Transparency vs. Secrecy, Dysfunctional Politics

October 11, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

  1. What is the idea behind secrecy?

When actions are unlawful and unethical, the wrongdoer/s have trepidation about exposure and consequences in dealing with unconscionable indulgence. The cloak and dagger is the preference over coming forward clean and accepting responsibility to alleviate burden on the soul.

  1. Why is transparency shunned by those in public domain?

As much as they like glitz and glamor, those accountable for crimes in various aspects avoid transparency due to fear and lack of courage to face reality.  They are even embarrassed to admit the real age and hide behind superficial persona.

  1. When is secrecy no longer sustainable?

When offenders continually engage in repeat blunders rendering them defunct in willful folly.

  1. Is transparency anathema to those sworn to secrecy?

Absolutely. Similar to daylight unwelcome by darkness.

  1. What are the elements associated with secrecy?

Dishonesty, deceit and deception leading to delusional aspirations.

  1. Where is transparency ominously missing?

In politics and society activities involving public trust and taxpayer money.

  1. How is corruption linked to secrecy?

Corruption is fundamental to secrecy. The corrupt mind prompts fraudulence along with urge to conceal facts and defy truth. The dilemma clouds judgment among individuals unheeding conscience and ethical standards in society.

  1. Why is transparency rejected for secrecy?

The former is submission to morality and integrity while latter subscribes to malevolence in conjunction with evil attributes having no respect or remorse on counterproductive course.

  1. How is secrecy maintained in the information age?

Propaganda, subversion and distortion serve as the means to deflect public attention from actual event and data with captive audience. The other tactics such as threat, intimidation, caricature and character defamation are also deployed to safeguard secrecy.

  1. What is the biggest secret for those pledged to secrecy?

Mum is the word about the ones mummified.

Keeping the dead alive and denying death in dalliance with mortality.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



Padmini Arhant. Author & Presenter Representative Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

What is wrong with Politics? 

The incognito forces wheeling power from behind are resistant to realistic change. They want to prolong status quo with executive, legislative and judiciary branch representing them not the electorate.

They want election to continue to be catharsis in order to maintain business as usual with special interests drafted legislations and foreign allies’ welfare prioritized over citizens’ rights on justice as terror victims in 9/11 inside collusion and operation. Similarly, the policy and strategy against national progress is preserved and pursued regardless of repeat failures and liability.

The pre-selected nominees in adherence to scripted role from campaign trail to entire term in office pledge allegiance to secret society reining control over system. In return these selected representatives are rewarded with lifetime luxury and immunity on crimes ranging from misuse of power and office, treason to complicity and direct involvement resulting in deaths of scores of innocent lives at home and abroad.

In politics loyalty adapts to chameleon trait to serve self-interest. The bipartisanship in enabling anti-republic affairs and pre-conceived agenda such as Project for New American Century (PNAC) to attack foreign nations at allies behest ignoring serious repercussions all around not barring compromise on safety and security of own citizens and the nation at large is regarded patriotic.

Terror and terrorism is the trend adopted to circumvent public protest to aggression deploying boots on the ground against nations posing no threat to United States and citizens at any time. The position is constant favoring foreign allies and hegemonic goals.

The multi-billion dollar financial and military aid to allies while denying own people economic opportunity is appreciated as fiscal responsibility. The government shut down to demonstrate congressional power is exercised as prerogative with salary during this period notwithstanding losses from suspending essential public services exacerbating national deficit and burden on taxpayer.

The extra judicial power assumed in the executive branch targeting individuals whether native or foreign without due process is commended as courageous decision. The license to kill at will in predator drone attacks chasing unarmed and defenseless children, women and men in the dark in poorest countries are praised as valiant demeanor.

The dragnet surveillance tracks law abiding citizens with false flag events and patsies to justify unconstitutional and undemocratic activities under the guise of national security.

Any information deserving public attention and scrutiny on national matter categorized as classified exempting entities liable for actions from accountability.

The members extending full cooperation in undermining sovereignty and republic status guaranteed secure political career and promoted for significant posts to protect current structure.

When electoral process is marred with Super PAC  bidding on candidacy granting bidders the political clout, the voters participation is nothing more than a formality to modify selection as election.

The dawn of democracy is made possible in rejecting unscrupulous means prevalent in power struggle for personal aspirations and delivery to campaign financiers voiding voters’ legitimacy.

Election in the present norm simplified as a ritual to legitimize illegitimacy and proclaimed as electoral mandate.

As usual betrayal and voters trust violation is the expected outcome in the stagnant pyramid setting.

The only hope is nothing meant to persist for eternity and  anything dysfunctional being unsustainable ultimately comes to conclusion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant