions in utter disregard for massive death and destruction from such callous decision.

Iraq could no longer continue bloodshed that only facilitates foreign intrusion declaring the unrest albeit caused by them is beyond containment blaming the lack of security as reason for reoccupation.

Iraqi citizens reconciliation transcending differences and barriers in recognition of each other as Iraqi is imperative for national security and progress.

Iraq belongs to natives and residents across the spectrum and national identity is significant than religious, social or economic denomination.

Kurdish sentiments about Kurdistan is understandable from the past experience in Iraq and relevant plight in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East.

However, western aspiration for Kurds is not necessarily aligned with Kurdish rights to self-determination and the former assertion in this context is disingenuous in addition to hypocritical position based on western powers involvement disrupting the specific cause in Syria, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and other nations across the globe.

The west has reserved Kurdistan for easy access and political maneuver that is not in Kurdish benefit.

Kurds solidarity with rest of Iraq sharing fair political representation and economic prospects made available to every Iraqi citizen is immediate priority terminating conflict and relentless turmoil for peaceful co-existence.

As for remaining groups in Iraq engaged in senseless killings with bombings and explosions nationwide, individual goal at national expense compromising citizens’ safety and independence evidently detrimental to present and future generation.

Iraq’s security is under siege and demonstrated just ahead of provincial election when the candidates were consistently pursued and shot dead by elements against peace and democracy.

The election held in twelve out of eighteen provinces past week with two indefinitely postponed and residual four opting out for security reasons per reports is rather unfortunate denying the electorates legitimate local governance.

The six provinces that have differed or avoided polls generate impression of fear and respective authorities inabilities to deal with untoward events enabling terrorism prevail in these areas of the country.

Iraq eliminating terror with broader restrictions on arms influx into the country and cooperation from regional and national security personnel, governments and citizens alike barring corruption are essential to combat internal and external sources behind mayhem.

Reclaiming sovereign rights on oil refineries, securing remotely operated electric power grid by removing deceptively installed software in power plants in 2007, retrieving stolen national assets with class action lawsuit are collective tasks for the nation at large.

In conclusion, Iraq has phenomenal strength and potential to resolve crises and every Iraqi bears responsibility to defend sovereignty and personal liberty systematically undermined with foreign influence and presence in the country.

Unified nation can overcome challenges and the burden lies with Iraq inhabitants displaying patriotism and honest commitment to rebuild the country.

Best Wishes to citizens and leaderships in government, religious and civic institutions in Iraq for everlasting peace and prosperity.

May God bless Iraq to rise like phoenix with resilience in safeguarding territorial integrity, national pride and dignity.

Peace to Iraq!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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