Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 17, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Today United States celebrated the birth of Honorable. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. renowned for breaking barriers in human relationship dedicated his life to unity and eliminating injustice.

Dr. King believed in the strength of human character transcending race, religion and social-economic background.

An eloquent orator, theologian and a supreme leader – Dr. King led the mass at the height of social inequality entrenched in prejudice emanating largely from ignorance and yet triumphed in civil rights recognition for his fellow human beings.

Rev. Martin Luther King understood the intricacies in weaving the social fabric and passionately involved to promote integration against segregation, empathy over apathy and last but not the least practiced his mentor Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence philosophy.

Despite incredible challenges and overwhelming opposition, Dr. King marched forward as the duty bound soldier would in national defense without heeding to formidable resistance from different corners.

The Reverend identified the cause fomenting polarization and relentlessly engaged in education, information and inspiration to bring harmony within society.

As a visionary and a deep thinker – Dr. King approached issues seeking solutions in the best interests of all. Among many admirable qualities, Dr. King was prominent for his charisma and steel resolve exemplified in declining failure for the venerable leader acknowledged the fact that;

Human race is resilient in overcoming obstacles and talented to realize any dream.

Humanity has experienced political and social upheavals since time immemorial. The transformation has never been easier and often made possible through extraordinary sacrifice for mankind benefit.

Dr. King’s legacy has profound impact on humanity as the shining ray of hope uplifting human spirit from the overcast when clouded with fear and self-doubt undermining the individual inherent potential.

Community service was the highlight of his exemplary humanitarian deeds reflecting benevolence, care and compassion towards the less fortunate in the society.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. represented faith, courage and integrity instrumental in delivering the desirable outcome in the civil rights movement.

Although society has made remarkable progress thus far, the human plight in this regard is far from over.

Collective actions could effectively address the prevalent social anomalies enabling a paradigm shift in human relations. Humanity thrives with tolerance and kindness towards one another. It further enhances the inner ability to deal with any crises upon relating to others’ in their hour of need.

Dr. King touched the lives of many in his limited lifetime by healing the wounded hearts and weakened minds with truthful words that encouraged the fallen to rise beyond expectations.

There is tremendous opportunity to make a difference by emulating the civil rights’ proponent – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose significant contribution was a trail blazer in understanding human rights.

America’s favorite son and great humanitarian is remembered with respect and gratitude for defining the purpose in life.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will always be the beacon light illuminating the human mind in quest for peace.

Happy Birthday to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Humanitarian Challenge

February 27, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Recently there was a flurry of criticisms and admonishments for the article titled “His Holiness Dalai Lama in Spotlight,” and the earlier ones related to the,

“Iranian Theocracy cracking down on pro-democracy protestors and the inflammatory rhetoric against Israel.”

Alternatively, the Israeli authorities’ oppression of the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank.

Likewise, social issues regarding human rights violation –

Self-interest and greed reflected in the globalization v. protectionism including,

The article on the racial attacks against the Indian students and other immigrants in Australia, scorned for the delivery and the condemnation of discriminatory practices.

Hence, it’s important to clarify the difficulties surrounding when addressing social injustice of this enormity.

Needless to emphasize that it’s much easier and less distressing to discuss non-controversial issues related to the economy, environment, travel, food, entertainment…etc.,

However, when the social injustice is concerned,

Whether it’s about the denial of equal rights to the gay community,

Women’s rights,

Burgeoning Health care crisis in the absence of a universal health care or a public option,

Students plight with the rising educational costs,

Growing economic disparity,


On a serious level – The invasion and occupation of foreign lands through wars,

Nuclear proliferation,

Slighting human rights over economic opportunities,

Double standards in the terrorism definition,

Ignoring environmental warnings…all of which draws immediate attention from the critics representing the specific agenda.

Prior to moving forward with the discussion, it’s necessary to accept the bestowed honor for being compared with the canines by the critics.

As an animal lover, particularly the canines, I consider the comparison – a true compliment.

The reason being, the canines are known for their unconditional love, loyalty and protective instincts towards their owners and the families. They are also well regarded for their intuitive nature.

Due to these extraordinary characteristics, the canines have earned the title as “Man’s best friend.”

Although, sometimes it’s worth posing the question if the man deserves a best friend in a canine.

Similarly, the attacks through innuendoes and nuances seen against the articles on atrocities that were presented with evidence, are intriguing.

Cynicisms vary such as the articles meeting the “critics standards” attributed to the guardian or the ‘Almighty’ out of fear as the case might be and phrased as the ‘Brisk walk.’

While, the so-called ‘inappropriate berating’ of the human misconduct selectively ascribed to the “off-leash” canine, apparently not accustomed to the ‘city lifestyle.’

It beckons the argument on whose side is, these city slickers as the “judges” and “critics” on, when the articles on the website are invariably factual and visuals supported, portraying the systemic degradation of humanity at every level.

If the presentation or the style is the issue, then it’s worth remembering that the art of diplomacy and sophistication is at its best in a dialogue with the virtuous free of vices and that being envy, ego, pride, prejudice and greed.

Moreover, the offenders condemned in these articles are no missionaries or monks in the monasteries.

Instead, they are individuals as well as powerful authorities deliberately and conscientiously engaged in killing and mass murder of their own population, specifically the oppressed minorities.

Economic opportunists causing immense agony and misery for humanity through deceitful and deceptive actions.

It appears that any one daring to highlight the inherent omission of fairness by the corporate owned networks and the political figures’ evasion of responsibility on vital national issues like health care, financial reform, environment are declared ‘reprehensible’ by their representatives.

The double standards in the first amendment act as found in the terrorism definition among the critics are attention worthy.

When the articles on this website raise genuine credibility issue against the major corporations and their political allies, not excluding the foreign governments’ human rights activities, the news outlets are instantaneously used by the mighty and the powerful to warn the legitimate substance or comment as “off-limit,” in a democracy.

On the other hand, the constant vilification of the “progressives,” the “liberals,” anyone defending righteousness and the most favorite of all,

The religion of Islam and its followers…by the Fox news presenters viz. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, not barring the radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh are,

Permitted as ‘free speech’ parlance with an exclusive right to trigger violence, hostility, anger and fear mongering.

Even if the extreme provocation leads to untoward incidents like the death of DR. George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas,

The green jobs advocate Van Jones’ resignation and,

Last but not the least, the recent anti-government groups promoted “terrorist attack” by Joe Stack against the IRS building in Austin, Texas.

Despite the track record, when the White House contemplated to exclude the Fox news in the press conference, the entire news media and the leading news organizations deemed such action as objectionable.

Only if the mainstream media like CNN, Fox News and others had placed the former administration under President George W. Bush and the Vice President Dick Cheney in spotlight with tough questions on the Iraq war, akin to the ones posed to His Holiness Dalai Lama, it could have led to a favorable status quo.

Humanity’s response to the Prophets / Messiahs, the Political leaders and the Peace activists thus far has been,

Lord Jesus Christ crucified.

Prophet Mohammad ( May peace be upon him) diminished in status as an alibi by the pretentious followers of Islam like the terrorist network Al Qaeda and others, Iranian Theocracy and the dictatorial powers in the Middle East.

The Holy Buddhist Temples in Afghanistan desecrated by the Taliban forces.

Holy Islamic sites under siege by the Israeli authorities in the disputed Hebron.

Hindu Temples attacked in Kashmir (Indian and Pakistani side) by the Pakistani fundamentalist terror groups.

President Abraham Lincoln assassinated for ending slavery.

President John F. Kennedy assassinated. President Kennedy was a vocal critic of the secret society and the military industrial complex.

Mahatma Gandhi assassinated for the peaceful effort to unite Hindus and Muslims.

DR. Martin Luther King assassinated for civil rights movement.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat assassinated for signing the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated for the peace initiative and signing the Oslo Accords pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On an optimistic note, the universal peace mission might have been successfully thwarted by the anti-peace factions for centuries,

Nevertheless, the reversal is imminent in the immediate future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

World Peace – Part II – Tribute to DR. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 18, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Focus on Haiti – Truth and Reconciliation

In a symbolic gesture, the article is dedicated to DR. Martin Luther King, Jr.,the inspirational force and an irreplaceable gift to humankind.

DR. King was a great leader, a humanitarian and an optimistic guide.

Since time immemorial, the world has been blessed with noble beings to protect and salvage civilizations from tyranny and oppression.

During his lifetime and in spirit, DR. King remains one of the legendary blissful souls who possessed the nobility and talent in teaching others endurance and the act of forgiveness.

Among numerous virtues, DR. King taught the young and the old to believe in self when confronting trials and tribulations in life.

DR. King led the hopeless to the domain of hope and stimulated the dormant minds to dream about a new beginning and future for themselves.

If DR. King were to be present today, the wound suffered by the people of Haiti not only in the catastrophic event but also throughout Haitian history would be healed in a manner providing strength to withstand any natural and human orchestrated disasters.

Therefore, the article envisions the political and economic prospects that could possibly end the misery and plight for the Haitian population.

Please stand by for the comprehensive evaluation and recommendations for permanent peace and progress in Haiti.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Irony of Equal Rights

November 12, 2008

The reason for my involvement in a political campaign of this magnitude — the Presidential race 2008, was to convey the message that United States is a nation of immigrants and democracy is truly represented when individual rights of every citizen is honored and valued in true spirit.

While it is a great moment in history to realize the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Whose sacrifice is symbolized with the election of the first African American candidate as the 44th President of the United States in 2008,

It is unequivocally demoralizing to note the outcome of the Vote for Proposition 8 banning “Gay Marriage” and,

The failure of “Touch-Screen machines for disabled voters”  in the California ballot and elsewhere —

(Ref. San Jose Mercury News, Thursday, November 6, 2008 Section 2B, by Karen de Sá ).

Like stated earlier, when individuals exercise authority with the voting power in the denial of civil and human rights as demonstrated in the two most tragic results, it is a sad day for democracy.

Nevertheless, my message to all my dear friends and fellow citizens in the gay community and the disabled voters is…

You never quit a half won battle, even if the opposition appears to be strong and forceful in rhetoric but fragile in essence.

It is noteworthy that, this mandate on Gay marriage was bargained in monetary terms by the religious institutions with highly questionable ethics and conduct especially against young children i.e. girls and boys alike.

Such mandate should be challenged again in the court of law for the constitutional and civil rights of all citizens to prevail in the land of justice, that is the United States of America.

Further, much to the dismay of the opposing religious order — this challenge is being remanded with the blessing of the same “Almighty God” inappropriately referenced in the debate as the shield for their orthodox and hypocritical philosophy.

Any democracy is active when disfranchisement of one by another is discarded for common good of all.

Otherwise, it is not a democracy, it is a hypocrisy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant