South Africa – Durban BRICS Summit 2013

March 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Greetings! To leaderships from BRICS nations i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as well as other dignitaries attending the 2013 BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa.

The BRICS foreign ministers statement preceding the scheduled summit March 26th and 27th, 2013 on the agreement and arrangement for BRICS developmental project bank rivaling western institutions viz. the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a step in the right direction to address manufactured crises by existing finance industry aimed at exploitation and insolvency of developing and developed economies around the world.

World Bank and IMF in particular are responsible for impoverishment amongst significant population in developing nations that is now prevalent in the industrialized North America and Europe.

These two organizations along with their counterparts like European Central Bank (ECB), European Union and other financial bigwigs have consolidated efforts in exacerbating people suffering with severe austerity and bank bailouts under false pretext of rescue schemes meant to benefit banking cartels besides gaining direct access to respective nations resources through stipulations in the deal witnessed in the Mediterranean island nation – Cyprus borrowing criteria.

BRICS financing on the other hand set up to assist needy and poorer economies would perhaps allow countries like Egypt, Cyprus and many others across the globe to access funds without experiencing similar dilemma with hegemony controlled and managed western monetary infrastructure.

Furthermore, BRICS and likewise Latin America, Middle Eastern, African and Asian community could form regional financial network fostering economic growth, and fair trade agreement unlike free trade agreement (FTA) or foreign direct investments (FDI) with multinational corporations dictating terms and conditions not excluding political intervention attributed to status quo world over.

The funding of various projects facilitating job oriented programs for communal and society progress under workers or labor force management stressing collective responsibility on repayments would yield better results rather than foreign or third party oversight largely being the beneficiary depriving the borrower any economic success and instead burdening them with generational indebtedness reflective in western lending strategy.

From micro to macro financing envisaged at pervasive economic sector expansion promoting self-sufficiency and indigenous production utilizing native materials plus endowments would boost sustainable trend accommodating economically viable imports and exchange of goods and services for quality enhancement and competitive price in the market economy.

BRICS consideration to maintain foreign reserves and national currency trading is yet another genuine concept with delineation from current system engaged in FOREX maladjustments otherwise known as currency manipulation to offset trade imbalance in bilateral or multilateral relations leading to endless disputes in the dollar and euro zone.

On other important affairs – BRICS commitment to resolve international conflicts beginning with Syria having consumed nearly 75,000 lives and still counting while million or more forced to flee villages and towns as refugees due to western and gulf states illegal warfare in overt sponsorship of terrorism is imperative not only to save lives but also prevent escalation of violence in the volatile Middle East inevitably spreading to rest of the world.

Hence, BRICS unanimous consensus combined with concrete actions calling for termination of terrorism and all forms of aggression including WMD on innocent civilians is absolutely essential to prove the member nations sovereignty in recognition of victims i.e. Syria’s right to self determination as well as maintaining sovereign status.

Notwithstanding BRICS solidarity and pledge to world peace could be demonstrated in rejecting military and terrorist deployment seeking complete withdrawal and arms embargo in independent Syrian state and elsewhere.

International consortiums adopting measures severing ties with nations behind Syrian death and destruction could be effective and perhaps provide impetus to end bloodshed in the terror mission against the Arab country.

Likewise, shedding light on Israeli-Palestinian issue moving towards establishment of Palestine state with pre-1967 borders is crucial for regional and global security.

UNSC, EU, NATO, World Bank and IMF…are convenient avenues for western powers to impose unilateral economic warfare and military attacks against target nations in the legitimate resistance to western monopoly and neocolonialism premised on neoliberalism in the economic front and neo-conservatism on geopolitical dominance.

These sub structural hierarchies under New World Order or One World Government auspice endangering life and livelihoods everywhere.

Invalidation with strong opposition to hegemonic goals is paramount to defend territorial integrity and national republic.

Upon preventing hegemony threats and widespread carnage, the situation would alleviate social injustice caused by divide and conquer policy.

Economic prosperity ignoring environment protection is meaningless considering inhabitants’ survival is dependent on healthy and safe habitat.

Accordingly, BRICS submission to stringent environmental regulations with natural renewable energy – the only alternative and affordable sources for global consumption is no longer an option but a necessity in the short and long run.

BRICS attention and adherence to nuclear disarmament urging all nuclear states barring exceptions and non-nuclear entities participation in international meeting this year is a priority considering western nuclear powers involvement in dangerous and provocative military confrontation.

BRICS expediting initiatives on the financial hub is monumental for achievements favorable to humanity at large.

Finally, BRICS invitation to Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq and Syria as partners representing the Middle East would conform to diversity and contemporary geodynamics in the evolutionary process.

Best Wishes to BRICS in all endeavors that are peaceful, positive and progressive to mankind.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant